OOBReview: Revell Apollo CM, 40th Anniversery

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Author: Nikosar
BG music helps make these less boring to sit thru.
Author: JoJomuro
You do a pretty good job on your videos, although sometimes you could do a little better research.  That is okay, you are really just trying to give folks a little look see.
Author: Fenrizshura
This kit looks a bit nicer than the other two for some reason.
Author: Visho
I know a Japanese company makes a 1/32 lunar module
Author: Samulkree
I'm liking the music too...
Author: Gobei
FYI, today's Revell is actually Monogram, not the other way around.  Although Revell was a larger and better known company, they were not as well managed and were about to go under.  Monogram acquired them, but the Revell name was chosen as primary for marketing purposes.  So even though they started out with the Revell-Monogram name, it was actually Monogram-Revell.  Later they changed it to just Revell to keep things simple.  They still box kits under both labels, mostly to respect the legacy of the molding.  So whenever you think of Revell or Monogram kits, it is actually Monogram!
Author: Bazahn
armalo ya che
Author: Faugar
Hey Tom can you please expand on how you mentioned installing an LED in the capsule, how would you turn it on ? Thanks Dan
Author: Nisho
All of them seem like a keen source of parts for a bits box, if only the models were more cheaply had.
Author: Goltirr
I really enjoy these unboxing videos of yours as they give me a sneak peak at kits I myself might buy. However, what I am enjoying even more is the wonderful jazz you have playing especially at the end of this particular video. What is it?
Author: Nehn
Depending on what time frame you are referring to, it's either from the Samurai Champloo anime or Cowboy Bebop. I've got it set to shuffle between those and a third anime called Ergo Proxy.
Author: Mik
Thanks for review I ended up buying one on eBay and am gonna build my 1st model in many years, I used to be really into models as a kid

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