Michigan Govenor Gretchen Whitmer empowers state employees

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Author: Sami
So conviction without due process? Is this suppose to be a red flag law?
Author: Goltisar
It’s about time someone with morals and integrity is now running the state of Michigan. Empowering people to report safety and human rights violations that under Snyder was non existent.
Author: Zulutaur
She needs to empower Michigan tax payers and voters instead.
Author: Zolozahn
Remember, those in power and those who work for them are the most important people in the community. Everyone else is inconsequential.(* HEAVY sarcasm)
Author: Mum
Let the over reach begin, the meaningless platitudes of collectivism washes over Disney Land on the Grand, holding our citizens in the warm palm of those who would be our rulers.
Author: Vikree
she fine governor from ak juneau
Author: Yozshurr
Well-intentioned, but likely to translate into nothing. Government is inherently incompetent, but few realize that.
Author: Dale
I wonder how many people will appropriately lose their jobs for not following this new mandate. I wonder if this was in place years ago, would some of the people of Flint still be alive...
Author: Meztizragore
Mandate law that keeps state employees from using state vehicles for personal purposes.
Author: Voodook
Government fails and the answer is always more government.
Author: Kilkree
Remember, us Michiganders want actions not talk...
Author: Brajora
Apparently the order doesn't include chronic threats.
Author: Vulrajas
What a clown. Democrats win by default in this state.
Author: Salmaran
Not my Governor!!
Author: Vokinos
Flint = ~Pure Michigan~
Author: Zulugar
Empowering car insurance companies to charge more? How about work on that, thanks from everyone in Michigan
Author: Kajik
What about the bad water on reservations that was polluted through mining and in some cases (to this day) has a ph balance equivalent to battery acid. Clinton & Sanders were tripping over each other to get to flint to political grand stand, but aren't even aware of the bad water native americans are forced to use.

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