Fresh violence looms in Kosovo, UN buries head in sand

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Author: Sall
Author: Zolorg
Serbia je Kosovo!
Author: Shaktilmaran
London is increasingly becoming less "British" The same is happening in France (Paris) and Italy (Rome). It's about the welfare state and demographics; as well as an EU constitution that "guarantees" a particular standard of living. The "Left" in Europe is to blame for this mess! Eurabia!
Author: Dagar
Serbs are just generally idiotic assholes and the Albanians are puppets for the west, so fuck them both, idiots.
Author: Vusida
Free RATKO MLADIC Serbian hero and a great honorable man
Author: Dakinos
@epocs You are not an Albanian, aren't you?!!!!lol
Author: Voshura
Цео свет се данас пита: шта ће бити са Косовом?
Author: Kazijinn
Грачаница, Девич, Љевишка, Патријаршија, Свети Врачи или Дечани нису черге које се могу разапети негде другде, нити игде другде расту Косовски Божури.
Author: Fenrit
Milosevic killed many innocent people, not just in Kosovo. He invaded Slovenia and lost. Then he bombed Dubrovnik and let many people kill in Srebrenica. He also caused the siege in Sarajevo where many people were killed. Milosevic wanted to ethnically cleanse entire Kosovo from Albanians who were living there. And many people were killed only because they were different. Milosevic was a much worse terrorist than Bin Laden and killed many more people.
Author: Kigalkree
@xxwzaebd Albanians inhabited their homes and lands while Serbs could only watch that and be completely inferior. Everyone lived in prosperity but bad things were being moved under the carpet for the sake of it. Kosovo had certain autonomy but it was still under municipality of Serbia as autonomous province but didnt had rights to secede by constitution of Serbia nor by international law. It had to have permision from Serbia since it was under Serbia`s control.
Author: Zulkimi
The whole thing started when Milosevic illegally took away autonomy granted by Tito from Kosovo. Things under the Tito regime at least had internationally acknowledged legitimacy. In Kosovo. all laws imposed by Slobo have been declared invalid. Japan and Germany were bombed during WW2 because they invaded other countries and killed many people. The same applies to Milosevic regime. EVery child knows that.
Author: Zulkishicage
Recognition of Kosovon independence was biggest US, UK and France's foreign policy blunder in Europe since Munich pact.
Author: Taura
do you not read? where in the const was serbia allowed to steal federal power through force and violence? why are you holding everyone else accountable to a constitution SERBS alone broke.
Author: Kazrajora
Not true. Those siding with,justifying,supporting or even worshipping Milosevic or his evil ideal of "velika srbija" should be detained in special facilities and receive medical and surgical mental treatment while also being subjected to forced collective physical labour in mines etc since this is actually the only proven way to cure the illness of evil and illegal thinking.
Author: Migar
u want safe then get the fuck out of kosovo u western fuckers this tis is y nato is and hated power and all countries that have been attacked by nato should kick out all west ambessis and personel
Author: Mitilar
"Greater Serbia"="Grossdeutschland"="greater asia coprosperity sphere" all of which failed miserably. Japan even stole salt and rice from a neighboring country using tny railroads it made for that.
Author: Nijin
@xxwzaebd Also if you are doing as a payed lobist you should do it better since this is pathetic way !
Author: Aramuro
Author: Voodootaur
AFTER the other republics did leave...slobo REWROTE the constitution...what part of dictator are you to stupid to understand? even russia didnt recognize it as a continuation of the former yugoslavia.
Author: Kazilar
There was a proposal after 1999 to give Kosovo the status of a republic in Yugoslavla. Instead of Milosevic invading and killing people who were simply different, Serbia,Kosovo and Montengro should have given proportional seats in the yugoslavian parliament with rotating presidency until peacefully settling the ultimate secession of each republic into independent countries(such as distribution of assets etc). Stationing of US forces would have been also good, together with sending JNA to Iraq .
Author: Dijas
Author: Faugar
Kosovo was SFRJ autonomous province and Milosevic provoked Kosovans by taking away their autonomy when he de facto seized power. Everyone knows that. Since he caused the Kosovo independence thing, he is actually hero of the Kosovans.
Author: Zuluk
Author: Sazuru
Author: Groramar
@ADK89uk Here in Serbia live in harmony 37 nationalities.The Kosovo Albanians were expelled most of the non-Albanian population.But you're right, place full of nationalist.I'll have to disappoint you, the nationalists in Serbia means patriot and not a fascist or National Socialist.Patriotism is illegal in the occupied Serbia,a puppet government, Western banks, corporations ...Serbian patriotism is the enemy to "masters" of Serbia.Masters demonize our patriotism by calling it with nationalism.
Author: JoJokus
Milosevic was in control of jna when he invaded slovenia and croatia. Kosovo was an autonomous province of the SFRJ, not of the Serbian republic . US states are explicitly NOT ALLOWED to secede. Yugoslavia was no more recognised by the West when Slobo invaded Slovenia;they dealt with the individual former republics. And the SRJ was not recognised until Milosevic was ousted. It was in the list of prohibited destinations for dual-use items(that is,bad entity).
Author: Mat
how can you not understand that christianity came to serbs like it did for most others, in the form of conquerors. bosnians, croats, serbs are SLAVS, they are same people, the division between them, the violence commited to each other to this day speaks volumes to the utter capitulation of there very selves.
Author: Shajind
@AzerChristians You "didn't saw" "most" I suppose!
Author: Zologrel
Milosevic already was in control of jna when he invaded Slovenia and Croatia. He wanted to make a "greater serbia" from Yugoslavia which was no more recognised to exist by the Western countries which made the position of the former SFRJ possible in the first place as long there was a need for a geopolitical buffer zone. Kosovo was an autonomous province of SFRJ,not Serbia. And Milosevic took away that autonomy thus caused all that stuff that happened.
Author: Dagore
act like adults and solve the problem without violence
Author: Yozshusho
Russia is giving headache to USA on Syria now they give headache to Russia on Kosovo, Russia is for and support a Serbian Kosovo,in the other hand US and its allies want a Albanian Kosovo,get the picture its all politic.
Author: Kikinos
@AzerChristians The Saudi family are also muslims! Make a group named "Muslims against Islam"! Only in yuotube anomimity that is possible!
Author: Tataxe
go ahead, change topic to other countries. We both know why you need to... coward.
Author: Dok
@djaletrim if this is true,then Scotland is not UK, Texas is not SAD! Back IRAQ to IRAQ,AVGANISTAN to AVGANISTAN, KOSOVO and METOHIJA to SERBIA,LYBIA to LYBIA Peoples, we are not country's for your Colonial interess
Author: Dura
The Kosovan drug dealer insurgents also killed people but much less than Milosevic did.
Author: Feshura
In all honesty. This will only end with another war in Kosovo. My only question is, who will instigate it, Serbia or Kosovo. Personally, I believe that the Balkans will never see peace for long. Even now.
Author: Tojalrajas
I didn't invade anyone's country.
Author: Mikadal
I suppose "muslims against Islam" sound pretty logican compairing what we read in youtube comments!!!!!
Author: Kigakinos
no need for you to dance, im saying is that you are wrong. At the time, had you run around yelling kosovo was lost, no one would have known what you were babbling about. there was no frame of reference for it. Patriots? before and after the ottomans serbs had there own infighting as well problems with other slavs. 1389 and kosovo... the context you are speaking of, is romance.. an INVENTION...MYTHOLOGY written hundreds of years after the fact by a clergy desperate for relevance.
Author: Nesida
well look at the rt news now and world war 1! I rest my case!
Author: Mukasa
Facts! Prime Minister of Kosovo (ethnic Albanian) Hashim Thaci is a criminal, terrorist and offical are charged in connection with international network of organ trafficking.Serbs who living in Kosovo have no rights, every day they are robbed, kidnapped, Albanians stoned them...There is no justice for the Serbs, they were in the ghetto in their occupied country.Serbian children were killed while playing in Gorazdevac and no one has been arrested.Of course, there are no Serbs in Kosovo police.
Author: Gatilar
@CARMINEOWNZ Масакр ? Пушиш ми курац, јебо ти ја маму лажовску.
Author: Mazumi
The way to liberate Serbs in the region is to do what the Albanians did, the Irish did in Northern Ireland, and the Palestinians. Nato run away
Author: Zulukree
@PrishtinaXLR8 no news= propaganda
Author: Tygora
Could have something to do with the fact that they are muslim.
Author: Bagor
Kosovo was not a Serbian province but an SFRJ autonomous province. Milosevic took away that autonomy in order to turn the framework of sfrj into greater serbia. Thus, badinter conventions and other items as determined by the US and Europe. The international world does not oppose Kosovan independence,as shown by the recent ICJ ruling. Neither China nor Russia will not do anything; after all, there was a deal among the major powers-South Ossetia to Russia,Kosovo to West.
Author: Voodoohn
albanians today graciously GIFTWRAPSS to these ungrateful people...not only the rights representation and powers they tried to steal from them, but disproportionatley more. No minorities on earth are given what kosovo gives to serbs.
Author: Digore
Author: Mazunris
milosovic then president of serbia not of yugo usurped kosovos federal yugoslav rights powers and representation. he had no authority to remove it, he used force and violence to USE it on kosovos "behalf" to give serbia illegal and undo power in yugo over the other republics..this is what precipitated yugos breakup. AFTER it did, he alone rewrote the entire yugoslav constitution with serbs cowardly hiding their greater serbia project behind the word Yugoslavia. Your propaganda FAILS.
Author: Voshicage
Author: Digar
kosovo is country just like serbia.face it.
Author: Kazishakar
@AzerChristians Serbians are Orthodox christians!! Albanians are both Christians and muslims, Bosniak are muslims! Also Russians are Orthodox Christians, Chinese and Vietnamese are Buddhists, Cubans and Venezuelans are Christian Catholics, North Koreans are atheists and Greeks are Orthodox Christians! Note: Most Azeris are muslims! Get your facts strait before you are humiliated! Unless this is a clone-agent and supposed to be totaly illiteral and stupid!
Author: Kajimuro
And waitin for next episode !
Author: Ketaur
Author: Fem
If Kosovo is serbian history, then why did so many Serbs leave Kosovo for central Serbia in the course of urbanisation? It is known by data that the real reason why Kosovo became full of Albanians is that Serbs left there for the larger cities. And , if whole Kosovo belings to Serbia , then does Manchuria belong to Korea just because its ancient kingdom started there several thousand years ago and related cultural artifacts are fund there?Learn from Koreans who gave up Manchuria forever.
Author: Muran
Author: Mazulabar
@SwissBullion yeah i know the hatred is mutual? and so what about Mexico, its a different case. what do you mean its not about what Albanians want, this change wouldn't be happening if it wasn't about what the Albanians want??
Author: Gardajora
Author: Arazahn
Communists like Milosevic and Kim Il Sung have killing instinct which they put into practice. This is because of the nature of communism. Very similar to a novel in which survivors kill each other until only one is left in the world or a movie in which young abducted women are made to kill each other with knives etc. until only one of them is left(however, 3 of them were left to live).
Author: Arajinn
Hashim Thachi has thanked KFOR, EULEX, the "Fifth" countries (the Great Britain, France, USA, Germany and Italy) for help in controlling of customs check-points - so a terrorist and killer from KLA remembered to everyone who supports terrorism in modern world.
Author: Dalkis
Author: Gardakinos
If we lost all Kosovo, our pro-west marionette regime will be destroyed just like idea of ''Serbia in EU'' and we will built wall at the west countrys and make union with our brothers from Russia.
Author: Kigajora
@1samoubicabombas No doubt Avatar is based on that idea and many others. Since cinema is art, the filmmakers will put symbolism that different people interpret differently. Some people will see it as an expensive action movie just like you see the serbian film as a sick horror film. I do need the education. Thank you.
Author: Malami
Author: Zulkikazahn
Author: Shaktikinos
they are perpetrators deserving of nothing. if more than equality is too much to bear...they know where the border is, let them cross it.
Author: Fenrizilkree
Author: Shaktinris
@CARMINEOWNZ lol, wtf ur talking, nobody forcing albanians to change their names or surnames in serbia, theres no any law, like its case in albania, where serbs dont have right to have serbian name or surname, they must choose only one thing, thats reality man. go check about albanians in south serbia, they have normal life,, and didnt heard of any albanian with -ic in the end of his name, they can choos whatever name they want, grow up man.
Author: Mudal
Author: Megore
@gingowitch <-- -- -- "YT crazy" (person)
Author: Kigarr
Why did US and some EU members support THIEVES and ROBBERS who were once illegal migrants, then when there was enough of them, these thieves & robbers claim someone else's land as their "country" ??
Author: Dourn
Author: Faelkis
The US explicitly prohibits the secession of states which are not the same as the former sfrj republics which had the explicit right to secede. And Kosovo was a federal autonomous province from which Milosevic forcibly took away autonomy. And the US is, unlike Serbia, a superpower.
Author: Arashijind
Milosevic's "yugoslavia" actually referred to "greater serbia", a serbian-only country. Such confusion of terms is just another common communist tactic. So he destroyed Yugoslavia together with Tudjman and Izetbegovic etc. Then he invaded the surrounding countries,finally Kosovo and killed many people. As there was nothing left to invade or kill, he oppressed college kids who wanted freedom,democracy and COMMON SENSE PREVAILING SOCIETY.Then he go what he deserved.
Author: Gogul
The greater serbia was the background ideal of Sloboland founded by Milosevic;he wanted an ethnically pure country just like Hitler did. Milosevic was the equivalent of Hitler and Marx together, just like his identical twin named Yuri Irsenovic(who uses the wrong name "Kim Jong Il"). Great Britain is not a racial ideology like "greater serbia","Grossdeutschland" or "Greater Asian Coprosperity Sphere" but just a name.
Author: Vizahn
Author: Zolom
it's just that there are those people that act like spoiled children
Author: Zolomuro
Author: Makora
Author: Moogumi
Author: Tojataxe
who are SIPTARI? why are you upset with them?
Author: Dotilar
@peramaribg And US don't need to win terrorists in generally, because they can't be their competitor in global domination, but it is much more profitable for US to use terrorists for displacement of politicians and distructions of countries which US don't like. In such cases US call terrorists as fighters for freedom and it is not surprised because US understand freedom as freedom of morals and conscience.
Author: Malaktilar
Kosovo je Srbija!
Author: Kesida
and rioting damn serbians need to grow the hell up
Author: Kigarr
Author: Mezigore
serbia is exactly the is a state fathered by a lunatic, with a constitution they defend and wave about as source of authority to this day... authored by a lunatic.
Author: Zushicage
what about places like sudan, nigeria, India ,somalia and pakistan
Author: Gubei
@xxwzaebd You clearly don`t know history. Project "Greater Serbia" died in 1918 when Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was made. The idea was to have all Serbs under the one roof, together. We sacrificed our own country to bring Croats and Slovenes into it since they had nothing after dead of AustroHungary. Serbia had offers from great powers (UK, France, Italy) to merge Slavonija, Lika, Banija(Cro) and large part of Bosnia to actuall Serbian state in 1915 which Serbian King refused to do.
Author: Grozilkree
Banning All Religion
Author: Mikazragore
The fact is that US constitution does not allow the secession of US states. The boundaries in former Yugo are the republic boundaries as recognised by the international world, and not something related to ethnicity or history. Korea can score a pyrrhic victory in Manchuria against China using its mechanized forces but made concessions long ago for better relations and there will be even further concessions. Serbia doesn't have such strong military but wants Kosovo.Learn from Korea.
Author: Kazuru
Author: Musho
ah, good for you coward. thats the perfect thing for you to have said. you werent talking about other countries though were you coward? you were talking about serbia, how its "changed" how its nothing like it was before even as you still try and excuse it right?
Author: Kazrakree
Kosovo needs to be re-divided and the residents forced to move to their respective areas.
Author: Dairan
Okay, Neo-nazi, whaever you say. Just continue sitting in mommys basement acting smart on the internet. High education "level" right there. Clown!
Author: Vokazahn
Author: Faukora
више мрзе = више насиља
Author: Tauzshura
Send the whole army to kosovo to settle this once and forall sick of albanians they belong in albania not kosovo!
Author: Nirn
If there's no oil in the area, don't expect western countries to help you. If they opened some oil wells in Kosovo, the US and Nato would be scrambling to get there for planned regime change with a lengthy speech about spreading democracy.
Author: Mora
Its crazy how STUPID some people are... Haven't they wrecked the place enough already?
Author: Nasida
Author: Tojazil
the un can either bring the rule of law..or bow down to terror.
Author: Ararisar
Neither Russia nor China will do anything at all except for maybe lip service. Russia's sphere of influence is limited,with little industrial capabilities. Chinese economy is, unlike that of Germany and Korea, actually fragile and ethnic/sociocultural tensions are already surfacing into physical actions. West,Russia and China already have closed their deal. A Chinese intervention will only result in mass killings, as demonstrated by their 5000 years of brutal and oppressive history.
Author: Goltijar
I think the western countires want an tensions to build up, the end resluts would be needless deaths of people, maybe even gencide.
Author: Dibar
that don't get their candy and those are the people you see throwing molotov's
Author: Tygoshura
The terrorist hiding there faces....
Author: Malataxe
@xxwzaebd You have no idea what you're talking about. Slobodan Milosevic has fought for equality, brotherhood and unity in Yugoslavia, not only in Serbia.Do not take propaganda for granted, find some Milosevic's speech on the Net. Take a look at the Canadian documentary "weight of chains", then comment on youtube as a connoisseur, and not brainwashed.
Author: Aragami
Fuck patriotism & fuck religion!
Author: Shakagal
Сад ћемо да видимо ко су Срби, а ко Турци.
Author: Mausho
So why can't people get a long??? I mean we are people!
Author: Tohn
@galm222 Serbian government is saying it every day, we dont want conflicts we want discussion, but u see who creating them, Prishtina government, who as i said are used to chaos, because they want to keep Albanians full of hatred towards Serbs, with focus on this conflicts, and not on their lifes and very bad life standarsd, worst in Europe, thats what is problem here.
Author: Tut
@xxwzaebd And yes half of the world accepted Kosovo as independent state especially USA cos it`s in their interest for further goals towards east. Why? Cos they have to justify all the evil they did to Serbs and this country. They called bombing campaing Merciful Angel, what is Merciful in bombing train full of refuges, hospitals, state television, bridges, using DU bombs WHAT ?? USA listed KLA as 2nd terorist organisation in the world in 1998 but they delisted it when they say interest.
Author: Volmaran
Author: Sharg
If Kosovo is serbian history, then why did so many Serbs leave Kosovo for central Serbia in the course of urbanisation? It is known by data that the real reason why Kosovo became full of Albanians is that Serbs left there for the larger cities. And , if whole Kosovo belings to Serbia , then does Manchuria belong to Korea just because its ancient kingdom started there several thousand years ago and related cultural artifacts are fund there?
Author: Tezshura
I said while go islam was on gobal rampage The right thing do is banned all reiglions problem sovled.
Author: Akinos
serbia can either denounce the violence of extremist serbs or they can continue to incite them.
Author: Brajin
расизам = екстремнију
Author: Kazigal
the western imeprialists are trying on all terms to defend their little "paradise"
Author: Mikanos
Korea's history started in Manchuria several thousand years ago. From the 50,000 prehistoric gravestones in the world, 80% are from Korean origin and many are located there. The Goguryo kingdom was several times stronger than any Serbian kingdom, King tombs are still located there. The independence army during the Japanese occupation was also active there. However, Korea, which is a much more developed and stronger country than Serbia. has given up claims on Manchuria forever. Learn from Korea.
Author: Bakazahn
There are countries with 2000+ years of documented and 5000+ years of artifact supported history which were much more powerful than any Serbia but still made concessions with neighbours for the greater good.Serbia is not as powerful and prosperous than this, so learn from them. Serbian history is not that long; it became an independent republic in June 2006.
Author: Zurn
the republic of serbia has no legal authority of any kind within kosovo.
Author: Shakalkis
because its senselesschaos what's going on.
Author: Gujas
not from russia, Serbia or Kosovo I'm black but this is a history I don't know about. I need to go reserch it.
Author: Doumi
Go to AWAREOFTRUTH. COM---For an Alternative view.
Author: Kizahn
this is a perfect excuse to get UN troops there again in an active role..We can only Pray trouble doesn't flare up again.:(
Author: Sasho
@1samoubicabombas Nicely explained brother
Author: Kajit
Author: Samusida
@xxwzaebd Also i dont have to remind you either that Kosovo is cradle of Serbia history and culture. First Serbian state was made in Kosovo. Serbs lived there for last 10 centuryes while on the other hand Albanians are being mentioned for last 100 years.
Author: Tulmaran
Kosovo belongs to Serbia!
Author: Fenrit
I am not from america sorry! not even close! you people are ready cause enough trouble in wrld war 1 you people need to learn Intolerance!
Author: Bajas
its in Australia dumb ar's
Author: Gur
Author: Moogulrajas
...after NATO invasion that's not Kosovo but Cocosovo...
Author: Nigrel
Author: Kigajin
Islam causing problems?? YOU DON'T SAY!!!
Author: Maurisar
cheerz everyone.
Author: Kazrabei
Питање не гласи: шта ће бити са Косовом, него шта ће бити са нама.
Author: Mazuhn
The US constitution does not allow states to secede. The former SFRJ republics were not only allowed to secede but also did the West no more recognise the continued existence of the sfrj at that point and thus the individual republics were now countries which the West recognised. Sloboland pretended itself to be the sole successor but the reality is that it wasn't recognised by the West until Milosevic was ousted. Georgia is already a country. The powerful decide, NOT you.
Author: Vikasa
I am not paid; you maybe. I am only stating facts that are recognised universally by the world. SO why aren't China and Russia doing anything? Because it isn't in their interests; also, they have struck a deal with the West.
Author: Zologul
Hitler killed people who were not aryan.
Author: Dujinn
But the truth is; Albania (backed by Saudi Arabia and Turkey) wants it all. Serbia's desire is being ignored because of the large Mohammadan population in Europe (politically, it can't be risked)
Author: Samucage
If Serbs do not defend their interest Serb history, culture, and people will be destroyed in the heartland, just like has happened in the rest of Albania. Next they will target Republic of Sprska, etc.
Author: Akinotilar
Serbia is a place full of nationalists, they see themselves as the head of former Yugoslavia: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo.. if they showed some sort COURTESY historically towards their neighbors, I might have reconsidered Kosovo's independence. BUT lets be fair: 90% of Kosovo's inhabitants are Albanian, and why would they want to be a part of greater Serbia when they are hated and frequently put down by Serbia's people...
Author: Arashinris
Author: Grorr
SFRJ never existed before 1945, when communists with support of English made, but Serbs where on Kosovo from before 9th century, so your entire construct i so weak that could only look plausible to someone who never heard of Serbia.
Author: Dajora
I agree. Dividing Kosovo would be the fair (and hopefully peaceful) way to approach this problem. Then people in non-majority areas should move to "their" respective areas (with some sort of EU allowance to help those who have to move)
Author: Zulular
Just look how they are provoking Russia by building missile "DEFENCE" systems around it.
Author: Zunris
@blackdreamhunk2 so it would have sense for you to find out something from their history before writting comments ;-)
Author: Dudal
Ако може бити реке без извора, биљке без корена или куће без темеља, онда може бити и Србије и Срба без Косова.
Author: Dogrel
@djaletrim What you talk about? we dont massacre anyone, this is just western propagand to start NATO war crime! Did you saw any evidance of these massacres, or if this is true,albanians can kill one Albanian village,put them in whole and said they were killed by Serbs, How much you need to have dead brain to trading with humman organs! And for real, Scotland want indenpendence why your Queen dont give them? Think about it, ! btw check this /watch?v=AO6p5Jvriew&feature=related
Author: Akinozahn
Milosevic mass killed people based on the same fascist principles while being much dumber in terms of geopolitics than a three-foot-tall child.
Author: Zular
Author: Samumi
Albanians never allowed religion to form their very identity. You have no idea what a patriot is.
Author: Tygogal
@xxwzaebd Kosovo was autonomous province under DIRECT COMMAND OF SERBIA ! That means Serbia had all power to control it cos it was part of out country and within Serbian borders. It wasnt SFRJ province as you say hell no. Greater Serbia had racial ideology LOL, you dude clearly don`t know shit so please go read some books, do some researches, learn Serbian and Yugoslavian history and than you`ll know what happened
Author: Gugis
@AzerChristians Wrong! Washington is a puppet to the Federal Reserve System. Oil and Defense Industry, such as Multinational Corporations they just support International Bankers to NWO. Americans are the main victims and slaves under this group of liars which organize criminal wars, economical crisis, supporting of terrorism to exploit it against human and civil rights, i.e. the Patriot Act, such as amendments on federal legislation against the Constitution and therefore against American people
Author: Jujar
@blackdreamhunk2 Somalia was their fail attempt to make a long campaign meant to enable them of building their base close to Russia. Other places were oil/ economy boosting campaigns. Just look at it this way- for each bullet shot- new one has to be there for reload. Who makes that ammo? Surely it doesn't create itself. For every bomb spent- the same. Spending it makes them gather both oil and create new work spaces which is equal to economy boosting.
Author: Moogusar
lol you are describing yourself as you speak of "history" in terms of deluded serbian mythos... the ottomans were one of a long line of visitors to the balkans preceded by western roman and byzantine empires and slav immigrants.. they are specks. the division between slavs came long long before the ottomans. whereas albanians scoff at any religion defining them, those slavs didnt simply accept christianity, they utterly emulated Inventing their identity along the way.
Author: Gardak
@xxwzaebd I am Serbian and i dont have to be payed to talk truth. History is widely remaked for the last 30-40y. Sorry but i don`t find you serious for any more conversation, you`r simply not competent to talk about things you don`t know or your guessing. I don`t know and i don`t care what deal they made, all i know is that you are wasting your time here with usseles wall of text. "Facts that are recognized univeresally by the world" are obscure lies came from USA, UK, Germany, France !
Author: Mazugar
@Veths Haha we have some here too :) And they litterally loot the state with their large broods , they pocket all sorts of benefits yet keep on commiting crimes like the one you mentioned .
Author: Ninos
@xXm3rgimXx primitive, lol, recommend u to dont generalise people, because people are not same, and u cant be same as ur brother, or father, neighbor, get it, so grow up!
Author: Arazahn
Author: Gogal
Author: Faegul
serbs abandoned what is now known as kosovo... it had no meaning to them, they went to defend their "Home" and that home was not kosovo. how interesting that you say they fought to the last man..yet there were "survivors"
Author: Kacage
Author: Goltill
Serbs left Kosovo in order to live in mainland Serbian towns as urbanisation went on. This is a well-documented fact. What is emptied is filled with something else. As such, the Kosovans followed the natural rule of survival of the fittest, Milosevic's knowledge of gepopolitics was far below that of a three-foot-tall child. The international world decides where international borders are.
Author: Zulkiran
And you should stfu because I see how well is USA keeping the "tolerance" nowadays. They killed thousands and ruined the homes of millions outside the Europe, bullied the Serbia and Serbs in Bosnia and also bombed civilian structures worldwide.
Author: Fenrishakar
Author: Diramar
Author: Shaktihn
@seseljsrs OH wow, the daily mail
Author: Samuzuru
@AzerChristians its not islamisation...its destabilising any potential opponents to western neoliberal capitalist ways...
Author: Grokazahn
Тражили сте - гледајте.
Author: Aramuro
Can you comprehend the fact that hungarian army traveled THROUGH serbia to fight in what is now known as kosovo...and not a one serb showed up?
Author: Kibar
And yes California, Arizona, Texas belongs to Mexico we all know how USA got it !
Author: JoJogami
But this does not justify Milosevic's evil deeds which were by no means different than the slaughters committed by Hitler ,Karl Marx and Gim Il Seong,
Author: Zolomi
Author: Taugrel
"Colonial puppet regime installed and financed by the US/EU"
Author: Femuro
@Peristerygr I doubt that 100% of people in one country is of ONE religion, and I DON'T support THEOCRACY, regardless WHAT religion it is as RELIGION is ALWAYS used by profiteers and mankind just can't handle the truth. Islam was founded on words of a pedophile Mohammad, piss be upon him, who fucked 8 yr old Aisha. Thus, Islam is of EVIL, and many Imams have proven their POLITICAL nature rather than RELIGIOUS nature. So, hell to Islam and thus, hell to Kosovo's claim of independence. Cheers !
Author: Telmaran
@blackdreamhunk2 You don't get it, don't you? Not all muslims are jihad freaks, it's the USA that makes them act that way. Now talking about the "states"... More than 50% of their country is owned by Israel. Now I'm gonna simplify- jews own the USA -> USA attacks all the muslim countries and even puts brother blood spilling war in every piece of this world = global economy failing -> makes the jews capable to control everyone with their stinky gold. I could go on if there was no limit.
Author: Tur
What history? Milosevic wanted to create a "greater serbia" by forcibly annexing parts of the former republics which were Serb-inhabited. This was against the international world since it only recognised the borders of the former republics as per the Badinter conventions. While the SFRJ was a bad communist dictatorship, it was recognised by the world while Sloboland wasn't by the West. Serbia became an independent republic in 2006.
Author: Arashim
What are you talking about?
Author: Zolorn
cant change the FACT that Serbia has been and IS the only common denominator across all of the problems in the balkans.
Author: Gardalabar
these days it seems that everything violent that happens has the potential to start another world war
Author: Tojasida
@Voblatheriba "A Serbian film" is a shame for Serbian cinematography and is/will be treated as such.
Author: Darisar
Spreading propaganda is illegal, and not a funny thing to do. Get yourself together, fucking idiot.
Author: Dibei
Conclusion : this is EXACTLY how Islamatization of EU works: 1) immigration by any means 2) when enough of them, they claim to be an independent country or else they terrorize. 3) They seek outsiders' help from afar who got nothing to lose e.g. Albania,Saudi & US.
Author: Mizahn
Author: Tojataur
@salamanderjood Just to say- they didn't lose any money by using depleted uranium bombs on Serbia- they actually obtained more by emptying their storages and providing new jobs in weapon production part of their economy. Not to mention that their plan was and still IS to make Kosovo their new military base (again provoking the Russia).
Author: Ketaur
read that sentence as many times as you need to.
Author: Faern
good lord... go find your mom and dad, show them what you wrote...if they have any love for you at all they will smack the crap out of you for being such an idiot.
Author: Yojind
Dojo Hideki mass killed people who were not Japanese.
Author: Vudomi
Or is Western Poland part of Germany because it belonged to the Germans for a long time? Or does Alaska belong to Russia? Or does California belong to Mexico? Korea ,which has a far longer history than Serbia, gave up Manchuria forever in order to keep good relations with other countries such as China. Korea,Germany, and US are all first world advanced countries, unlike Serbia. Learn from these people. They are much more proficcient in geopolitics than you-thus live better and are stronger.
Author: Shaktigrel
@Nikopolis1912 serbia belongs to kosovo
Author: Daizil
@LjubishaSrb What I meant to say is that Serbian politics are messed up from what i can see. It reminds me of 1990s Russia but with UN involvement.
Author: Daigore
расизм = больше экстремистской
Author: Malkree
Oh well, this one thing that people just dont get it..The west and Russia sit down at UN for couple of hours, shuffle through daily routine and at night they party and bang lingerie models. UN never wants peace in this region, it benefits them regardless the human casualties. This has nothing to do with Serbs and Albanians. Just like Sudan, Ethiopia, etc. Crisis on regions like this, its cashing in for UN members specially (uk,us,&russia).
Author: Zulukasa
Author: Nikom
*Serbs already blockaded both sides of the checkpoints as expected*. Who thinks Serbia & Russia will just give up on multi-billion strategic interests tied to EU membership and the South Stream after 2 states withdrew recognition of Kosovo two weeks ago?????
Author: Nele
I HATE FUC*IN AMERICA!!! One day they will get weak, and then, my Serbian brothers, we will fight for Kosovo again...
Author: Yozil
fk you if you are too blind to see. Live in your free world until you and your family get neck-cut by some "jihad" muslim or USA owning jew.
Author: Yozshuhn
@salamanderjood right now, western europeans are in deep sleep. Your people support judeo-liberal regime called EU. Anyway we Serbs support real Europeans, and many of our diaspora are active members of european opposition parties.
Author: Meziktilar
Author: Duramar
there was another battle for kosovo 50 years later ...and SERBS WERE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND,
Author: Tetilar
spare me your desperate verbal vomit and answer that. it PRECIPITATED EVERYTHING.
Author: Fauzragore
Albanian Kosovars want all of it; the Serbs living in Kosovo were not consulted.
Author: Tagore
Author: Mezigis
@GamerRangerX no, everything is not so. US and its allies devided Serbia and occupied a part of it (Kosovo). They did almost the same in Iraq. They are doing almost the same in Libya. And the next country they want to destroy is Syria. If the wrolds will continue indifferent to observe it then the list of destroyed countries will increase.
Author: Takus
@CARMINEOWNZ I heard that Romas claim the whole EU to be theirs too ! LOL.... sounds just like what you are claiming or justifying ...... LOL.. That's why this must be settled by your lives and your love ones... unfortunately, so that your children will NEVER claim "this is MY land" ever again. OK? Don't worry, there are 72 eight year old virgins waiting for you in hell, aka Mohammad ( Piss be upon him )'s playground.
Author: Tole
@seseljsrs Well firstly, you don't have to be a dick about it. I know technically, it is and will always be a Serbian province. I only wish that there was a way to ensure that Serbia's territorial integrity remains intact, but I don't see that happening without a full-scale war.
Author: Karan
if i were an alien i would call us barbarians
Author: Faera
maybe the Un should lay claim to Kosovo so no more fghting ! if the Un owns it then nobody can own it lol
Author: Moogulmaran
@xxwzaebd Slobodan M. was not killing people in Kosovo because they are different.He killed an armed KLA members.By mode KLA and Al Qaeda makes no difference.You bite propaganda.It is absurd to spend time convincing to you.NATO has illegally bombed and invaded the sovereign territory of Serbia.Bill Clinton and Tony Blair are war criminals. JNA in Iraq? Serbia is not a country that invades other countries and draw their resources.We fought against the Ottomans,Austro-Hungarian,Hitler and NATO.
Author: Galmaran
didn't the Balkan countires start world war 1? I think they need to become " tolerance" .
Author: Akinolrajas
sorry I don't know the history of Kosovo or Serbia, I just know they have been fighting a lot.
Author: Samum
В конечном счете мировая война
Author: Dar
it's good people are trying to keep violence at bay.
Author: Tura
@TheDusanSystem Well, if the politicians want problems, let them grab a gun and see how far it gets them. The problem we have are people who fight for the wrong cause. I got out of the U.S. Army, because I saw something wrong in Iraq. They are not our enemies, they are our brothers and sisters. Humanity must wake the fuck up!
Author: Taurisar
islamic extremist have no better friend in europe than serbs.
Author: Gami
Тамо нам је рођено и створено све што нас чини народом и државом.
Author: Tojaktilar
what are you babbling about... serbia is great friends with all islamic nutjobs from saddam to gaddafi to ahmadinejad etc.. theyve all tasted the sweet kiss of "proud" christian serb leadership for decades.
Author: Toshakar
STOP ISLAMATIZATION OF EU ! .......... by supporting Serbia and TOPPLE Saudi Kingdom which exports ALL this shit and root of EVIL, i.e. ISLAM. Washington is only a puppet to the OIL & Defense Industry.
Author: Zolorn
The Great Spirit does not make do. This gang turf mentality is stupid. Fight for a small piece of land, then what? Die? What kind of life is that?
Author: Tygozahn
here are my personal views
Author: Dogul
The only possibility left now is to accept the increased autonomy for the Kosovan Serbs in Northern Kosovo as partition is no more considered an option. ICJ has already ruled that Kosovan independence is not illegal; neither Russia nor China will do anything, let alone shed a single drop of blood there. It was Putin who ordered Milosevic to step down and pulled back the small "forces" which were stationed by Yeltsin.
Author: Goll
no one has lreaned any thing from world war 1
Author: Tojanos
@Voblatheriba O really? Is it than avatar a film that reflects the political situation in the USA. Army-controlled by corporations, destroys nations around the world and steals their resources? Serbian film is funded by the Serb-haters. Serbian film industry has produced many films, Serbian film is a successful psychological horor . You need the education.
Author: Sam
Marx killed 100 million people via means such as artificially induced famine who had money, real estate or had education.
Author: Nedal
Serbs in their Native-Kosovo must continue to resist the Albanian invaders who swarmed Europe from the caucasus mountains driven by the Ottomans.
Author: Malamuro
@Olga32555 If you can't win join them. And US joined with terrorists. ;)
Author: Negul
Author: Arami
больше ненависти = больше насилия
Author: Daramar
Author: Tekus
Author: Kadal
Author: Mocage
bosnia and kosovo are the same exact same things...the only difference is the propaganda serbs employ to justify and excuse there barbarity.
Author: Shakasho
@xxwzaebd Serbs left Kosovo becouse they were under Albanian pressure for long time in their own country. Tito refused to punish Albanians for the sake brotherhood and unity. I dont have to remind you that after WW2 Tito forbiden any serbian familiy who left or been driven out from Kosovo to come back. Albanians had their papers, freedom of speech, schools in one word everything while on the other hand Serbs were those who were being molested and abussed.
Author: Faerisar
The international law is trampled again. KFOR and EULEX openly support illegal actions of albanians for contorl of customs check-points. And by the way according UN resolution 1244 SERBIAN customs and police MUST BE BACK in Kosovo. KFOR and EULEX are criminals and occupants.
Author: Mezisar
Author: Vijas
man you europeans don't how to get a long. You people need to go look up the word " tolerance" instead of Intolerance!
Author: Shaktill
@blackdreamhunk2 If to say about starting ww1, Austro-Hungary attacked Serbia. The formal occasion was a bosnian serb killed austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. But that serb was a citizen of Austro-Hungaru.
Author: Vukasa
Communist Tito made province of Kosovo and gave it autonomy form Serbia after 1945 so Kosovo never existed before that. So Milosevic took nothing away just annulled communist legacy.
Author: Mezitaxe
Author: Tujin
Is there any news wich isen't biased today.
Author: Vuran
@blackdreamhunk2 They are albanian people leaving in province off Kosovo witch is a part of Serbia, simple to understand ;)
Author: Malazuru
@TheDusanSystem That's the problem...they're poisoned, and detox isn't available on a wide enough scale...yet. They are waking up, slowly. It's getting to a point where the people will rise up and overthrow this failing system, but it will take time to organize and plan a proper change.
Author: Zolok
There can never be "peace" without "justice" therein lies the conundrum. What is "peace" to one is oppression to another. What is "justice" to one is not justice to another.
Author: Maujin
any dialogue is between the republic of kosova and the republic of serbia... serbia does not have "a say" in anything internal to kosova.
Author: Yogal
Circumcision? (I'm not Jewish or Muslim)
Author: Nikonos
where serbs tried to steal it all and kosovo serbs enjoyed being on top of a new apartheid foodchain.
Author: Moogugami
Kick Islam and Christianity out of the world, not just the EU. They are the most evil ideologies ever made up by dwelling goat herders. Civilization has no place for this shit.
Author: Vujas
Author: Kajizilkree
Political situation in Serbia can be described accurately in few words , what we have now is
Author: Maull
Kosovo is a model to all Muslims
Author: Grokree
Watch "Weight of Chains" movie.
Author: Nikotaur
Author: Zologul
Suck on that, virgin serbin cocksuckers. Still sucking Russia's dick for a little hope, fucking faggot nationalists still livin in dreams. Fuck off, inhuman fuckers!
Author: Kazahn
Author: Doura
Author: Dagrel
lol, albanians were still fighting long after serbs gave in.
Author: Mulkree
The "reporter" from NYC lacks fluency>
Author: Samujinn
But we can't wait for you forever.Real Europeans may be to die in a EU dream and what was their dream becomes a nightmare.
Author: Tugar
На крају светски рат
Author: Kazigami
silly rt, propaganda doesnt work.
Author: Kazicage
''A Serbian Film" accurately portrays the political situation is Serbia.
Author: Kajilmaran
and there is no Kosovo...
Author: Vular
the only common denominator across all of the violence in the past few decades in the balkans across all ethnic, religious and political lines have been serbs.
Author: Douzuru
rusia today special in english that is fake prapaganda ,intrest.on soviet union .mariana you are the most fake scam please tell the truth....
Author: Vorr
@blackdreamhunk2 probably somebody decided for them they can't get along....The destiny of the Balkan people was always defined out of Balkans. Did not you notice it?
Author: Goramar
@janustinus If they support terrorists it means they are the same: say me who is your friend and i will say who are you.

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