Iranian pop star Morteza Pashaei dies of stomach cancer in Tehran

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Comments "Iranian pop star Morteza Pashaei dies of stomach cancer in Tehran":

Author: Mikora
Rest In Peace .
Author: Meztikazahn
Roohesh shad,to 5 saal behtarin khanandeh to Iran shod....sad sad day.
Author: Vusar
that's the first Iranian pop star I ever heard of
Author: Gakora
We didn't just lose an amazing singer but also a great and strong man.
Author: Nilkis
Nope it was actually the gidon who killed him so sad
Author: Mooguzil
Roohesh Shad bashe
Author: Dugore
My deepest condolences to Morteza Pashaei's family .
Author: Fejinn
Ruhesh shad...
Author: Vudohn
RIP <3
Author: Kadal
Author: Arashirisar
الله يرحموو .. وجعني فراقوو
Author: Grobei
RIP may you rest in heaven 🙏🙏
Author: Duzragore
May he rest in peace.
Author: Tujora
music at school when i heard the news.
Author: Gukora
Rest in peace. :...(
Author: Mazugul
Rohash shad thats so sad
Author: Zujinn
I know him since 4-5 months ago, it made me cry yesterday. I was listening to his
Author: Tazuru
Miss You Mortaza pashae love your voice
Author: Mezilrajas
Rest in peace Morteza jan . You will be missed so much :(
Author: Shakalkree
A lot of cancer in Iran.
Author: Voodoor
Man yak afghan az shahr holland hastam wa bakhater marg nabahangame mortaza pashaei khely narahat shodam rohash shad wa yadash grami😔
Author: Arazragore
RIP ❤️
Author: Nenris
Look into out a nice channel that I set up!
Author: Vudojin

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