Mexicos Vampire Woman

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Author: Musho
she's horrible! nothing sexy or feminine about it.
Author: Meztisar
I went to ripley's believe it or not todoah in Tennessee
Author: Kigagrel
She is very pretty! ^_^
Author: Akizil
Author: Sataxe
this is what happens when they get out of the kitchen....
Author: Mikarisar
poor kids never know what their mom really looks like
Author: Gardazuru
Who would wanna be vampire i know blood is tasty but i dont like it it taste like metal dont try it
Author: Dit
Ummm... Who saids mexican chicks r ugly?!! Not all of them obviously! Last time I checked I kno That a long while ago A Mexican won miss universe but it was a while ago..
Author: Vimi
She is not evil. She's mother of four kids. All her tattoes tells a story of her life, her parents death, her children, her last husband who was abusive to her, and she was married to him for 10 years. Now, because of that, she gives conferences against family violence. You can't tell that a person it's evil, just because of her body aspect.
Author: Yozshular
For some reason, she reminds me of the girl with the dragon tattoo......
Author: Makora
I remember seeing this woman in Ripley's Believe It Or Not! when I was a child. She inspired me so much to be myself unapologetically! ♥♥♥
Author: Mokasa
The Scandinavians love this shit
Author: Shakatilar
Author: Zutaxe
She’s took on a demon that has destroyed her looks and her life!
Author: Yogis
Vampire vampire vampire
Author: Douzahn
well she kinda sexy in a sort of fantasy way :P
Author: Ball
-1 likes WTF!!!???
Author: Maurn
beacuse that is ugly face not pretty
Author: Najind
im sure lady gaga is proud o_O
Author: Mauzuru
in a cool weird way lol
Author: Vulkree
wow, great logic, Einstein
Author: Yozshujas
Author: Kazishura
Mental disorders need to be addressed seriously. There’s no expression of art there.
Author: Vudozshura
How long did her abuser live with her? It takes a long time to deform someone like that.....
Author: Mikashura
Author: Kazicage
Don't make me laugh a human's ridiculous
Author: Juzilkree
@Alfbeatle12 yes ... Thats the truth .... But Mexican chiks are still ugly
Author: Goltizragore
And 100% of american women in U.S.A are fat.
Author: Yogal
Author: Kagagore
. . .
Author: Nerisar
She gives money for tattoos and piercing. Kids in Africa hasn' t got money for food. Every 5 sec. kid in Adrica die...😔😓😭
Author: Mazujinn
Cant decide if I should File that under wtf or the trash can
Author: Sabar
I'd still hit it
Author: Fenrilabar
2/3rds got to go
Author: Kagalkis
This is discussing. .
Author: Arashirn
evil get lost....funny vampire🤣🤣
Author: Yozshushura
You can't tell me this person ain't evil with all of those skulls and tatoos
Author: Vokazahn
diabolic woman
Author: Vijinn
at least we know now what Satan looks like
Author: Kazraktilar
More than likely she's very friendly or the most nicest person.
Author: Samutaxe
Gloriously eccentric !!!Her choice and good luck to her!!!
Author: Yorr
some news
Author: Moogukus
Is it bad that I actually like the way she looks
Author: Vudojind
what happens if she doesn't wana look like that anymore
Author: Gumi
How old
Author: Zugami
Author: Nitaur
I will report to blade , blade will find you 😂😂
Author: Meztill
She is beyond gorgeous.
Author: Tojarn
shouldnt have watched this video at night...gonna get nightmares now!!! This CREATURE IS A MOTHER??? OH NOooo!!!!
Author: Tygolkis
Si me la encotrara de noche salgo corriendo parace un demonio .,que miedo
Author: Kigagar
Shes gotta be the hottes mexican ,,.... cuz 90 % of mexican women are so fucking ugly !!!
Author: Grogor
so, how exactly would you consider her a vampire woman, because she has "fangs"? silly.
Author: Zulkisho
That is evil.
Author: Tojaktilar
Lady you are so beautiful
Author: Kagaran
Hermosa en verdad
Author: Murn
All this because she met Rush Limbaugh, once.
Author: Mejind
Who said wampires can't be parents? They have no CYS down there. OH CRAP.
Author: Aradal
Author: Faugis
OMG She looks crazy!

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