N.Y. schools still open despite storm

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Author: Meztigrel
Agree with what Mrs Gale Brewer said. Some parents need to work like me, so at least there is a place for the kid to stay safe and warm.
Author: Vudojinn
Long Island and New York City are like 2 different countries. Long Island has a lot of space and New York City has very little space. When there is a snowstorm, it seems like every school on Long Island is closed and it seems like every school in New York City is open.  
Author: Vonos
damned if you do damned if you don't., but those bills still keep comin
Author: Fenris
A state of an emergency and schools are open.This is the dumbest school system in the country!!!
Author: Shakagis
basically they opened school to babysit their kids. 
Author: Mikree
Some parents have to go to work and they cannot find a baby sitter last minute. The parents who didn't have to go to work could have chosen to keep their kids home. This was a win win. Only people complaining are selfish people who can't think about anyone's situation but their own.

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