Insight into the Palestinian mind

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Author: Mazugal
* Both Palestinians and Israelis are better people than I thought.
Author: Nihn
Yes, words are important. Normalization translated in Arabic is taming? Is that the correct translation? Why not using the word "force" instead of "violence"?
Author: Mam
These videos give insight to the nature of conflict and humans, not just this/these particular one(s).
Author: Gardamuro
I've learned that not all Palestinians are bad, violent people, but many are uneducated.
Author: Nikojas
and its all cause of israel,and if we could destroy israel all be fine
Author: Voodooshicage
in the media we ben told over and over how Palestinians are poor dirt poor
Author: Dilrajas
what i learning
Author: Voodoogore
Interesting that he speaks nothing about the Lands that were taken by Jordan in 1948, and the absolute conviction that Judea/Samaria and East Jerusalem should not have any Jews living there. Talk about Apartheid. 2/3rds of the Jewish National Homeland Lands were used by the British to create TransJordan, and these people expect MORE Land?
Author: Shall
At first I thought that Corey was neutral and unbiased but after watching some videos I realised he was a 100% pro-israeli and all his videos are Israeli propaganda where he tries to show how good and peaceful Israelis are. I realised from his tone and the word choice of his questions that he is trying to make a point. There were times where Israelis said terrible things about Palestinians and arabs in general and he seemed to agree with them while often time when Palestinians say something negative about Israelis he would argue back or show disagreement. Oh wait! Thats because he's one of them he's an Israeli!!
Author: Gardarr
* Various brands you find in western shops you also find in both West Bank and Israeli shops (the small shops anyway, ''convenience stores'' as the Americans call them).
Author: Shaktijinn
ps- don't scare people, i'm not talking about being jew for Jesus :D
Author: Vogami
There aren't specific moments which made me learn something new about Palestinians and Israelis.  Each moment focuses on someone's point of view,so I can not jump to conclusion only from a moment of the project. However I would say that the whole project allowed me to discover the diversity of people in these different areas ( different thinking, opinion... ). Although I don't always  like the  tone of the journalist , since I have the feeling he is a bit oriented ( pro-Israeli ), in general I have to admit it is pretty worth watching. And what I did I learn in general ?The Arab-Israeli live a complicated situation, I would not like to be in their shoes. Most of the Israeli are not bad, and most of the Palestinians are not bad. Most of them are ordinary people, who just want to have a peaceful life. They are worried about the political and economic situations of the place they live in...But the context is really complicated. And although people are ordinary, the context itself is not ordinary. In spite of everything we can say, the settlement of Israel created a kind of "legal colonization". May it be legal or not, Palestinians were and still are mostly left aside. Needless to remember the number of people killed, the number of refugees, and the marginalisation of Palestinians in their own lands. While Palestinians are fighting for something which is fair ( take the lands of their grandparents back ) , Israeli are fighting for a vil, ethno-centrist and historico/religious fantasmagoric ideology, which is called Zionism. I would prefer to be a Palestinian fighter rather than an Israeli one... ( because of the fairness of the fight ) However I don't blame Israeli, because they are not responsible of what few of their ancestors did... ( in the same way than a third generation of French people in French Algeria was not  responsible of colonization... These people were just born in it... Although they were ordinary people, the context of French Algeria was not ordinary. We can find a thousand of similar examples ).Perhaps Israel can go on living thanks to its military power and its foreign allies. But one day or another, it will collapse. Especially if it aims at staying a state for Jews, and if it aims at increasing at the expense of Palestinians.Saying that, I don't say that I love Palestinians, I mean, the Palestinian society. Actually, today's Palestinian society is far from being a model of brightness ( letting aside the Israeli occupation, and economic constraints... I am just thinking of Its socio-cultural features ).However, Palestinians  are in their rights, may we love their society or not. Their fight is legitimate and fair. We can't deny it.
Author: Vum
Not all Isreali people hate Arabs or support Netanyahu and visversa
Author: Tutaxe
* The Christian and Muslim Palestinians seem to get along (in the West Bank, probably not Gaza!).
Author: Jutaxe
than seen refugees from sirya
Author: Mikazuru
Before I thought that Palestinians were indigenous population in that area and Israelis were of European origin. The truth is not that simple... Yes, many years ago these "European" Jews had Middle Eastern roots. They were defeated and chased away by Romans from ANCIENT Israel. Somehow they ended up in Europe and other parts of the world. After many years of prosecution they decided to come back to form their own state, modern state of Israel. What I did not know was that ONLY PART of Jews came from Europe and other Arab countries in the 19th and 20th centuries. A lot of them, after they lost their land to Romans, either stayed or came back to Jerusalem and other parts of what at that time was called "Palestine". (Romans renamed that area. Instead of calling it "Juda" or "Israel" they gave that land a new name, "Palestine".) As far as I know Jews have ALWAYS been a majority in Jerusalem , Zsfat, and some other towns since the Roman times..
Author: Dilabar
as an arabic teacher i've learned a new meaning of tatbi' that i had no idea of. thank you Corey!
Author: Nagal
when you made a vid Conversation with Gazans where talked about everiday problems in gaza asking about electricity, key is the education of both side youths so they grow not in hate of each other,and secound point that is mentioned only few times but is key problem is the one of refugies from the israely point of view they call them ffalestinay relatives that are lebanies or jordanies or egyptians but in fact here there are several countries involved that don't what those "refugies" as from my point of view either israelies doesn't want them, and the most strange thing is that all the israelies are refugies wich means they accept the comeback of jew but not palestinians and for obvious reasons of demography.wich is the confessions that the israely state is i reality a jew state that tolerate some other minorities at condition that they stay minorities, so from my point of view it is not so democratic state as the addvertisement is about, from the other side as a muslim i felt that palestinians an most videos are betting on the fact they can obtaine more and more, they think they'll take the big part with time but in fact israelies are more realistics and take the real money now.(point of view of an outsider)
Author: Tygor
i've learned that the palestinian people are much more opressed by Hamas than by the IDF.
Author: Duzshura
I am Russian who lives in Israel, i visied Palestine one time. but i found out that i don't know alot about where i live since i stick to russian-speaking community and basically "live" in the Russian world. now i am interested in the middle east more :)))
Author: Shar
also every single person talked with you he doesnt represent any one except him self .
Author: Akirisar
Once, you asked Palestinians how the conflict would end. Some of them said there would be a series of events that would put the conflict to an end as they came out triumphant regaining all of Palestine.
Author: Akinojora
And than people wonder why there is no peace... The main problem is the first one. Israelis don't see the difference between Hamas and Fatah. In their eyes if you launch an attack you're damaging peace process.
Author: Mezigor
seen these videos is t ?
Author: Kagagami
I enjoy your videos very much, Israelis are more like westerners than Palestinians, but this does not mean the Palestinians are wrong in this conflict, a judge won't see it that way.
Author: Kaganris
that's not the reaction of a side willing to negotiate under terms they may be at a loss in.
Author: Fenrilrajas
Thanks again and keep at it. I may come up with a question of my own.
Author: Megor
they are an enemy force in an occupied region moving with impunity.
Author: Kagadal
Author: Yojora
as an israeli it is interesting to actually hear what the average arab thinks.
Author: Faegrel
the Palestinians on this video and other they don t look dirt poor
Author: Fenrigor
I think these videos show more about the true nature of the lingering conflict and the possible solutions than anything I've encountered before them. It gives hope and points the finger squarely at the areas (on all sides) that need to be addressed in order to be able to coexist peacefully again.
Author: Dagar
Author: Kagataur
I only ask you to hire an interpreter that know Arabic, and good english. my point is this the guy never said he shot a soldier, that was words put in his mouth by this interpreter. very misleading.
Author: Faushakar
With Palestinians it is not that simple either... Most of them came from other Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia , Egypt, Jordan, etc. in 19th and 20th centuries, about the same time as European Jews. Palestinian Arabs were coming in larger numbers than Jews. In fact, Palestinian last names tell you what country they came from. ( I'll see if I can find a list of Palestinian last names and their translation. I'll post it later if I find it.)
Author: Arashigar
Author: Zolokree
I'd like to know what is that series of political, social,, in order to know what their hopes are, mindset and such. The same thing would be interesting regarding Israelis.
Author: Zulugul
We can never truly understand because there is no war right outside of our windows.
Author: Malamuro
I learned that there is a glimpse of hope. It looks like Israelies strive for peace more than Palestinians however both side have many rational people.
Author: Turn
and stop occupating my pray place which its not allowed for me to reach it .
Author: Nikosho
Also the moment between (Israeli) friends where they disagree amongst themselves and one of them incredibly eloquently and clearly makes his case. I remember him saying something like 'What, two thousand years is just the same as two year to you?'
Author: Toll
knowledge and understanding of the other sides views and reality will bring a solution closer.
Author: Fenrizshura
i think both us Israelis and arabs still have a lot to learn about each other.
Author: Moogusar
why do they think that way can win?
Author: Najas
I learned that Palestinians are further removed from Western values than I previously thought. It dawned on me when I saw the video on atheism. I looked it up afterwards and learned that atheists are actually persecuted in Palestine.
Author: Kejind
Keep up doing these vidoes. Allah yahalik
Author: Brazuru
Language barrier is a problem as well. We need the Star Trek universal translator.
Author: Kazrakora
hi Corey, one thing i would like to listen, i remember the video where you asked sephardics if they would take the spanish or portuguese citizenship. please ask Israel if would accept the return of the Conversos's descendants, who wanna come back to the Nation.
Author: Dujinn
can t go to rotterdam and you should enter the sea its muslim land
Author: Moogusar
and its the jews israel thats the problem.
Author: Grokree
kill jews for allah
Author: Kazinos
The Palestinians will only believe the Qur'an over anything scientific or proven otherwise.
Author: Tygozuru
axample 2 state solusion amsterdam as captial city
Author: Gardajind
except the last Palestinian who said that we want :
Author: Murr
the building continues. the spilders remain in position and even patrol.
Author: Ditaur
i am very thankful for this channel.
Author: Makree
* Soldiers are everywhere in Israel.
Author: Bagis
I learned that most Israelis don't even know what their grandparents did to establish this country and all the barbaric and inhuman methods they used. I was shocked to hear that some Israelis believe that nobody lived in those lands before they came or that the jews were the majority while the arabs were minority before 1948(which is totally false). One of the videos an Israeli girl said "it's not like they were here and we kicked them out". Its either they really were lied too or they are turning a blind eye. I also learned that both jews and arabs are shamed to admit that they have common ancestors and I know a lot of Arabs who actually were jews and jews who were arabs but they are too embarrassed to admit it. Lastly I learned that this conflict will never end and I lost hope.
Author: Zulurg
(meaning conditional negotiation)
Author: Gubei
I think Palestinians are not so innocent and Israelis are more nationalistic than I thought.
Author: Shakall
In my opinion there is too big influence of religion on both sides. Maybe few unifying schools for kids would be worth to experiment. I do not know what may help :(
Author: Tojabei
* There are many attractive women among both Israelis and Palestinians and I'm not just talking about celebrities.
Author: Tekus
problerm is the land
Author: Nizshura
make your army leave Palestine .
Author: Nakus
the refugees back.
Author: Mara
get same as ben told to israel
Author: Nagrel
stop building settlments .
Author: Akinogrel
I thought the moment where you realised that it was a problem that most Gazans (I believe) don't know/encounter any Israelis other than soldiers. I thought that was an incredibly profound moment.
Author: Samutaur
Stuff I learned both from these videos but also reinforced by other videos:
Author: Kajikus
At the end of the day both Palestinians and Israelis want peace
Author: Malale
What a derogatory title. Typical coming from Corey, the CANADIAN who's not even a Levantine Semite.
Author: Dihn
and thank for your work even if you are not honest 100%
Author: Sakora
I've learned that the problems mainly come from lack of education on both sides, and that peace is possible but people need to stop being irrational and treating the other side as somehow different. We're all humans after all and we're two peoples with a lot in common. Also the other Arab countries need to stay the hell out of this, they can't pretend that they consider Palestinians as their brothers on one hand and refuse them citizenship or entry into the country on the other. How is it that a Lebanese or Syrian can't hear the word Israel without going into an epileptic fit whereas many Palestinians have accepted that we can share the land ?
Author: Moogusho
swings fist
Author: Voodoohn
chris angel lives in palestine?
Author: Ball
i just can say that i love this channel. it gives me the opportunity to watch deep into the palestinian and israelian mind.
Author: Mazil
* Tel Aviv is a place where the Arabs and Jews get along.
Author: Kajisar
the only reason that Israeli can give you about their legitimacy of occupying Palestinians land is because its written somewhere between the pages in a book that they believe and gave them the permission to slaughter who stand against it, and fill the media against the Palestinian people and consider them as " terrorist " Israelis have zero legitimacy, but with force and support of the USA they got away with it. disgusting world.
Author: Dale
Author: Kigajinn
The interpreters seem to speak for, explain and fill in the blanks for the interviewees rather than letting the interviewees speak for themselves.
Author: Malmaran
"I'm not hitting you"
Author: Shaktirg
To be fair to Palestinians, some of them came to "Palestine" many centuries ago but most of them came to that land at the end of 19th and early 20th centuries. In my mind that does not make them "indigenous" population.
Author: Baran
are dirt poor people they are escaping from a hell hole
Author: Mogami
Greetz from Germany and PEACE
Author: Dusho
* Palestinians and Israelis are not as different as people would think.
Author: Doukazahn
that's the action of a bully.
Author: Mikadal
"israel" are the occupiers. so if they call a cease fire and keep being attacked, it id not because the palestinians are taking advantage. it's because that's all Israel does. stop firing.
Author: Bakora
Friend of Israel = Enemy of humanity
Author: Taurr
because without trust there can be no negotiations.
Author: Mazurisar
With hamas
Author: Tautilar
Why do Palestinians look so different from Lebanese people? Considering the geographical proximity, I would expect them to be indistinguishable from the Lebanese.
Author: Arashikus
I learned that eventhough you are doing great work, Corey, the people in your comment sections don't necessarily learn anything.
Author: Dir
I would like to thank you. You are doing the world a great service. I think everyone in the world should spend a day of their life going through these videos.
Author: Duk
"see I'm not hitting you"
Author: Voodootaur
he never said shooting.........

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