Kitesurfer survives shark attacks during failed Red Sea crossing

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Comments "Kitesurfer survives shark attacks during failed Red Sea crossing":

Author: Kishakar
That kite surfer is a fucking badass fighting sharks off with a knife!
Author: Mikarn
This story smells a bit fishy
Author: Goltirg
Large Red Sea sharks, never heard of that species...
Author: Zologrel
He shouldn't worry ,according to a lot of YouTube commentators sharks just nibble on you !
Author: Neshakar
no, he was an idiot
Author: Dilmaran
Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Not even in the movies.....
Author: Grotaur
like a ninja!
Author: Kim
first why did he ride in the middle of the sea second who sleeps there that's why sharks are blinded
Author: Kigagrel
Who the fuck is retarded enough to try and cross a sea kitesurfing?
Author: Nesida
Good Story For A Movie :)
Author: Zulkira
This is fake!
Author: Vudosho
Author: Togul
holy shit !!that video is so stupid and for sure its a many $ you get with every view you idiot polish???
Author: Akilmaran
forgot to model his beer gut ...
Author: Felabar
he had a custom made
Author: Malalrajas
Impossible to stand on kitesurfing board because it starts drowning.

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