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Author: Kigalar
I don't have kael ,how I get him?
Author: Nedal
hey dude just 1 question what should i build on ithos and what teamates are good with him?
Author: Zukinos
Author: Kazim
Plz anyone tell me how he increase the hp of his champions so much
Author: Arashijas
thank you for the video MATE !!! you helped me a lot
Author: Barg
Your video is very helpful.
Author: Tygomuro
BUILD LIFESTEAL KAEL!!!!! HES SO GOOD!! loved the vid keep it up! :)
Author: Kazihn
What are your gear sets for Kael?
Author: Juramar
John can I become your pilot for era of celestials
Author: Shaktidal
I need advice on how to get 30k hp on a champion. Could you please do a video on that and also I need advice on the spiders den. Please do a video on that also. Can’t find any videos in what champions work best for that.
Author: Kazrarr
First! (^^)
Author: JoJozil
OMG YOU IS CLUTCH FOR THIS life is so much easier now 💯💯💯💯
Author: Milkis
Thank you Mr. Incredible
Author: Nidal
Let's say u run brutal stage what ever with one champion besides ur main champion that can solo the level. As apposed to 3 low level fodder, when u run the fodder they split say 9k exp. Yet if u run the champion u are trying to lvl with ur solo runner the one champion gets all 9k exp. This way is not more efficient? Thoughts?
Author: Tygozragore
Can you handle the dubbing of Japanese? Is it difficult?
Author: Dolkis
yeee 6STAR hype
Author: Kagajinn
can i ask u how u got that shield buff from with hero?
Author: Sarr
Thanks for the videos and keep up the great work!!!!

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