Farrakhan - February 26, 2012

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Author: Netaxe
You Nailed it Brother Farrakhan!!!! Love you Minister Farrakhan and I forgive you for your past concerning Brother Malcolm X, I know it was bigger than you and his enemiez were Cointelpro at work.
Author: Zuzilkree
my brother, don't argue with fools. let a fool remain a fool.
Author: Nigrel
Farakhan represents our Latin brothers and sisters also don't get it twisted
Author: Tojanris
Walcot the whore mouthed bigot who instead of spewing more filth should have been sentenced to death for murder. He is the true proof that america's justice system can be over ridden by wealth. He continues to bilk millions from one of the most ignorant sectors of the population. I can't wait for that scumbag to die. Many millions of ppl will be dancing in the streets. But then the rumours will be spread that he's alive. That way the noi elders can continue to milk ignorance.WALCOT= 100% B.S.
Author: Kenris
Darrin, if the cap fits then damn well wear it.
Author: Tule
Fairycon is either a dumb-ass or a con man. No in betweens. Remember one thing: You can't challenge me on the core beliefs of the NOI. The noi doesn't have one muslim in it nor does it have any christians. The noi is a racist cult that wouldn't exist without the KKK. If you care to debate me I'd be honored to open your young mind up to the evil ignorance of the noi & it's members. You devils have your days marked. When fairycon dies the lies go with him. Talk with voyageislam. Wake up you racist
Author: Tak
no one expects someone like you and all those you liked your comment to understand the words of Farrakhan. how can you call the teachings of Farrakhan and Elijah Mhmd racist? how many people have they enslaved? how many people have they discriminated against? how many people have they tortured and/or killed? can you find me one mass killing of whites by blacks instigated by Farrakhan? Your feelings are hurt by the truth, and it should be. we are not here to please you. the truth is the truth.
Author: Tygogami
Your turn.
Author: Kazrakora
@Sean Walthour Explain in what sence do they worship arabs?
Author: Yojind
Ask yourself this: Is every flying object you're unable to identify have something to do with the noi's mothership? You can't challange, I know that. You are influenced by the idiots around you. You want to be cool amongst your peers in the nation of idiots. Bad move. Your brain is being filled full of shit. You already had shit in your brain othewise you wouldn't fallen for the filth.Get a passport & see what filthy farrakhan doesn't want you to see.Let me expopse your idiocy for your own good.
Author: Fezuru
Now let's get down to business. Challenge me to a debate on NOI core beliefs. For me it's just another day exposing evil racist filth spewed what are the sickest nutjobs in america. No devil here, just a person exposing the evil deeds of an evil oragnization Now lets start the debate withe the mother plane Why was Japan chosen for the fairy tale & how was it debunked?Tell us how you saw it. Make sure to add the amount of crack you smoked before seeking refuge amongst a bunch of whining faggots
Author: Kajisar
Author: Kagarg
@ Tyanicus yes we do if you pull from the wealthy evey thing should come into place. majority of the world wealthy came through slavery and is now carried on through modern day slavery.
Author: Mijora
you silly devil. Please provide the proof where he "bilks millions" from anyone. of course you have no proof devil. funny you and your murdering fathers would cause anyone of hate. also who did he murder. Again devil i need you to provide proof. of course you cant. because as a devil your job is to spread lies and evil. half truths and mischief making. sorry devil, come with facts or just wait patiently for your world to die. good day satan!
Author: Vut
Do your research. To dodge the issue is to be exposed and pawned.
Author: Mikagar
You DO. But you are too stupid to recognize him. Rubio.
Author: Taushura
Let's begin. How many spaceships do the noi claim to have? Where are they stationed? Why was that country chosen? How did that fairy tale get debunked? What lie was added later to give it credibility?
Author: Tygojinn
I thought that too about 9/11/01! After learning about the focuses and strength in Muslims and there way of Muslim religion, it's a shame how other religious parties try and destroy the Muslim belief.
Author: Megis
Satan's bitch!!!
Author: Kazrabar
Author: Tazuru
Open your eyes!
Author: Shakasida
He makes 2.1 million dollars a month. It's public knowledge. Then he points a finger at jewish bankers who make less but have more power than he does. FarraCON is the king of all devils who envies what he can't acheive or cheat ppl out of to arrive there. He sparks the conspiracy in your mind so you look the other way while he has his evil either in your ass or your wallet. Power of suggestion is also a powerful tool used in voodoo that only works on the most ignorant. UR EVIL. NOI=EVIL=LIES

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