High IQ Days Inn Manage Hurled Racist Abuse At A Rapper Joshua October — Now He’s Unemployed

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Author: Tamuro
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Author: Vudogis
Boy would you get a load of this old pink pigskin. 😂🤣
Author: Nahn
No matter how many times we prove that black people are being treated VERY rude by the staff members of these well known establishments they think we're just pulling the race card.
Author: Shajar
Good riddance, that old decrepit ignorant arrogant cave beast deserved to be fired and put on blast. Great video brotha salute to you!! 👍🏾💯
Author: Kerisar
Expose them for everything they Are
Author: Mijas
Awesome! I hope they deny his unemployment. He is like the cops trying to get a free ride.
Author: Meztilrajas
Virginia what you expect 🙄
Author: Kazilabar
People of color meaning black men and black women when is enough going to be enough first of all it's time for us as a nation of people to stand up and start taking our rightful place secondly it's time to start dealing with these Wicked ungodly dogs they not going to stop they wasn't created upright this is biblical they have a Perpetual hatred all of them the Bible States it's not one good one in the bunch that's the very reason they nation is the only nation going to be done away with . And he has the nerve to try to insult someone look at this ugly old wrinkled banana. All Nations around the world is waking up to these Wicked ungodly dogs if you never ever come in contact with these ungodly people there would never be no disease no sickness no illness due to the fact we are melanated people these dogs know what they are if you shave any animal hair off you will see they have the same pale skin as this dog they are nothing but disgusting animals Jesus call his kind dogs but I'm going to call him a b***h. cause that's exactly what he is.
Author: Mulabar
The title should have read “high Ignorance....” or “highly ignorant “.
Author: Dailrajas
Why give him the power of thinking you care about what he thinks. LEAVE!!
Author: Shagore
The sad thing is that we use to think when they (old people) die, it would eliminate the bigotry and racism. We are learning the hatred has been past down. Not hidden, not quiet, not under a white sheet. I admire his patience & ability to record while remaining calm.
Author: Kekazahn
Dam that guy. So angry for no reason!:(so dam unprofessional!
Author: Negrel
Author: Kazradal
Low self esteem,is all I see..Totally uncalled for,why dude even engaging with the desk clerk??
Author: Tajinn
Sejihito they keep making material and being exposed for exactly who they are. Unfortunately the only thing that we can do for racist is either get rid of them expose them or wait for them to die.
Author: Shalkree
Foreign blacks welcome to America you think it won't happen to you
Author: Mikagor
I'm just trying to figure out how this paleface confederate crakkka lived to get at an old age. I rather sleep in my car I don't patronize the enemy.
Author: Danris
I'm a believer and I am NOT judging you. Thanks for sharing this GoOD video and information.
Author: Balmaran
you think I care about this job?.. apparently not..😂😂😂😂
Author: Zuk
White devil mf Ctfu now you look 👋🤷‍♀️
Author: Kagagis
Author: Kam
Thank you Simar!!!!!
Author: Vozshura
My people please quit calling these heathens gentlemen,sir and ma’am they are wicked filthy heathens. Thank you for sharing always brother.
Author: Vinos
Forget the complainers, you are a community awareness channel. We should be informed on what is going on. I appreciate you for getting it out there to expose this White biggoted insanity.
Author: Faucage
Lawsuit lawsuit lawsuit
Author: Taukora
So sad
Author: Mikakinos
Rather you know the brother or sister or not , black people need to get on Code as they say in situations like this...
Author: Kajisho
I'm glad you showed that lightskin privilege doesn't exist.
Author: Mirr
Keep them coming Brother...Illegal Invaders Racists must go back to the Caves!!!! Pookie be watching, listening and making new Friends!!!
Author: Faurr
Author: Brazilkree
That’s why I bought a rv, Unfortunately this poor baby probably has to fly or whatever. But I have tried to separate myself from them as much as possible. When I drive from Michigan to Florida for Disney I stop twice for gas and to stretch for 30 mins. I get there in 15 hours and stay at fort wilderness they have so you don’t get out your truck to check in it’s peaceful y’all sometimes I forget I’m at Disney. I’m still going to live my life and enjoy this fuckn country that my ancestors help build.
Author: Vura
Job 30:7-12 (KJV) 7 Among the bushes they brayed; under the nettles they were gathered together. 8 [They were] children of fools, yea, children of base men: they were viler than the earth. 9 And now am I their song, yea, I am their byword. 10 They abhor me, they flee far from me, and spare not to spit in my face. 11 Because he hath loosed my cord, and afflicted me, they have also let loose the bridle before me. 12 Upon [my] right [hand] rise the youth; they push away my feet, and they raise up against me the ways of their destruction.
Author: Zucage
Consecutive Christian, Go home ,If it means nothing ! Stop polluting the Environment. Old school fool! Keep doing your calling Seiji, Great job! Keep exposing Hatred! Continue pulling the Covers back! This is not judging!( Shining light and calling Evil Out)!Its been Covered up for much to Long.
Author: Gardalar
Pappy Klansman
Author: Kikora
The Day's Inn representative has been infected with the dt's.
Author: Zolonos
The young man handled that pretty well. No need to get angry and cause a big scene.Staying calm is the key to defeat them in these situations.
Author: Nashicage
And calling 911 will make it 100 times worst
Author: Shakazil
Author: Shaktidal
Author: Shakagor
Did he look at his self anytime. Chicken lip old bastard one foot in the grave.
Author: Gugis
Keep up good work
Author: Yozshujas
There is always that 1 fool will always be smh broke now ain't ya dude rofl miss that job much now ? lucky dude didn't jump that counter smart move brotha man
Author: JoJogrel
Author: Nikotaxe
Raise your vibrations people.
Author: Shakazuru
right on Days Inn ✊
Author: Zuzshura
Original link?
Author: Vobei
Which employee wrote that message? The experience he occurred....🙄
Author: Brarn
That old man went ham lmao 😂🤣🤣 in New Jersey, New York, California the list goes on and on this is normal street talk stop being soft and play catch with the energy he might of turned around thanked the kid for it.
Author: Grole
No Getting Through To Devils Their Hate is to Deep. Its Obsession with Black people like. Try and make you feel that your not Being equal when your reporting Real life situations of Hate coming from their people. They are to Scared to fight racism and hate because they Have no ⚽️ ⚽️So they sit & Watch and try and interfere. Agents for the Devil Shout out to the ones Dedicated to the Struggle & f the ones that are not #☝🏿🆙🔝Auk👳🏿‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #NoHumaity
Author: Dourr
Author: Zoloramar
I LOVE YOUR SEGMENTS... and I have tried to message you before but you didn’t respond. I am a person who has dyslexia and I also create content. I advise you to get an admin bc You have typos in your title and have had some before and even Mispronounced basic words at times. This SMALL thing is what can keep you from growing your audience to it’s maximum potential. After all, getting your message to as many black ppl as possible is the aim, right? So please make sure that you are presenting your best so that black folk can be confident that they can share your channel without LEGITIMATE criticism. Aside from this, I love your stuff bruh. Please continue to keep it up and don’t let the haters stop you!
Author: Vusho
Author: Yozshukree
Prison=Slavery! 13thamendment
Author: Maugor
Another VA racist...not surprising. That state is one of the major racist states in the establishment. It was one of the major slave ports as well which is why there are so many plantations in VA
Author: Goramar
Author: Gajar
Lol another one 😂😜 this is what there doing before they become extinct!!!!!
Author: Shakarg
Virginia is in the top 3 of most racist states in America
Author: Fauzragore
Smh that's not far from me sad to see
Author: Kazrajinn
They're isn't anything good to say about these d6amned d6eceitful d6oggs.
Author: Mubar
Author: Zulkijas
Wow, wow, wow. The gall on this racist. Notice how sure of himself he is and it’s just stunning.
Author: Vik
😲 you said it 👑!
Author: Faurg
Respect for that young guy.
Author: Dougal
The power in Black power is us being and working together as a unit ...
Author: Kekora
2 the victim looks like a gangster but speaks like he play for the other team...
Author: Malagami
damnnn old dude was straight dragging him while attempting to use that iphone lmao
Author: Faelmaran
To me the Real story should be the black woman who turned her back to the whole situation...
Author: Gardaramar
Love the video bro, this old bastard need to be exposed so other business and job opportunities placement know he is, so they won't let this happen again to another black person
Author: Tojajinn
Animal control 🦛🐘🤣
Author: Grozilkree
Author: Yozshudal
Author: Nikozahn
I'm honored to be a started from the bottom subscriber 😊🙌🏾👍🏾❤🖤💚
Author: Dougis
2 things: 1 if you meet a white with and accent like that he will always be a racist.
Author: Togrel
Do not get upset. Civil lawsuit the establishment along with the individual.
Author: Tygosar
"Ur heeere.. That's all that really matters.. Have fun in the comment section.." Classic! 😀😚 B-1 #ADOS
Author: Terisar
It's the truth and people don't like the truth. Truth knocks the brains out of falsehood.
Author: Taunris
Hahaha Days inn knows where their bread 🍞 and butter comes from thanks days inn for doing the right thing
Author: Meztikus
Author: Vudobar
The privilege at their finest... They are truly on one. Have the nerve to call the police so fast to look like the victim...
Author: Nektilar
This how all white folks feel inside! Very dangerous, but they worship money so we always have a chance to advance.
Author: Voll
Omg you are about to hit 20k in the next few weeks! Wtf?!!?!
Author: Mugul
Hit them where it hurts.
Author: Arabar
No Country for Old Men. Next stop Walmart.
Author: Kajinn
Thank U Days Inn, that was verbal abuse and unprofessional!
Author: Nelar
Author: Kigalmaran
that why he’s not worried about that job lol because he was fired doesn’t mean anything to his VIEWS
Author: Megul
Keep the videos and journalistic integrity My Brother. I subscribed and support 💯
Author: Faetilar
The way that heathen ex coworker talks is a true example of how Satan is. No rest for the wicked 😈.
Author: Meziktilar
"Do you think I care about this job?" Automatic termination.
Author: Nat
Author: Akijinn
Author: Mezijind
Author: Nagami
I'm so glad that you are bringing these racists to light! There are a lot of undercover racists out there!
Author: Taujin
You're right, keep showing the true narrative of what we as Black folks go through in our own country.
Author: Maran
Chose your battles
Author: Satilar
Do y’all really think he care about that JOB
Author: Fegami
Days inn..never again..
Author: Tenos
High IQ people 😂😂😂😂 this is what Yah says they are. Straight from the bible no mo talk
Author: Bashicage
When you guys post videos please give more info as to where this took place and perpetrators name.
Author: Akiktilar
Peace to you GOD! Thanks for posting this video bc our young people are out here dealing with these race devils. They're out here heavy and folks need to stop pretending that racism doesn't exist. This old Krakkker being doing this for a long time. You can hear the hate in his voice. Keep our people WOKE! STAY WOKE FAMILY!!!
Author: Vuramar
I will never stay at the Days Inn after seeing something like that
Author: Tolrajas
It's exposure season!!! Reparations one way or another 🤦🏾‍♀️📷👈🏾
Author: Vogrel
He should sue him personally. And kudos to Days Inn for firing that old dusty racist POS.
Author: Mazull
😐 G.T.A!! BRO KEEP IT UP!!! Don't give two s* * what other people have to say. You are doing a phenomenal job and we got your back as you can see!
Author: Tabar
Author: JoJoshicage
Author: Kazragore
Great video, keep posting what you're posting! The demons don't want to be exposed!
Author: Akijin
Keep your phones charges and you resumes' updated.......ANOTHER job just opened up.
Author: Voodooshura
People want you to feel like you're doing something bad. They cannot handle the truth, they do not want to acknowledge it that is merely it.
Author: Kazigrel
The racist was very comfortable being racist...and felt as if his employers would side with him... I'm not gone lose my job over YOU! He will never forget mop head he lost his job 😁🙃
Author: Goltijar
Author: Doshura
The days in letter doesn't seem real to me, idk something about the wording or lack thereof 🤷🏾‍♀🤷🏾‍♀
Author: Faukazahn
Ain’t got NAN tooth in his mouth!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Author: Zulkihn
You know that job gone
Author: Vudorg
Keep on keeping on! In the words of my granny, so many of us go through this every day now it’s time for action so please don’t stop giving the TRUTH ❤️
Author: Jushura
In the end he is gonna loose more than a job
Author: Kirr
Author: Turamar
Author: Sasar
YOU, my friend are doing some great work!
Author: Meztinris
The SUPERIOR race..LOL... This is what they say is very better than us.. I'm dying laying because this SUPERIOR race just said in video that he doesn't CARE about his job.. You think Days wants to hear that 🤣🤣🤣 Dummy...
Author: Vudotaur
Hell was created specifically for CRAKKKAS like this!!!🔥🔥🔥🏃‍♂️🔫
Author: Meztikazahn
Author: Moogugor
I enjoy your channel Bro' you constantly enlighten viewers to the racism and discrimination experienced daily in the UnUnited States of Amerikkka.
Author: Grokazahn
We are gods and goddeses and we will judge accordingly.
Author: Mazuzilkree
They are murderers in thier heart and YAHAWA is exposing them in these last days!
Author: Meztirr
I support u always
Author: Kigajin
Love your attitude!!! Right on point! Good job bringing this forward!
Author: Migore
Author: Faehn
You wonder why these young white kids a re shooting up school, It sarted at home and at maw maw amd paw paw house
Author: Goltira
I enjoy your videos
Author: Nezahn
Culturally we are lost and backwards.
Author: Kebar
Wow openly. But can’t say I am surprised. Glad the hotel realize they hired a klans member and fired him. And it was no reason for this.
Author: Dukinos
#newSub never seen u on a vid b4 ...😃🥰🤩 .. stay awesome 👏🏾 .... & hope he sued
Author: Vudoramar
I would have denied the refund and apology, hired a lawyer and got that settlement. Days Inn don't want that smoke.
Author: Mauzuru
Don't let them deter u keep doing u
Author: Guzragore
Okay okayyy.. just got hip to this channel, but BRO... U FIRE AF! YASSS! NEW SUB!🤗🤗
Author: Doshakar
Actually my brother, yes you can judge others whether they're right or wrong. People make judgments all the time and most do not like the truth. I like your videos. Keep it going. Peace and blessings to you.
Author: Sajas
Author: Kibar
I'm glad he was fired, it's a start. now he can go live off the money he claims he has.
Author: Fenrijas
Author: Shakatilar
Author: Arashilmaran
If the Most High has given this vision to you continue with the MISSION He has placed in you before you were formed in your mother's womb. Leave the Child of God alone and make sure your vision given to you, is being handle.
Author: Maudal
Author: Douzragore
That was a "Please don't ban us and protest outside our hotels black people" letter from days inn. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Author: Kemi
We need his name so we can just say, YEP, you got fired over a BLACK KING!!!
Author: Fenrimi
Author: Faehn
Author: Vudozshura
No, he lost his job because of his self. The music playing in the background reminds of the Jim Crow era. That was my red flag off top.
Author: Sazragore
This is all the more reason that we, as black people should collectively resurrect the "Green book."
Author: Faektilar
I wonder how he felt after his wife went up venom with that damn rolling pen after you get fired
Author: Menos
Really??? Did he look in the mirror? 😏 just sick!
Author: Tumuro
Author: Malagore
Truly uncalled for & hateful.....WS have a one way ticket straight to hell.....no problem!!
Author: Yolabar
He is old .. I wonder how many colored he had humiliated, insulted and even killed at his youth age
Author: Kajind
He don't even have no teeth🤔🤔
Author: Zologami
He will find another job easy,but I'm glad he was fired
Author: Faukasa
😎💯🙏🙏 Thank you 4 exposing this 💩
Author: Dagis
He should sue the hotel, an apology is not enough.
Author: Kagasida
Th at's not a gentleman...
Author: Daijora
That manager should not only be arrested for racial profiling but for having put on 1970s leisure pants and HAVING BIRTHING HIPS!!!
Author: Shakakinos
They are quick to call the police because they know the police was created to enforce white supremacy. They actually started as the slave patrol to protect white folks and my God they have not changed one bit.
Author: Tejinn
That old man wasn't on the phone at all!!!!!
Author: Yozshubei
Nice new channel set up .
Author: Malashakar
Ohhhhhh weeeeee
Author: Mor
Since he doesn't care, SUE DAYS INN!!!! MAKE THEM CARE!!
Author: Nara
jeez. I dont know if I could of controlled myself.
Author: Nir
They're enjoying that unemployment line.
Author: Tazuru
Author: Dolkis
Because he is a Hebrew
Author: Bracage
You just got served !!!!!!!!
Author: Gugore
Author: Malkree
Norfolk Va is where GOVERNOR NORTHAM went to school at EVMS and in their yearbook he was either the klansman or the one in black face. You should see what goes on in C.H.K.D. where NORTHAM practiced medicine.
Author: Mabei
y’all better learn about the RACIAL WEALTH GAP IN AMERICA
Author: Voran
Get them straight
Author: Mikakasa
Author: Mezir
Author: Kajikasa
Is this the 1950s in Alabama?
Author: Nerisar
If they do cover stories, they briefly mention it in like 10 seconds and then they make it seem like it's not a big deal. Never stop!
Author: Vosida
This old bird was probably jealous of course , his days are numbered anyway he looks over + 70 😂😂😂😂😂 , was no nerve to talk about anyone his looks have been gone. 😀👴🤡
Author: Zolora
Presenting the truth is not judgement, it is more like discernment❤
Author: Tojaktilar
🤷 🙄💛💛💛
Author: Jum
Unlike our brother; he can't afford rest. That's why he was mad. He felt the brother should have been in his position. He literally was literally seeing life in reverse at that moment and it burned his evil soul to be in the position to serve a black person.❤🖤💚
Author: Malanos
Love how he’s trying to video him but it backfires lmao
Author: Kalrajas
Hey can you keep quiet while we listen to the video?
Author: Mogal
Thanks Seti, you the best real news we have.keep on keeping on.
Author: Shakabei
When white ppl are attacked by ppl of another race they step up to protect eachother... it's time we do the same...
Author: Tobar
It's easy to talk about black on black crime all the time and this and that but there are way bigger things that had most time.
Author: Mucage
The manager was calling the recorder ghetto but the recorder was both more well spoken and respectable. Lol. Being ghetto is not how you look, it's how you act. Any shade of person can be ghetto AF and that description goes out to that old man.
Author: Vuzil
Thanks Seiji Hito for your videos exposing white america's wickedness!!!!!
Author: Sasida
Keep doing what you do Seiji 👍👍✌✊
Author: Fetaxe
Author: Zolojinn
The young man should send a copy of his letter to the state unemployment benefits office so the hotel manager can't collect his benefits...plus, the hotel should have not only refunded the customer's money, but given him a voucher for a free future hotel accommodation...
Author: Mezahn
Nothing good about red neck devils ......
Author: Mijinn
Nothing to see here. Just a peckerwood being a peckerwood.
Author: Felar
Author: Shakalar
Seiji, you should block'em they're waiting on a wealth transfer nothing else to do do but hate themselves,while being dysfunctional and trying to destroy the planet along with themselves 👀
Author: JoJojind
Believe me, that is everyday life in the Norfolk Virginia in 2019!
Author: Shaktijora
Author: Kezuru
Seiji, keep posting these racist videos. Big boy thought he could disrespect a black man the way they did back in the day. News flash: You may not like us, but you will respect us!!! Oh, have fun standing in the unemployment line!!!
Author: Gasho
Peace King and Blessings. Thank you for sharing the truth.
Author: Arashizshura
He probably wasn't worried about his job.he probably was already retired.this was work after retirementnt
Author: Mazugor
Wow, I live in the 757. Damn shame but not surprised!😡🤬🤬
Author: Malalkree
Acts & sounds just like Dinero in Men of Honor...
Author: JoJolar
But we don't know what happened before..🤔🤔
Author: Dujas
The second he said " boy!" I knew what the deal was
Author: Nakus
When you talk to me you have enough decency to put in your TEETH 🦷!!!!! Lmao 😂
Author: Tuzilkree
That old guy should be the last person to talk about someone!
Author: Mizahn
The DEVIL has lost it!!!!!
Author: Moogusho
Old man hibberts reminds me of Homer Stokes from Ol brother where art thou
Author: Kazragore
My Point Exactly
Author: Viramar
Do Your Thing...Hold That Mirror In Their ignorant Face
Author: Gardanos
I feel it is getting back to having a modern day Green Book
Author: Toran
Author: Kekora
He didn't even dial anything down to that landline phone.
Author: Kigasho
Time to teach this old dog some new tricks. 2019.
Author: Arashigis
Grumpy dude glad he is fired.
Author: Voodoogal
Continue on Seiji Hito! Blessings
Author: Zulull
That music the old man is listening it reminds me of racist times 🤦🏻
Author: Vudoll
squints is that Captain Crunch? No! No! Say it ain't so 😭😭 😭😭
Author: Mazuk
Author: Salar
It's terrible that the young man had to go through what happened to him. He showed restraint, and kept his cool. That manager is not a good human being.
Author: Darr
Technology is the worst thing that ever happened to some people.
Author: Vishicage
Those Indian owners have the same mentality, that's y he feels comfortable and saying what he's saying
Author: Mer
seiji those who have eyes will see, you don't have to explain to those who don't. Keep up the great work!
Author: Vigrel
Seji, you are doing a GREAT job, so, please know that your peeps appreciate you. Forget the trolls. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍
Author: Mijind
Author: Meztilabar
Author: Arashijind
He thought he were superior in his mindset good for him lose his job and I SALUTE this young man for not losing he mental with him EXPOSE they ass every time because what goes around comes around 4show
Author: Gardataxe
on his phone call to the cops , I believe was a fake call if you listen he was talking too fast no room for a response on the other end , he did all the talking and then just hangs up. smh , well he got his wish regarding his statement, , do you think I'm afraid of losing my job ? well wish granted Mr Charlie !
Author: Mazulkree
Wow, Days Inn are these the type of people that you hire to work for your company. I have 5 reservation set up to stay at a Days Inn in the following cities New Orleans, Atlanta Georgia, Mobile Alabama, Jackson Mississippi and Detroit Michigan. I will be calling every one of those Days Inn in and canceling my reservations immediately
Author: Sagami
13 dislikes are from him and his racist family and friends.🤣🤣🤣🤣😏
Author: Tumi
No matter if they are wrong or right we have to start stepping up for eachother in moments like this...
Author: Arara
Author: Gutilar
Esau is so sad. It's got to take a lot of time and effort to be evil....seems exalting.
Author: Kazimuro
That was Terrorizing the indigenous Aboriginal copper tone so called Nigro or Black Bro. whT they have done to us and still doing its time for our RESTORATION and Reparation now pay me what you owe me.
Author: Mezijas
Looks like dementia setting in. He forgot its 2019.
Author: Yogrel
Author: Melrajas
Now you can't tell me that he hasn't abused ...beat or killed someone of color in his day.
Author: Daijora
He talks and acts this way all of the time
Author: Nikokora
I stay commenting and I stay going in, when people have other things to say and wants to deflect instead of acknowledging what's really going on! Nobody cares! You are not the Antichrist! People need to be aware because they are not covering nearly half of these stories on front pages or popular news stations!! It is not right, nor Fair to just perpetrate only black people as criminals and evil doors.

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