A Proof that Religious Beliefs are Produced by Theotarded Brains

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Author: Daisida
Your great calpurnpiso. I find your thoughts so refreshing
Author: Aralabar
This is some of the information I have been looking for. Thanks for sharing it.
Author: Zolozilkree
Listen ignorant fool with the head up the ass. Einstein was mentally healthy aka ATHEIST.In letter to a friend auctioned in London Einstein refered to god as a childish superstition & Jews were not chosen people. Get educated before you post
Author: Kajinn
Why take such an irrational leap when there is absolutely no evidence to justify it. However, there are mountains of evidence to the contrary. We DO understand how primitive, super-ignorant man could have wondered up some explanations for the world around them, were they justified? We cannot take and should not take the path of the irrational. There is no reason to give their claims any credit, even if you don't call it a mental problem.
Author: Yozshulmaran
It appeases the PANIC of DEATH awareness, disease, non existence approaching.It is peaceful & wonderful to think our soul( air in LUNGS) will continue to live.Thxs
Author: Tozuru
Brain creates god belief when it is sick. There is no difference between bizarre beliefs at ROOT of all religions & those of disorders like schizophrenia. This is 21st Ce not the 12. Study neurology. I only present facts with evidence to back them up
Author: Kanris
Hi mentally aka atheist Friend..you can call me Calp or any name you thinks fits.I am simply an evolved mutated primate like you sharing DNA of our species,,call me brother & you'll be correct
Author: Mazucage
Author: Vojind
Hahahah xD Did you send the demons you created with your brain to possess him? ;^)
Author: Nilkis
study of neurology is not needed to see that if it quacks like a duck, flies like a duck, swims like a duck...well it is a duck. The brain creates the mind thus deluded concept of god. This is a truth religiousPsychotics deny. To them Brain is separate from the Mind but the fact is the god concept can be altered or removed in a neurology lab. Any theistPsychotic that do not accept this truth are in denial, so operating their locus coreuleus will prove what I say is true.They don't see reality
Author: Kimi
-cont- I am seeking evidence for this part of the brain as either been faulty or has a disorder, or could it be some kind of biological communication device, by which we can have spiritual experiences or be able to communicate with something or someone spiritual such as a God, angels etc. Some things have more than one use as you may know, is it possible for some parts of the brain to also have more than one use besides the physical part it may have a spiritual use,
Author: Sagami
Thank you friend for letting me know...All the best.
Author: Tygolkree
True but it would require evidence to prove one way or the other, and it's this evidence I was seeking. If I give you a communication device availiable to only you and I that you can use to communicate with me around the world, even from Mars etc, If I remove that device from you then your ability to communicate with me beyond close proximity becomes very limited, Have I cured you of a disorder when I remove this device from you.-cont-
Author: Shak
Keep in mind the sadomasochism inducing ChristPsychosis COMPELS them to seek SUFFERING either mental or physical. Their suffering zombie god hero is their guide. BLOOD sacrifice, TORTURING the flesh is GOOD as is suffering mentally
Author: Faet
Why not close ALL the Churches down, remove the LICENSE to teach to Universities affected by Christ Psychosis that keep people Theotarded?
Author: Shajinn
Well said. It amazes me that mentally healthy aka atheist scientists intellectuals like Dawkins, Harris, PZ Myers, Dennett, Bill Nye ( the Science Guy) Dr Krauss, Dr Eugenie Scott, Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson & many many others do NOT LINK The Bizarre metamagical Beliefs at the CORE of ALL RELIGIONS & also the CORE of Schizophrenia to a BRAIN DISORDER
Author: Nejinn
Yes. We are evolved mutated primates born lacking belief or knowledge in anything..the imprinting period begins to fill the BRAIN with it molding the SELF-Personality. When the BRAIN due to Qualia becomes AWARE of its FINALITY unable to ANSWER many things despite scientific method. The Answer-ALL Neural-coefficient is created. GODS.
Author: Yozshurisar
so of course they are going to flock to my "satanic" videos that expose them for the theotarded,immoral,deluded,lying,sadomasochistic,intolerant,homophobic,devious,self-righteous,mentally ill,racists..pieces of human neural waste they are. They PROVE me right
Author: Grozragore
Yes, ChristPsychosis is the zombieGod belief infecting Americans that nobody seems to see,
Author: Bale
We must link the Bizarre Metamagical Belifs at the root of ALL religions to those of mental disorders like Schizophrenia & others,making Christianity as well as ALL religions as organized schizophrenia. This is easily proven with brain operation. The BRAIN creates GOD /watch?v=aUjMg-SgC5o Thxs4input.
Author: Kazizuru
I appreciate very much your input Dr Patel. All the best, cheers from Arizona
Author: Kagam
Amazing how many Christians come here for abuse, or expecting you to say that they're right, Calp. And I know the latter isn't ever going to happen. BICAT! :^)
Author: Metaxe
Cool stuff. Thanks for your responce
Author: Zukree
It amazes me to hear a religious person trying to sell their version of reality, via unanswered questions being attributed to their deity. In the annals of time, these zealots have claimed the Earth was the center of the universe and flat! As Science progressed, acquiring more answers, they would ask, "what caused this or that?" Eventually, you could not come up with an answer science has not yet explained, "Could it not have been God?" God... the fallback excuse for the mentally challenged!
Author: Meztimuro
The BRAIN is the creator of the bizarre Metamagical Beliefs of Gods, which are found in ALL religions & Schizophrenia.This can be proven in a LAB with hippocampal, locus coreuleus operation. A BornaVirus in a perfect storm triggered, IMHO, the evolution of the primate(Lemurs?) Brain over 47 million yrs ago.We ALL have the Psychosis of GOD BElief. We're Crazy Apes. The schizophrenia like disorder ChristPSychosis is proven here: GodBelievers are sick
Author: Aralar
Amazing, thanks for that information. That's the stuff we need to help people find the truth. I agree if it quacks like a duck etc its a duck, Regarding studying neurology it might help people see where their beliefs come from if they did not belive what a scientist or neurologist was telling them.Perhaps if they studied it themselves it might help to convince them or at least give them an argument worth putting forward with their facts if any.
Author: Shaktilar
Calpurn, can I call you Calpurn? Mr. Piso, I'm not sure I get you? You know, I'm a big Christian basher from way back....wait,you know what, never mind, I think I get you now. You have your own fun and brutal way of educating the Christ psychotic retards. Thank you sir, I'll keep watching and sharing.
Author: Arashirisar
Author: Voodookasa
The Bible takes all of its fairy tales from Egyptian, Greek, Roman and other religious texts...so why the Upanishad or Hesiod's Theogony is not accepted as True reality, while the Bible that has the same tales under different names is not.....in this 21st Century? The Psychosis of ImaginaryFriends ( gods et al) belief.

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