Baby Flushed Down the Toilet in China. Was it Rescued?

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Comments "Baby Flushed Down the Toilet in China. Was it Rescued?":

Author: Nikus
google "Chinese toilet"
Author: Golrajas
I think it's dead
Author: Tojagore
OMG that poor baby, this gen of sick retarded pas rents
Author: Kit
It is a hole in the floor
Author: Taugar
What kind of people live in this world this is really sick why the fuck would the women
Author: Dailkree
Is it alive?
Author: Shaktinos
Omg I'm ashamed
Author: Nakinos
Hayley bibi you are racist! I am Chinese and I am proud so keep your freakin mouth shut!!
Author: Dimi
My question is : how the hell did they find a baby in a 3 inch diameter pipe underground?
Author: Kazim
The Chinese government arrests full-term pregnant women and forces them to undergo abortions & sterilization against their will because of the one-child policy. The government has also been known to kill newborns right in front of their family. Since the baby was a boy, I doubt that the mother did this. It was probably trashed by an official just before it's mother was dragged off to be sterilized.
Author: Meztisida
And if you have nothing nice to say don't say it
Author: Faesida
Who in he hell can do that
Author: Kajigami
Yay for hatred.
Author: Dusho
geez ive known several depressives that have abandonment issues and etc from the way there parents behaved I cant imagine how this child will feel when they grow up and they find that happened to them. how that would hurt there self worth. I hope they end up been ok.
Author: Masho
Poor baby
Author: Zolorr
Toilets in china are mainly 'squat toilets' with no flushing function so it could be an accident.
Author: Sagore
in france they use to freeze their baby in the refrigerator psycho mom
Author: Dazshura
What the hell you say??
Author: Maumuro
I'm a father , & right now all I can feel is rage .
Author: Vucage
Even though I am not a fan of TYT, we all have to come together sometime and witness miracles.
Author: Tygogis
Do tht

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