Ambulances Responding Compilation - Best of 2017 - Lights and Sirens

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Author: Nekasa
Where is that ambulance from 4:30
Author: Tygogrel
Author: Meshakar
cool Ambulances Responding Lights and SirensCode3Paris
Author: Moogumuro
10 points for being so "professional" you hit a traffic barrel. Priceless!
Author: Taura
Author: Tabei
Gotta love how aggressive ambulances are in Massachusetts
Author: Teshicage
Author: Grogul
keep up the nice work
Author: Arashijar
Help! I'm having abdominal pain! Get me the ( 4:26 ) "professionals".
Author: Nashicage
6:23 , only half of the lights on the back worked
Author: Bazil
Great compilation!
Author: Nenos
“Don’t touch my package” Lol
Author: Kazrataxe
That’s right! Don’t touch my package!!!
Author: Doulmaran
Author: Mell
Is it just me or are Boston roads very quiet?
Author: Fegis
@ 4:30 , They seriously have Professional on the rig?
Author: Gardazragore
lol 4:30 very "professional" hitting the cone! lol
Author: Targ
Bwah bwah bwah bwah *Ambulance language * GET OUT THE WAY (Runs over barrell) lmao 😂😂
Author: Moogum
Author: Sakazahn
3:22 That dude is sad, I wanna help him but I live in GA
Author: Fenrirr
Nice !
Author: Dimuro
Awesome units, great vídeo my friend!

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