Canada agrees to new trade deal with US, Mexico

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Comments "Canada agrees to new trade deal with US, Mexico":

Author: Groran
It's too much winning! We need to win more. Let's vote Republicans in Nov. so we can win more!
Author: Kigalmaran
Well Well WELL = The TuTu Wearing Little Girly Soy Boy Got on His Knee's & Bowed To a Real Man = *****President TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP***** That French Frogg POS is Nobody!!! JMHO...GBTC&TP Against This Pure EVIL Pedophilia Running This WORLD...Amen
Author: Akirn
🇨🇦. We better have your American dairy clearly marked as American so I can avoid it like the plague. With all the regulations you guys are trashing I don’t want any of your dairy in my house, that’s for damn sure. 🇨🇦
Author: Fenritilar
So....still NAFTA?
Author: Zolotaur
Getting things done Trump. Well done again
Author: Mekree
Im what people regard as independent in political terms. However, this NAFTA deal has been the most important succession of Trump's presidency. If he didn't have bragging rights before (which i think he didn't) he sure has them now.
Author: Gardazilkree
All the morons from shark tank need to start making their products in Mexico, Canada or the US instead of China. Canada and Mexico do not have Nukes pointed at us. And US farmers need to stop growing soybeans and grow real food that we import from other countries. It really is about National security for "ALL' of the Western hemisphere.
Author: Dojora
these people are speaking so fast making it really hard for a non-native speaker to understand everything they have said.
Author: Tubar
Damn hahah another win for trump 😂🤣😂
Author: Kazik
Nort America Best America take that south America central America you're still cool no homo
Author: Meztigul
President Trump is the man !
Author: Samuro
Canada will be free in 2019! I am glad we got a deal done now let's all thrive together to my fellow Americans and Mexicans. :)
Author: Mikalrajas
Abracadabra! Trump really is one of the best President IN HISTORY. Ever.
Author: Dabei
Honestly - I don’t know why we had to go through all this drama? For what ? NAFTA gets a new name but the only real change is a slight opening up on dairy/poultry/eggs. IP rules needed insertion but that didn’t require a full “ to-the-wall” trade war. Canadians get a lot from this deal - no renegotiation on autos, no sunset, no give on chapter 19, an end to 11 and increase in demininus to $150 (which is awesome). Mexicans must be upset that they signed too soon. Essentially Trump gave the Canadians the push they needed to overcome their powerful milk lobby. 99% of this deal is UNCHANGED from NAFTA !!????!! Coulda saved all the drama and just done an addendum to the old deal. This thing was mostly about some strange insecurities in the USA. Can we all get along now - Mexico/USA/Canada is the place to live- NA trade is really great for us all. Mexico = people power and top top quality labor - USA = advanced research/ assembly / market and management- Canada = efficient resource and raw materials/processing. Let’s try to create bigger markets in Mexico and Canada for sales and let’s increase production and assembly in USA.
Author: Fenriramar
Canada Mexico 1 Trump 0000000000000
Author: Tonris
Lord he thinks Elon is crazy, yet doesn't realize how crazy Trump is.
Author: Kajitaxe
We love you president Trump
Author: Kigalkis
fucking idiots.
Author: Sharg
I want to export chimichangas to Canada
Author: Gogor
President Trump is getting things done America! When are you liberals going to see that. Open your eyes and see it and stop listening to CNN and msnbc. He's getting America better trade deals that Obama never could do or even tried to do. Face it you king Obama wasn't that great a president. As a result of the President's trade deal the market is soaring today. Hint to you 50 somethings out there with 401ks. Your making money with this guy. Think long and hard about that in November 2018 and 2020.
Author: Meztigami
The best true leader we ever had! Mr president trump, thank you for your hard work unlike other lazy ass pussies!
Author: Taran
Hey "Bathhouse Barry" how ya like that magic wand? LMAO
Author: Mojind
I can't hardly wait to get me some of that Murican milk and cheese!
Author: Dosho
Canada had to join NAFTA or they were going to get left out entirely.
Author: Faekora
Author: Maugor
Good news.... Was wondering why my stock portfolio was going up. YAY!!!
Author: Samull
Trump train!!!!!!!!l🇺🇸🚄
Author: Vudojind
Justin Trudeau is a natural born wimp and he didn’t learn anything from his dreaming father ``Pierre``. Donald J. Trump has just educated our snowflake Prime Minister about doing business the ``real world``. It is a good thing that Justin Trudeau allowed the smart people handle the negotiations.The last minute hand-shake over the new NAFTA deal should have been a lesson but instead just another picture opportunity for Justin Trudeau. But remember, he is a double-talking liberal idealist and a traitor to Canada and the USA. He could seek revenge in his childish way. Too many Canadians foolishly elected him in the first place. He is a very dangerous young person and a national disgrace.
Author: Dougul
Time to take a whole bite now and update your 200+ year old constitution.
Author: Vudoshura
Trump wins and Trudeau spins Canadian media.
Author: Zushakar
Mmmmm.....finally I gets me my Murican milk! Best day ever! Thanks Mr Prez!
Author: Arashikinos
Maria loves talking finance. You can hear it
Author: Kakazahn
Hey Amerika,
Author: Dougal
Its so funny because if you watch CNN they say the only thing that this did was open up dairy markets and allow Canada to go to a third party with trade disputes. They are such liars.
Author: Samuhn
As long as all 3 Countries win I am happy.
Author: Tautaur
Author: Samukinos
There is only two provinces that matter in Canada, Ontario n' British Columbia and these two provinces should be part of America...
Author: Bramuro
We won energy independence by getting rid of the Proportionality clause forcing Canada to sell 75% of its oil and 50% of its gas to the US.
Author: Shara
NAFTA Collapses : A New Era of Economic Nationalism WINS!!! -
Author: Zulkinos
Thank you President Trump. Now get Judge Kavanaugh confirmed.
Author: Kegore
For F sake, it was a joke, Elon made a joke, if you don't know what 420 is google it.
Author: Gugis
Thanks Trump. Another 25 years of underemployed Americans & illegals forced to cross the border due to NAFTA. Except this time, we can’t blame Slick Willie.
Author: Zulkijinn
Should have been free trade in agriculture products!!!
Author: Jull
We just keep winning, folks!!
Author: Mazragore
Now we can sell to Europe, China. Price are about to go up
Author: Kigajin
All it takes is Trump saying that he doesnt like how they negotiate and is gonna Tarrif cars.. and BOOM.. It happens.
Author: Zulkisho
Some amendments just need a little tweaking. You can just tear it up too.
Author: Mazujin
What the fuck is wrong with her goddamned face? Did she eat Nuts again? Bitxh you know youre allergic...
Author: Faeshura
I wonder why no one is covering the SWIFT deal...??
Author: Shaktigrel
Author: Sazil
Happy for the new deal. Not sure if it was worth it imo but I’ll wait and see. China’s the real goal. Something tells me they are going to be real sob’s though. A kind of country that’s willing to let its people die and suffer just to make a point.
Author: Yoran
It seems like the biggest winners in the rebranded NAFTA will be Candian consumers who will be able to buy cheaper dairy products, and U.S. dairy farmers who will be able to sell to Canadians. The losers will be Amercian dairy consumers who will likely pay higher prices.
Author: Samuzuru
As a Canadian, I think this is a good deal for all three countries. The Canadians retained the dispute settlement mechanism that Trump wanted to eliminate, avoided the tariffs on vehicles that Trump threatened, and avoided the 5-year sunset clause that Trump said he wanted. The US got more access for its dairy farmers into Canada (which is what Trump wanted most to brag about) so our dairy products will be less expensive, and helped make the big GOP donors at Big Pharma richer by extending patent protection for drugs which will make medications almost as expensive here as they are in the US. Canadian consumers can now buy more stuff from the US duty free, which is good for most of us. All in all, good job.
Author: Zukazahn
All this is is the NORTH AMERICAN UNION! one step closer to becoming a “region” of the NWO!!!
Author: Nagore
Oh, look at that! A new trade deal with Canada. But, but, MSM has been telling us the world would end first.
Author: Mikajinn
Author: Tular
So Trump got rid of NAFTA with a renamed NAFTA? Can’t believe I voted for this draft-dodging moron. I guess those former factory workers in Pennsylvania & Wisconsin have nothing to look forward to.
Author: Mushicage
Author: JoJogal
Haha dam you guys are trash
Author: Kezil
[insert eyebrow joke here]
Author: Akiktilar
ALEX JONES is #1.......Bring back ALEX JONES.......TRUMP 2020 and beyond.......MAGA.....Deport all Mexicans and DEMS...
Author: Tauhn
Americans don't seem to realize is that although Canada gave up 3% of it's dairy industry, the US gave up access to the American dairy industry as well. With the America being 10x the size of Canada, the benefit to Canada will be in the neighborhood of 350 -400 million dollars, while the American benefit will be 80 - 100 million dollars, not including currency differentials which will favor Canada another 30% with American income. As well, with Canada's auto manufacturers being mostly American owned, the manufacturers have been basically granted themselves the ability to avoid tariffs that were never applied until 3 months ago, meaning Ford, Chrysler and GM are basically back to where they were. If anything, the new deal favors Canada.
Author: Douramar
As a Canadian I knew Trudeau was the only thing holding Canada and US in getting a deal done. He was gaining more hate over this by Canadians and with all his other shit Trudeau should be gone in 2019!!
Author: Kagataur
the problem for Canada is the socialist dogma has been just been buttfucked. there is no reason that Trudeau is the prime minister. he has no reason to be PM, except for stupid people voting on his father's name.
Author: Vojas
THe sky did not fall?????
Author: Nebei
US loves Canada and Mexico we will thrive together
Author: Dugami
I'm sure Trump and Putin can write a better one for you.
Author: Kagagis
Good thing
Author: Kilkis
Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no I got to keep on movin' 🇺🇸🦅Trump/ Pence 2020🦅🇺🇸
Author: Malall
Thank you President Trump.
Author: Tejinn
BETS????? Trudeau comes out and claims a great victory. he'll says it great for Canada.
Author: Arashijora
Don't trash Elon. I am unsubscribing.
Author: Jucage
Pull out if NAFTA!! Trump do what you promised. Protect workers, Not CEOs
Author: Disida
I love the self deception that America is currently going through! NAFTA lives.
Author: Vozahn
Author: Akilmaran
Maria B., you should treat Peter with deference and respect. He earned that right! Please don't drink the Chinese BS cool lade!
Author: Tojagul
Ah trudy had to back down in the face of the Donald no surprise to me
Author: Arakazahn
Good thing
Author: Shagor
I know that I understand that it I just watched that this new talking about NAFTA or talk about something new and to make sure that for all of your people have American and people of citizens American if you do understand that this or go to Nations going to be work out and this new deal that I don't know if I can even meeting like inside of or the phone well let's see what's going to happen next
Author: Dokora
this is not a trade deal between US and Canada, it doesn't include anything meaningful except milk.
Author: Dijind
I love trump
Author: Gutaur
So, is Mexico paying for the wall, as Clown Trump promised?
Author: JoJogal
Canada was about to get smacked down with huge tarrifs. Good thing they finally saw this with some level of maturity.
Author: Tutilar
Tesla Has no future
Author: Jukree
Wow so proud, your country subsidizes your dairy in the billions forcing the small farmers to shut down.. Your dairy is loaded with crap and it may come in to Canada but the majority of us won't buy it. If you had a brain you'd fight for the small farmers. Think your dairy is cheap? Your paying for it twice through your taxes and on the shelf. Go Trump lol idiots
Author: Arashizilkree
Hey, we can throw our weight around, so let's do it. The world won't care we insult or push them around. Today they need us but in a few years the U.S. will only be about 15% of global GDP and the number 3 economy according to PWC (possibly 4th). Wait until America's $$$$trillion annual deficit needs to be financed by China, Japan, the EU, Canada. Think they won't be caring then? We are headed towards a concrete wall a lot faster than we were in 2008. And this time the rest of the world, including our closest allies, won't help us. We will have to look to Kim, Putin, Duterte - heaven help us.
Author: Tygoran
Musk is crazy? What an idiotic statement by this guy Ken Mahoney. And as always, McDowell, from the Graham/Flake/McCain school of unpredictability, tries to show her balance by dropping a good comment about Elon, when she was a principal attacker, because he dismissed her for earlier criticisms of him, IE- “He’s behaved like a jerk in front of me “ Excuse me, Dagan- who the hell are you?
Author: Toramar
Love our President. While we have been suffering for 20 year, unable to afford a house, yet Mexico and Canada was financially doing great, China rebuild itself, and I have 3 jobs and struggling to make end meet, afraid of retiring and the future. This man, Trump, really gets it. He is like a God, who came protect us against the horrible trade agreement done by all previous administrations. Agreements that has affected the middle class in such a way, that it pulled us into poverty. We cannot even find words to express our gratefulness to you President Trump
Author: Tygoshicage
Winning! Thank you Mr. President!
Author: Tygoshicage
As long as there are no tariffs on Jordan Peterson, I’ll be happy.
Author: Mikazahn
President Trump's new theme song should be , Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride
Author: JoJojas
Here’s how to get things done! Stop crying and take notes libtards.
Author: Junos
We should not be jealous and hate Trump, we should be proud that America produced such a person to fight for America and win !!!!
Author: Arashicage
Thank you from CANADA!
Author: Yozshum
Great news! Will be interesting to see the MSM downplay it tomorrow.
Author: Douzilkree
Trump 2020!!! Keeping them liberals in mommies basements and out of grown up stuff. Vote Red!!!
Author: Faubar
haha what Trump doesn't know is the new deal includes a clause where America has to take Justin Trudeau.
Author: Moogujora
Congrats you've managed to update a 24 year old trade agreement.
Author: Nalmaran
Fuck Canada should of left them out
Author: Jumi
We don't need there cars and milk the US can make their own. This will put Americans back to work also!!
Author: Dudal
Wow. I think I’m first
Author: Grorn
Go Trump ---------Good deals are deals that help all involved that is what Trumps deals do this makes for good long term relationships something China has not understood
Author: Tocage
Disney products are GARBAGE.
Author: Maujora
Future U.S. trade deficits will be higher under USMCA then were past trade deficits under NAFTA. Not because Trump's rebranded deal is worse, but because Trump has done nothing to address the underlying problems that produce the deficits.
Author: Mikagar
Trump is just trolling the left at this point.
Author: Tojora
I'd like to thank the US for agreeing to everything Canada wanted in exchange for us letting a little more milk in. Totally worth it ;)
Author: Tasho
Viva Mexico! We never gave in! Mexico win.
Author: Nataxe
This should make all the soy producers very happy. Keep an eye on this shifty little globalist.
Author: Shakagami
What i see is invade venezuela take it over with the help if canada and mexico and make sure china and russian has no tanks in americas(N&S) soil😎the wall will be build with the money made after overthrowing venezuela dictator and the war begins with us vs. Them
Author: Akinocage
Trump did nothing you unbelievable gullible idiots ha ha. Trumptards are a special kind of stupid
Author: Jusar
I needs me more hormones and artificial flavour and colour.
Author: Brara
Good job Trump!!!!!!.
Author: Mazugor
Author: JoJokus
Monroe Doctrine in action.
Author: Barisar
Our Hero President TRUMP!!! Who is fake Hero and paper Tiger??? Answer is Barack Hussein :(
Author: Zuluzragore
Author: Kigazuru
Everybody needs to go to CNN videos and remind them why they are Fake News.
Author: Bakinos
The obstructionist democrats will fight this for sure. They don't want to see Trump win at anything.

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