New Dentistry Technology Might Replace Tooth Drilling

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Comments "New Dentistry Technology Might Replace Tooth Drilling":

Author: Taull
Forget about it. The corrupt official word medicine + politicians will not allow this to take root.
Author: Dujinn
Does this work for people who already had their tooth drilled?
Author: Aragore
In 2019, my dentist still use dental drills 😧
Author: Kajigor
Hey ❤️
Author: Gorr
so? its been over 4 now...
Author: Kazilabar
Author: Maull
shut up and take my money !!!!! what submission do i write to get these mob over here to australia ??
Author: Balrajas
Great news
Author: Fauzilkree
Tell those dentists to buy a pair of loupes fgs
Author: Yozshumuro
It's already in the states.
Author: Zucage
its 2017, is it here yet please tell me it is!
Author: Togor

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