McDonalds sets record straight on whats in a ...

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Author: Tugore
irresistable little asteroids of battered chicken, mysterious in their origin 🧐
Author: Nezshura
Author: Yozshugor
Eww! she actually ate it!!!
Author: Yohn
Thank god i hate Mc Donalds O,O
Author: Shaktimuro
Hack reporting
Author: Vozilkree
Author: Akill
They were forced to stop using all of that ammonium that was added to kill bacteria.
Author: Arashizuru
i'm getting me some nuggets!
Author: Tygole
Reporter sounds like she's talking to children.
Author: Vugul
sweet jesus the presenter at 0:47 nearly said goodbye to her finger, what a stupid thing to do
Author: Grolar
I love McDonalds. I eat either McDonalds or Burger King everyday!
Author: Nazilkree
I think I'm going to throw up.
Author: Vukinos
I wouldn't eat that under any circumstances, ... not even if you paid me.
Author: Mek
They don't use pink slime for nuggets silly. They use it for the McRib
Author: Jushura
Cloned chickens...
Author: Nirisar
It's just a slime factory
Author: Gardagis
awful report its like she's talking to children why is she spending time talking about the shapes
Author: Bajin
Thats the lab they set up for the cameras.
Author: Malatilar
I thought that pink thing is an ice cream.
Author: Sharn
I don't believe them, should've did this years ago.

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