Bhadragol - Bhadragol, 7 November 2014, Full Episode - 52

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Author: Bralar
best  all of my friend yes or no friend
Author: Mazurr
जिन्दगी को माये को बिछोड सग
Author: Tygorr
Bbl xa
Author: Arashigore
nice I liket
Author: Goltitaxe
nice roll arjun paadyy .hahahaha.
Author: Akijas
St if xf oh Ghh jg do th if ti oh to put du of Ghh if
Author: Kazikasa
Dami x
Author: Masar
Vadragol is bast don't over coomant
Author: Nikozahn
hello Prabin Mama
Author: Mulabar
paade soltee ko role nai thorai vayo..mazza nai aayena.....!!
Author: Kakree
i like jigri broo and all actor
Author: Gugrel
Author: Jugar
Fi it did ah jaguar hay bethel
Author: Viramar
Good i like
Author: Naran
Author: Tagrel
Nice 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Author: Yogrel
i like this
Author: Voodooshakar
bale soltee is amazing..............btw where is dhature nowadays?
Author: Meztikinos
Dami xa bhadragol
Author: Mataxe
Author: Dait
Author: Tushakar
Author: Kagakasa
So nice
Author: Faubei
Like it comedy
Author: Doulkis
ramro xa bhadragol
Author: Garan
My fab pade
Author: Kagahn
Author: Zulushakar
Nice video i like most this program
Author: Kisar
को पिडा गित म नरेशबिक काठमाडौ नेपाल
Author: Sadal
Pade le hasauxa. K Yr.
Author: Tojazuru
Author: Moogular
Jigri baly kakros ko act lastai ramro ....
Author: Tygotaur
very good
Author: Yogis
Author: Motaur
tyo cogkros ko hidaimaa pahilakonai music suit gareko thiyo......
Author: Mezitilar
Well it is very good and interesting show, but they have to stop using almost same terms again and again. At some part of the play the same term might seem to be monotonous, so they may have to find new kind of terms. They may have to explore the cultures of Nepal and use some of those cultural terms also. It can help to make the show better and may increase the attractions of more numbers of viewers. If it can touch the political aspects to some extent also along with the social issues also, it might go far ahead. I am sensing that the programme is able to attract attention of many young generations also. So if the program can include their tastes as well in some parts than it would be like gold with fragrance.
Author: Mikazuru
Author: Makasa
ramro xa bhadragol
Author: Majora
vadragol is very very interesting every thing good like it,nd one my question vadragol where is shouting please give me answer this district and village,,,,
Author: Golticage
Author: Kim
Author: Mujora
Author: Shakazil
Wer iz d tower admin g
Author: Febei
very good 😃😃😃😃😃😃👍👍👍👍😚😚😚😚
Author: Mezilkree
Author: Kagor
aaa aaaaaaaama hoooo hok ho
Author: Mikagor
Ramro lagayo .
Author: Araramar
hasauni koru cani. ..................?
Author: Zulkiran
ek dam ramro lagxa vadragol
Author: Kazisar
कहिले पनि खेलीन साचै बिछोड
Author: Zukus
oh god
Author: Dourr
please upload recently new episode of bhadragol please
Author: Dojas
malai chai zigree ra kakrose ani khoi name aayeko arko sathiko....k ho re....drama chai ramro lagyo....some 1 poiem 4 bhadragol telifilm.........the world is stage,life is drama,we are actor,god is director.......
Author: Nigami
very good 👍👍👍👍👍
Author: Vudotaur
shai ho boro i love zigri bala cockroch and rachaya .i love their acting so much
Author: Shaktijind
gigrya bro
Author: Faukus
हेल्लो नमस्ते, mediahub ka office staffs please maile episode क्रमशः नपाएकोमा लास्टै नमज्जा भा छ ।please could u tell me please .
Author: Dulkis
साेभा राम अाेलि राेलपा
Author: Nirg
Tq. Video
Author: Zur
maile bhujee...
Author: Melmaran
Author: Nar
Author: Tunos
so nice i like very much
Author: Mikashura
First one
Author: Tojakinos
Plz tell me wanna go...
Author: Kazrajind
माये को चिनु लिगये पागल भये
Author: Sakazahn
Author: Jugrel
very nice comedy show
Author: JoJodal
I like pade Solti and jigri
Author: Shamuro
Ramro xa yo
Author: Nesho
sahi ho
Author: Mezishicage
dammi xa new new pani halnu paro k
Author: Meztigar
Author: Felar
साथ समझाना आयेको छ
Author: Mezigami
Author: Vut
Author: Dokinos
Paade Hya\ Sarai man prayo Paade solti
Author: Tall
Author: Digis
No.1 show in Nepal.superbbbbbbbbb
Author: Sataur
first one so good good good good episode 
Author: Moogurg
21 november ko episod khoi ta
Author: Samusida
Very nice I like this show
Author: Nagor
bhadragol is best among all the rest
Author: Mazule
Author: Nikosar
I like to much bhdragol
Author: Nikora
Teti ramro view tower lie kina testo kurup banako hola pagal haru le? Maya ta Maan ma po huncha ta, kahi cement ra rod ma lekhera paincha ta???tait???
Author: Akinocage
can u guys plz upload the 1-20 episodes of bhadragol.........
Author: Vidal
i like it bhadragol family . I'm sunil I love you bhadragol family
Author: Malarr
good comedy
Author: Zucage
Author: JoJozshura
very nice team of bhadra gol
Author: Zulkirisar
very nice
Author: Mosida
Error man ..fix the prblm
Author: Gorisar
bhadragol is best among the world
Author: Grorn
raxya ta so cuqt xa
Author: Mazshura
Author: Negul
Very nice I m a big fan of bhadragol
Author: Vudogore
Author: Kagis
U ppl know that rakshya dont know acting.. Dont u?? U ppl r just careless... She has no feelings, looking good doesnt make u actress... Need to learn lessons...
Author: Bralabar
pade alwezz the bst....
Author: Zukora
This is nice like your bhadragol program...i like all acter...........
Author: Nikazahn
Rakcha boro.. i ........ahh,,,,luv u..  :P :P
Author: Dale
Author: Shakalabar
Nepal ko number 1 telifilm bhadragol 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁
Author: Taumuro
new episode kahile suru garne??? sir
Author: Migar
Author: Votilar
Like it💕💕💕
Author: Mitilar
ramro xa sagigo ne damna
Author: Tygotaur
Meriaamineee kati rameilo
Author: Nilar
Good morning
Author: Malalrajas
wow very nice bhadragol
Author: Guramar
super nice comedy bhadragol 😂😂😂😂

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