Global Average Temperature Rising About 3x Faster Over Land Than Water

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Author: JoJotaur
+0.165 surface/air global warming: ENSO-neutral years 1970-2013
Author: Shajas
Could you provide a chart that compares the rising temperatures next to global average lows?
Author: Basida
Please donate at for my no-nonsense climate system work and videos.
Author: Tozilkree
From the chart below, you can see climate has very little to do with extinction so far.
Author: Tuzuru
Paul, your observations on RCP 8.5. Is it a realistic scenario and if not, why not? Also what do you think about the nuclear power option when many countries in wake of Fukushima are saying no?
Author: Tekinos
The top 20% of earners consume 70% of all emissions says Anderson.
Author: Meztigar
I wonder if McPherson and others are correct that when human civilization collapses, nuclear power plants, left unattended, will go critical and explode. Because if that happens, I think it will likely rip the atmosphere right off of Earth and it will become another Mars. Bummer, it's all over and if you don't believe in life on other worlds, then there's good reason to be depressed, I guess.
Author: Baramar
In Northern Queensland has had a stalled Monsoon for a week, with the costal regions getting 1000mm+
Author: Doujar
Thanks again, Paul :-)
Author: Kejora
Author: Dakazahn
We need to take carbon out of the atmosphere..carbon draw down.... We need another kind of "Manhattan Project" to do this.... We need to gather our scientists and engineers to do this.......... Can we do this? I believe we are dangerously complacent.
Author: Kazidal
Author: Tygozilkree
James Hansen also said that we have to focus on new nuclear tech to get energy by cleaning up all the nuclear waste the MIC left us. The US has 300 years worth of power they can get by cleaning up nuclear waste. James even enlisted some of the world's most renowned biologists to write a letter asking green NGOs to stop their opposition to nuclear power. They said no. The reason they said no is because too much of their funding comes from anti-nuclear sentiment. This happened when Fukushima happened and the Green Peace guy in Europe was flying back and forth to work each day.
Author: Tuzragore
Thank you for your service to our humanity.
Author: Dokree
Squirrels in the attic Paul? Don't tell the altright.
Author: Tauzshura
Runaway Science Fraud
Author: Moogule
Your shit is getting awesome
Author: Mezik
Runaway mass extinction will begin by 2030-2040.
Author: Faejas
Social media conditions us for addiction to ideology.
Author: Zulur
The reason this is so easy is because while 70% of Yanks are concerned about climate change, 60% of Yanks won't pay more than $10/month to fix it. Elites want to appear to be working for change while trying to limit change overall. When the Rothschild president of France cut taxes to billionaires and raised fuel taxes, the rural poor rose up in revolt. This is because rural poverty is much, much more difficult than urban poverty. I spent years studying both. I spent 20 years making a homeless newspaper in Toronto and I published a study on rural poverty in Bancroft, Ontario for my wife, who is a street nurse. Rural poverty is why we have Trump. People know the earth isn't flat, they want to avoid higher energy costs.
Author: Goltilar
Author: Doushicage
I need a drink
Author: Goltigrel
+0.23 surface/air global warming: El Nino years 1990-2013 (sparse data though)
Author: Malataur
I have just turned 90 and after retiring from the business world 35 years ago decided to study climate change, so my approach was uniquely different to that being taught in universities, it was the work done on shortwave radio by john h nelson that opened the door to the sun for me, mainstream scientists have been pondering the drought problem ever since it was mentioned in the bible over 2 thousand years ago and because of their peer review system of acceptance are no further advanced in the science than was the case back then. it is by definition a whole new discipline, being so then where are the peer reviewers going to come from, if in their view the science does not as yet exist?
Author: Mezinos
Once mass extinction reaches a tipping point, it cannot be stopped or reversed.
Author: Nitilar
In my response to a trivially-simple question of somebody below I listed the separate global warming rates since 1960 for El Nino, La Nina & ENSO-neutral years that I plotted on a large sheet of graph paper in 2014. The El Nino years are absolutely definitely warming faster than the La Nina & ENSO-neutral years for the reason explained by scientists that I give below.
Author: Moogubar
If everywhere else is warmer except the United States what does that tell you.
Author: Tojazil
Ideology is an addiction says Gabor Mate, an addiction expert.
Author: Kigal
they raised it from 1750 to 1850 to 1920? Why is it allowed to just say don't worry since 1880, we are only 1.27 higher, instead of telling the world, we already passed 1.5 Oil Scientific advisors study showed would happen if we didn't stop the CO2 rises. They were silenced by bankers out of Greed.
Author: Sashura
Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me!
Author: Tokasa
This has never happened before......The permafrost means exposure to methane....This is bad, bad, bad.......As you would well know, more than I... I believe this is one of our Extinction Events......As this eventually becomes Carbon Dioxide..
Author: Nikorisar
The Sun and electro magnetism is the biggest driving force of climate change. Humans try to mimic it with H.A.A.R.P.
Author: Dihn
The Vomitorium
Author: Fauzilkree
Some say we have as little as 12 years....others a hundred......I don't believe anyone has come up with an equation to deal with the exponentials and tipping points....We get a 3rd molecule of Carbon Dioxide for every two that get released.....
Author: Gurg
Please donate at for my no-nonsense climate system work and videos.
Author: Kigalkis
They predicted 100 years without drastic change, we reached it in 50.
Author: Dogor
Nothing practical to be done.
Author: Vudojinn
It is ideology that prevents people from accepting 100% private carbon taxes.
Author: Tomuro
Elites think they can avoid the consequences of their greedy beliefs by hiding in New Zealand or somewhere. Did I say beliefs? Yes, because that's what this all comes down to. Everybody believes in God, love and money, and they all believe they know the best way to them. We will never agree on God and love, but we still have the technology to agree on money.
Author: Daisida
No Buts!
Author: Migal
Now Professor, I know very little about climate change, compared to your learned self... however, I do know Squirrels......Those little buggers will chew through your wiring, and insulation, boards, and you name it...Very destructive little critters.... You can buy humane catch and release traps or hire a pest control person, but get on this before they destroy your home....And stop their entry... Usually a tree to close to the house, where they scale up ......They are unbelievable destructive....I am not sure how much time we have, but if nothing else, we should be able to stop your squirrel invasion.......
Author: Shaktigrel
Your not still flogging "THAT " dead horse Paul Beckwith, might I be so bold as to ask you " WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVE?" why don't you get a proper honest job!
Author: Nenos
This was such a good idea that Bernie Sanders put a stop to it by sponsoring a bill that says the US government will steal 40% of any future carbon taxes in a bill sponsored by Sanders and Barbara Box. This was promoted by Bill McKibben, a media whore.
Author: Feshicage
Then there's the Juvenile Junky Ecosystem, which is a whole industry that shuffles juvey junkies between school, jail, hospitals and courts. The apex predators are the lawyers and doctors followed by nurses, social workers, cops etc. These people are not bad, they just don't understand what they're actually doing.
Author: Kigalkree
I'm thinking when there's no summer sea ice in the Arctic, we'll really get the full impact of climate change, climate change on steroids.
Author: Fezil
Author: Dot
First again, notify squad is failing.
Author: Faurisar
That chart was on the cover of the new york post today.
Author: Fenrigis
A big thanks to Paul for his time and efforts but all these and millions of other discussions about climate remind me of a comment made by a journalist about the public reaction to the Michael Jackson sex scandal, ‘This food is terrible, and there’s not enough of it’.
Author: Kagataur
The only thing that might give us a chance, is if 90% got raptured, toot sweet.
Author: Mijora
GSM, But, But, But, But, But, But, But?
Author: Maunos
Several economists told James Hansen that this will unite the left and right to reduce emissions the fastest way possible.
Author: Tojaramar
Again in Western Michigan we are getting cycles of snow and rain. Last summer we had a record warm spell never seen before . A 2 week period of near 90’s along with one day that almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit! I have fear that the only chance we will have is to slow the process. I think human extinction is still up in the air but civilization is very unlikely to survive past 80 years.
Author: Akinobei
Were in the Extinctocene . Probably have been for a while now . But since 2010 we have with out doubt entered it . A new Epoch of our creation .
Author: Voodook
Once runaway hothouse climate change is started, it cannot be stopped or reversed.
Author: Vigis
BP says that fossil demand will increase 10% by 2030 and fossil emissions will go up 15% more.
Author: Mikanos
Bernie Sanders and Elon Musk will not save us and people are too addicted to socialism to accept that.
Author: Golkree
If fossil emissions do not go down 50% in 10 years, earth will enter runaway hothouse mass extinction.
Author: Mekasa
Hans Schellnhuber says runaway hothouse earth will be triggered between 1.5 and 2.0 C.
Author: Mikanris
This is cause of wind turbines drying mist please save animals, stop wind turbine production .
Author: Tut
So we're about 5 years away before all hell breaks loose.
Author: Dourr
+0.20 surface/air global warming: El Nino years 1966-1990
Author: Milkis
the brutial winters in scotland apeare to be moderating, our 6/7 month winters are a thing of the past,
Author: Zulmaran
When you show the 2018 Seasonal Anomaly map at the 11:00 mark, the June, July Aug quarter is very cold. WTF? We are talking 'Anomalies". Why the anomalous cold? I've got a theory. Check out the boiling point of methane hydrates.
Author: Kegami
So when ? (not if) human die off becomes exponential and we could see a rapid die off of humans in terms of 2 billion or more people say in 1 1/2 years or less in a hot environment where there likely wouldn't be social order enough to bury the dead as war and chaos rule how much more would this extra methane release accelerate our extinction?
Author: Tygozragore
There is a good reason temperatures are rising faster over land. Its called heat islands. ALL of the sensors are inside cities and the cement and building materials are trapping heat near the sensors. THAT is why the temperature changes you see are all fake.
Author: Faukree
No it's trivially obvious. Here are the numbers I put together a couple of years back:
Author: Maull
Prof Paul
Author: Mazugal
Taxing the 10% of earners until they earn an average European wage will reduce emissions 30% says Anderson.
Author: Mikalkree
Bees are going away ?
Author: Faule
COP24 is 24 years years old, during which time CO2 emissions rose from 360 ppm to 405 ppm.
Author: Vudotaxe
If you grew up in a large family, are of reproductive age and want a large family of your own, please reconsider and don't. It may turn out to be adult child cruelty.
Author: Necage
degrees / decade
Author: Dum
Here is a link to a video that explains peak tech:
Author: Arashirn
The idiots that talk about grand solar minimum fail to realize it is a slow moving cycle. If grand solar minimum was going to cause an ice age, we should be getting colder already.
Author: Goltiktilar
Hey, did you ever watch that episode of Star Trek The Next Generation where Captain Picard passes out on the bridge? It's called Inner Light, I think. So anyway, there's this dying civilization and they know that they are dying. Because they wish to be remembered, they create sort of a technological probe or device that causes Captain Picard to relive that civilization's last decades as one of them. Meanwhile, he's passed out on the bridge of the Enterprise for like 15 minutes.
Author: Akigrel
And as Columbo used to say... Just one more thing......
Author: Gardabei
The earth is heating up very quickly from what your charting and if that temperatures graph continues upward at that slope we will have summers being in the 100's on a more consecutive days in a row. It looks so bleak for this next decade.
Author: Shakami
Squirrels are a pain when they get into your attic! Sounds like a bunch of horses. I had to get Boomer to evict them. He won't stand for rodents in the house. He strikes fear in their hearts. Lol
Author: Ararr
But humans don't care.
Author: Mular
Here is a link to a video that explains how science fraud is replacing science fact:
Author: Shakagal
Once started mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed.
Author: Vukree
The focus on indicators of impending and delicious extinction prevents us from considering another possibility and it is that Nature, the Universe or God, if you prefer, is a step ahead of us in ‘taking action’ to prevent complete extinction. In its final stage it would not be a pretty sight but since when did the Universe care about hurting anyone’s feelings? The question we could ask ourselves is how would the Universe go about eliminating roughly seven billion humans without running the risk of killing off all life?
Author: Vosida
The Politics of Climate Change Cory Morningstar connects the dots on corporate funding of green activism and what it means. Cory's main focus is corporate greenwash. How corporations fund climate activism to limit action by defining the media narrative. This is why we need 100% private carbon tax dividends to fund a universal basic income worldwide. The 2015 Paris Agreement was brought to us by the Rockefellers (cease eye rolling and focus). The Paris deal is ineffective because elites wanted it that way. They made a big deal of it to limit our expectations for change.
Author: Nile
Author: Daim
I don't think that any of this had to happen. We've had effective birth control and likely Nikola Tesla like abundant clean energy for decades. So embarrassing for humanity because it shouldn't be ending like this. I suppose that we are deeply genetically flawed.
Author: Meztigal
hope you can do more videos quicklier
Author: Doukora
Nobody in the world knows when that tipping point is, but we are very, very close.
Author: Goltinos
My solution to this dilemma is to denominate 100% carbon tax dividends as a new world currency in carbon credits, followed up with an international standard for wealth taxation. By accounting for every cent on earth and banishing all tax havens we can harmonize national economies with world goals. James Hansen's 100% private tax dividends was studied by economists, and they said that those dividend would unite the left and right and provide the most efficient path forward to incentivizing carbon reductions. He was shunned by liberal elites for saying this.
Author: Tazahn
By 2025 oil production will increase 1 million barrels/day every year increasing oil demand by 7 million barrels/day.
Author: Brat
Stefan Rahmstorf says we must reduce fossil use 100% in 20 years to avoid 2.0 C.
Author: Tygocage
Desr Dr. Beckwith, how seriously do climate scientists take the Maunder minimum?
Author: Mejinn
Professor Paul, it seems the feed backs are exponentially increasing multiple factors dominating the equation...dominating the heating process really.. The more sea ice melting, the more increase to Carbon Dioxide to the air...the more temperature rise.. the more, the more , the more.......
Author: Jull
The reason is that the tropical Atlantic has warmed and this has increased the intensity of the trade winds by 50% in under 30 years, average speed has increased by 1 m/s 1990-2013. Apparently, it started in 1990.
Author: Zolobei
Human Beings have very little time left on Planet Earth, The rate of Climate Destruction is Speeding up Exponentially, the Climate Change Tipping Point is already here, the next decade will see runaway temperatures, already NYC no longer experiences snow in the Winter time, it was 65 degrees in NYC a few days ago in early February, they are cooking the Planet, Human Life will be a thing of the past by Year 2030 unless we see a complete halt in fossil fuels over the next 2 years and transition fully to Renewables, we need a Global Green New Deal, no more fossie fuel usage, major cities are seeing Sea Levels increasing at a rapid pace, in the next 5 years we could start to see large patches of NYC and Miami sinking under water, the entire Jet Stream has now collapsed and people in NYC are wearing shorts in the winter time.
Author: Kilmaran
ENSO-neutral years (middling between La Nina & El Nino) are 1970, 1972, 1979, 1981, 1986, 1988, 1990, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2013
Author: Voodooran
Enjoy today, because we won't see another yesterday for another 350,000 years...
Author: Kigrel
+0.11 global oceans average warming from surface to 750 m depth
Author: Torr
Adelaide had its hottest day in 1938 till now 46.1c. In the last 20 years up until 2018, the next top 12 hottest days where recorded (Kent Town). But in 2019 a few weeks ago (24 jan) it got to 47.4c, Adelaide’s new hottest day ever.
Author: Goltigal
Anything that might disrupt the current course of "civilization" is GOOD - it's just unfortunate that climate won't be able to do it. That means we face a really nasty economic situation AND WW3 within a decade or so. I'd love to think that we could avoid that by an "outside" threat like climate that could get humans to seriously change how they live, but it's not going to happen. Climate is just going to be used as an excuse to tax us more and make the economic crisis worse - without having any effect on the outcome.
Author: Kagakasa
Go all the way back and scare the hell out of us.
Author: Durisar
We need to be less arrogant in believing we have the ability to render the Universe pointless. It will do whatever is needed to correct our ways.
Author: Dukora
The quickest way this will happen is if carbon taxes are 100% private with 0% share for corporations and governments.
Author: Shakashura
Author: Goltikree
It appears we have past many tipping points.... We are absorbing more radiation in the summer..... Not going to be summer sea ice soon, and that progresses to fall open waters...No more massive ice grows....All tipping points....Many consequences.....
Author: Dagore
Author: Brakazahn
+0.14 global oceans average surface/air warming
Author: Vudogore
My area has seen record temps of -40 degrees this week. Why should people listen to person claiming to be an expert on the weather yet is not capable of fixing the leaks in his own roof?
Author: Mashura
Livestock and agriculture are responsible for 80% of species extinction.
Author: Shaktirn
I think McPherson's extinction started getting noticed about 2012? And in 6 years its grown from derision to just an inescapable realization and is now truly a torrent of comments. Like climate change graphs! I have been on board since the mid '90's but sitting here tonite the reality of it is just now getting to my heart and gut. Palpable gut level physiological fear. Its hard to keep your wits about you and remain functional.
Author: Grotilar
This anti-nuclear sentiment is understandable, but nuclear waste doesn't clean itself, and we're losing the expertise to do it. Even now, engineers do not know how to build the Apollo Saturn rocket because the skill sets are gone now.
Author: Dogrel
Reply to "nespith" below who had an actual interesting question. "I wish instead of playing these pre industrial tempature games we would just talk about what the actual temperature we are talking about and what actual temperature we are trying to avoid".
Author: Maukasa
Elites want us to believe that we can fight oil dollar wars and save the planet with 'green energy'. This is absurd. They underplay the climate threat and overplay green energy so they can continue to protect their hidden dollar assets. But this effort is confounded by the fact money isn't paper, it's an electronic accounting entry based on war profiteering.
Author: Got
Looks like planet earth needs to be moved into a new orbit around the sun. Farther away than it is at present. But we don't have that kind of technology. The only thing that might move earth outward farther from the sun into a wider orbit would be an impact by a comet and that would do more damage than good. No solution. How far would earth have to be from the sun to lower the temperature of our planet? Just a thought. And I am sure most would think this very amusing. But seriously, either we get out the methane bursts and CO2 excess or put mirrors out there in orbit to deflect the sunlight or paint every rooftop and road surface bright white!
Author: Disida
Thank you for the enormous amount of work you do for all of us donation on its way. The picture you paint is terrifying, because the reality is terrifying it cannot be a task that treats you well, please take care of yourself. (squirrels might be an interesting set of lodgers but I hope you are able to dissuade them from taking permanent residence. I am sure they will not be the only wildlife investigating our homes as food becomes scarce and temperatures whiplash)
Author: Yokree
I spent my whole adult life watching rich liberals live off the avails of poverty and misery. When the Canadian government gave a billion dollars to deal with homelessness, most of that money went to rich liberals, not the poor. That money would have been much better spent giving the money directly to the poor.
Author: Tojat
Thank You Paul, Alway,S Learning From Your Video,S.
Author: Metilar
Paul, can you explain the linkage between marine and terrestrial food webs? If life dies in the oceans, what impact will that have on land life forms?
Author: Tojasida
Last year (2018) was the 4th warmest year, following behind El Niño influenced years 2015 (3rd), 2016 (1st), and 2017 (2nd). An El Niño may develop this year (65% chance) but is not likely to be super-strong, like that in 2015 and 1998. Since 1970, average global temperatures are rising an average 0.17 degrees C per decade, but that slope is increasing. Rise over the land (0.27 C per decade) is almost 3X faster than that over the ocean (0.10 C per decade). Land at high latitudes gets a double whammy, due to polar temperature amplification.
Author: Goltile
Paul, Thanks So much for your videos. I listen to them daily or whenever you have new ones. I feel alone like this ship is going down and no else on media really sees it . I find comfort knowing that you see what is happening. I hope we can make a change to save our planet mother earth and it’s beautiful environment and beautiful creatures. I am less worried about humans extinction becuz it seems humans have caused a lot of suffering to the creatures of this beautiful living planet.... but thanks for your videos, LUV YOUR VIDEOS...Bless you.... (& your cats ;-)
Author: Zolocage
If energy demand does not increase over the next 10 years, the financial system will collapse.
Author: Mooguzragore
Paul could you do a methane specific video please looking at the current releases across the globe ? 
Author: Taucage
Socialist Non Governmental Organizations want that carbon tax money and will say and do anything to get it.
Author: Akik
james hansen paid alot of money by the nuclear cartel,, i a e a n r c nuke regulatory commision.. the deadliest form of power known to man,causing cancer and many other thousands of human illnesses.. fukushima ongoing radiation globally..
Author: Nikogami
Is the Maunder minimum part of the general GSM phenomenon, or Is it something quite separate?
Author: Nikoshura
Author: Vudojora
I'm still interested in knowing what causes el nino.
Author: Arashidal
Average temperature anomaly for land can be measured far more accurately than average temperature (oceans much easier to get an accurate average temperature but average temperature anomaly is still even more accurate). For example, you can easily measure average annual temperature at one spot such as your garden, just record temperature each hour for a year and average it. But suppose you want to get average annual temperature for a region 500 km x 500 km. You can't maintain a thermometer every 1 km for the region, that's 250,000 thermometers. So you measure a few spots and average by area. Suppose over a decade they trended up +0.285, +0.279, +0.288, +0.268, +0.282, +0.285, +0.274, +0.276. Obviously, you can average that warming anomaly by area and get the warming for the entire 500 km x 500 km region to 2-3 decimal digits and obviously you also know the average annual temperature at those particular spots where the thermometers are accurately. But temperature decreases with elevation (called "atmospheric lapse rate") so if there are hills & valleys in that 500 km x 500 km region then the temperatures are all over the place (colder on hill tops) so it's a huge task to figure out the actual temperature for land and it can never be as accurate as the temperature anomaly. With the anomaly method it's unaffected by hills & valleys because if measured spots for the region are warming (or cooling) then it's obvious that hills & valleys in the region are warming (or cooling) by the same amount within a tiny fraction of 1 degree when it's averaged over lots of time like a few years, as you see from my example anomaly measurements above. It's the same thing for WG2 effects. Scientists study the situation with present temperature and with increased temperature. For example when I was doing some engineering work at Sydney IOS/DFO (Canada) I browsed their charts and noted that they found Fraser River salmon have population decline as Fraser River temperature rises and at ~+1.0 degrees are essentially extinct. So they reported a temperature anomaly. Obviously, they can't have an actual temperature for all flora & fauna because for temperate forests & tropical forests & all flora & fauna their present actual temperatures that they like are going to be all over the place. Present actual average ocean temperature is 16 degrees, present actual average land temperature is 9 degrees but it's impractical for that to be calculated accurately to within 2+ decimal places like the average annual temperature anomalies can now easily be done.
Author: Aragami
I wish instead of playing these pre industrial tempature games we would just talk about what the actual temperature we are talking about and what actual temperature we are trying to avoid.
Author: Kami
The Rockefellers have been corrupting academia and healthcare for 100 years. Socialist fantasies are 100 years old. Feminism is 100 years old. There isn't going to be a revolutionary victory over our oppressors worldwide for another 100 years. Grow up, get real, get to work. Do what's right for everyone and be rational about it.
Author: Arashigal
Thank you for all your efforts Paul.
Author: Dasar
While it may not go to Venus, it will be a living hell because we are heading into a mass extinction.
Author: Goltidal
El Nino years are 1969, 1973, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1987, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010
Author: Kashura
The shallow waters of the Siberian Arctic Coast warms up in summer now ice free in summer...This begins to thaw out the sea bed perma frost before the last ice age...
Author: Kara
Our whole way of life is based on the idea that North America is the land of plenty. So have at her. Get rich raping the land and hide your money from taxes overseas. What's the point in taxing the rich if you can't find their money? Right now America's dollar is based on oil security. They spend a trillion bucks per year protecting oil and the dollar. When Venezuela threatened to sell oil in anything but the dollar, the Yanks went after him.
Author: Kagara
Interesting that land temperatures are rising faster than ocean temperatures but the oceans have absorbed much more heat.
Author: Doura
+0.18 surface/air global warming
Author: Nikokasa
i am so thank full that i can see it coming , i am so sorry that most people can not see it coming . what did Galileo do other than wait for humanity to catch the F up .
Author: Bragami
Its wifi and other cellular wireless communications that cause temperature rise. Think about it.
Author: Mishura
Oh yeah it won't matter anymore!
Author: Kazicage
Hey Dr. Beckwith. Just wanted to say you need to trap those squirrels or call a trapper if they're in your attic. They are not harmless. They will chew through wiring, can cause a fire hazard, can ruin your air conditioning/heating. They will also poop everywhere and have babies, making all of the above worse. If you let it go you'll face thousands of dollars in damage, or lose climate control or possibly have your home burn down. It's no joke, dealing with it myself. Love the vids, take care!
Author: Shaktigore
The land surface tries to warm slightly faster but the ocean surface holds it back slightly, the ocean surface is trying to warm a lot faster but the ocean well-mixed layer 200 m deep holds it back a lot, the ocean well-mixed layer 200 m deep is trying to warm somewhat faster but the thermocline layer below it holds it back somewhat. There's even a special term for the 0.85 w/m**2 of power flux imbalance that exists right now due to the ocean not being able to keep up with the stupendous rate that humans are increasing the power flux imbalance with increased GHGs. It's called "climate lag", that's the name for the super-massive slowness of Earth's super-massive oceans.
Author: Mira
The top 10% of earners consume 50% of emissions say Anderson.
Author: Shakabar
I had the same leak problems, it ended up being frost forming on the inner side of the roof in the attic that was melting.
Author: Zukree
Very good video Thank you :D I will share
Author: Sabei
Good! Im freezing! I worry when we go into a frozen cycle and food doesnt grow :)
Author: Jugul
Enjoy what you have now. Pauls videos really drive home our situation, but l look forward to them because he does a great job and service for those us who share the same interest.
Author: Mosho
10:10 The paper says the land has warmed twice as much. Total warming and Total RATE of warming is two different things. So the report said correctly.
Author: Sakora
How long can this go on? This problem will be everywhere soon. 🃏
Author: Nikora
Kevin Anderson says the top 20% of income earners produce 70% of the emissions. I believe we can reduce emissions 50% in 10 years by taxing the rich. Socialists love this idea. Socialists hate the idea of paying the money directly to the poor without their cut. Bernie Sanders sponsored a bill for the government to claim 40% of any carbon tax dividends.
Author: Turamar
La Nina years are 1967, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1985, 1989, 1991, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012
Author: Dainris
Emissions have increased 60% since James Hansen warned us of climate change in 1989 says Kevin Anderson.
Author: Gotilar
Yes, basically in summary, these GSM people are full of crap!
Author: Samudal
Author: Meztigor
Leaky roof and squirrels? I thought you scientists were rich elitists. Why hasn't your butler fixed it?
Author: Taumuro
+0.165 surface/air global warming: La Nina years 1967-2012
Author: Mosida
Claire Fyson says that we must reduce fossil use 50% in 10 years to avoid 1.5 C.
Author: Miran
That's why the Rockefellers sponsor people like Bernie Sanders, Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein.
Author: Malagis
Cory Morningstar
Author: Virr
The other problem is that we are peak technology. Any disruption to our smart phone supply chains will be calamitous because it would take 50 years to recreate the smartphones we have now. No one person can make a smartphone and we're running out of substitutes for the minerals they require to operate. Recycling is problematic, which is why we ship them overseas.
Author: Fezilkree
(I skipped El Chichon, Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Hudson years 1982-4, 1992-4)
Author: Samukazahn
In 2018 oil production hit 100 million barrels/day for the first time says the IEA.

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