A stun gun on your phone? A cell phone case that could end up saving you

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Comments "A stun gun on your phone? A cell phone case that could end up saving you":

Author: Grogore
Can't wait to test it on black thieves.
Author: Temuro
You can thank my kind for this cool energy weapon
Author: Gurn
what if you put it in your pocket and it went off?
Author: Dalmaran
Author: Tagore
Horribly overpriced.
Author: Dizil
This is so sad. Those people are so frightened of their own countrymen, how horrible it must be to feel that you have to be armed and ready to defend yourself every minute of the day.
Author: Arashimi
were do you bye get them from 
Author: Naran
yeah hold onto this brick lol
Author: Mesar
Right now, I will sell a 5 pack of the thicker rubber bands for only $5 dollars!!!!!
Author: Mazil
i won't on now on my phone it protects you if someone try to fight you or robb you
Author: Kazradal
Like many other said, stun gun will agitate a motivated aggressor. If you must defend yourself, educate yourself in gun usage and get a gun.
Author: Yobar
Someone missed a title opportunity:
Author: Kigashura
What things we all need because of the Muslim Invasion is sensationel
Author: JoJole
In russia tasers tase you
Author: Nezahn
I just have a rubber band around my phone so I can snap my attacker, you get the same result and I'm going start selling them.....
Author: Shaktigar
but how to get it
Author: Tygogis
Author: Arashirg
Stop wasting your time and buy a revolver
Author: Malakora
Get a firearm. Take a gun safety program. Get trained by a certified instructor. Get a conceal carry license.
Author: Shazilkree
Does it taze your children when they text while driving ?
Author: Fem
"A shocking new invention!"
Author: Taurisar
650,000v? No way if it is that amount of voltage it'll be able to have a spark gap more than a foot
Author: Yojar
If i call someone and it wasn't on the safety and I touched the button without attention with will happen?
Author: Zutilar
lol the yellow jacket from ant man
Author: Jushicage
Author: Kajibar
Kinda bulky, you can't really put it in your pants. More for chicks with purses.
Author: Faenris
Volts do nothing, This is a cheap toy that wont stop anyone. It's amps that have power to stop an attacker.
Author: Moogukinos
Get the new version it has 7 million volt power which will leave a big mark
Author: Kazirr
Author: Digis
Why not just get a carry permit and a pistol?
Author: Meziramar
dat pun
Author: Grogrel
The Case is so Slim and Beautiful it's going to Shock the world !!!

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