Boston double murder suspect faces judge from hospital room

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Author: Zololkis
It's a shame someone doesn't shoot him with a syringe full of air
Author: Jugal
The families are suing the Sanctuary city, Police and Judge who let him go I hope...
Author: Brajas
I have a hard time understanding this reporter. Did the police encounter the suspect inside the apartment unit, or in a hallway of the building? I thought I heard they shot him in a hallway. I give the reporter credit for using the term "replica firearm" instead of "fake gun," though.
Author: Turg
Recycling cans & bottles can pay more in a week if you know what you are doing!
Author: Kagazshura
A good case for the death penalty in MA. Very tragic loss for the North Shore and Boston community. The perpetrator should be denied all pain meds while hospital. He should be made to suffer as much as possible.
Author: Mauzshura
He was an assassin and those 2 doctors were his targets.
Author: Sajas
my God rest their souls. I bet in their last moments they were thinking, damn I wish I had an AR 15 to blast this hoodrat... too bad they lived in liberal-land MA. I hate that liberals cat
Author: Zolojar
I wounder what do his family have to say about this? what if he was to die in jail they will be coming from everywhere for a hand
Author: Taujora
Fry him!
Author: Malakazahn
more fake news ... smh... i wish they would stop .... nothing about that story is even believable ... judge making house calls ..... smh .. the news is so fake ... a bunch of crisis actors
Author: Samujar
why these 2 people? WTF I say you tie this idiot up and let the family members have their way with him in international waters.
Author: Durr
Horrible. Always defend yourself and have those tools near you. It's your God given right to defend yourself. Police only show up after the damage. This is why guns should always be legal for good citizens that can be overpowered by an invader.
Author: Gakasa
What they left out was they were hogtied mouths taped and had their throats slit.
Author: Vutaxe
its a sanctuary city nd state of Mass.
Author: Kitaxe
The judge gave this man a 364 day sentence on a bank robbery charge so that he wouldn't be deported on his green card! This about sums up the malevolent do-gooding, for want of a better word, that is going on! He killed two people because "feelings" didn't want him to be deported on his green card!
Author: Kagagrel
At least he has free health care!
Author: Shakalkree
Should have shot him in the head.
Author: Gurisar
Thanks from helping race relations!
Author: Akigore
Hate to say it but where is his free high end attorney. If guilty,...he is human trash but I bet he is a citizen. California has made a special fund to protect foreign nationals. I am sure New York as something.
Author: Gusar
yaaaaay immigration!
Author: Juk
note to fox news, i am calling you out on your fake news, you omitted so many over the top important facts. you are helping to hide who he really is. you are promoting this kind of crap and allowing people to think, omg, its just some black guy, but its much more than that.
Author: Kagagul
That's good. hold hiim and investigate.
Author: Melrajas
FOX NEWS=666 ,, fake news,,
Author: Kizshura
Hang em high.
Author: Taujind
The left get off on murders like this
Author: Arashitaxe
I don't no why you conservatives are angry he's just misunderstood he just never was coddled to mommies breast now that he's in Boston he can get the proper love he needs who needs doctors anyway.
Author: Danos
wow what a handsome young man, why is that ugly creature still breathing? He deserves to be tortured and then buried alive
Author: Necage
Because of Judge Lisa A. Grant there is 2 doctors death , I think the judge should be directly responsable for that and not only her all judges that let criminals go free and there should be a punishment.
Author: Goltijas
it must be end of days, there is so much evil in the world
Author: Zolojar
Ohhh but, boo-hoo look he's all snuggled up in his hospital bed. He can hardly keep his eyes open to answer the questions of that mean, old judge. Come on BLM fly to his bedside and hold his hand--well, not if it's shot, of course. You silly goosies. BTW, how's that Soros money holding out? Did everyone get their gold chains and grills? Gosh, I hope so. Gotta have some street cred, right. Otherwise, you would be just another bunch of ghetto scam artists. Kind of like this guy in a way--except you don't actually hold the knife. You just encourage it.
Author: Dokasa
Heard that he got $213.00 in one bank robbery!
Author: JoJokree
he was a good boi
Author: Vigami
Author: Groran
An green card holding immigrant given a 364 day sentence for two armed robberies, by a Liberal Boston judge who knew that an year sentence would get him deported. Unbelievable!!!
Author: Yosar
There are tooooo many holes in this story every time there is an update. FLAG! Something isn't right about this arrest and quick conviction! Lies! The police facts and story of what Happened Keeps Changing. This guy neeeeds a Lawyer!!!!
Author: Samusida
Oh he's black! I guess CNN won't be reporting on this story anymore.
Author: Brataur
Hope they find him in his comfy hospital bed with his damn throat cut. Pretty easy to get a white coat and scrubs..............and a strait razor.
Author: Judal
Yall like third world immigrants? Well you better get used to the third world insanity.

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