Snatam Kaur ~ I Am The Light Of My Soul

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Author: Fautaur
"For I came here not for the WELL, but to HEAL the Sick"
Author: Zulura
has descended onto the East to open The Great Assembly Of Glorious Dragon
Author: Yozshukasa
Beautiful. sobgs they make me happy
Author: Faujin
Wonderful! God bless
Author: Zulkizuru
Please if you feel fellowly mellowly moved to paste these lyrics to any wall in need, or just sing it on the BUS :)
Author: Tugis
I am, I am
Author: Doulabar
Thanks very much, beautiful, beautiful
Author: Jujin
Im bless ❀
Author: Meztizil
Author: Tutaxe
Love this mantra...a great way to uplift your spirit...after all our very core was created out of love!
Author: Shakanris
I am the light of my soul
Author: Juk
Have this in my playlist and listen it to daily - thank you!
Author: Grogami
Ich bin das Licht meiner Seele
Author: Dailkree
Author: Tuktilar
Attention all mankind !!! The Maitreya the King-Buddha or The Almighty Father
Author: Vudokora
The Final Judgement. Please hurry up to attend for Grand Amnesty. Love you all.
Author: Maujind
Snatam Kaur. I am the light of my soul.... Precioso
Author: Zolorisar
iam the light 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Author: Kazrabar
Author: Tygor
Io sono, Io sono
Author: Kagashakar
positive Vibration!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Akinomi
Io sono [email protected], Io sono [email protected], Io sono [email protected]
Author: Yozshulabar
Author: Zoloran
i am bliss
Author: Shagar
wow and so beautiful.....
Author: Gat
lindo beautiful
Author: Kizil
Io sono la luce della mia anima
Author: Faukree
I am beautiful I am bountiful I am bliss

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