Pakistan vs India Missiles - Pakistani vs Indian Ballistic and Cruise Missiles Comparison

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Author: Tubei
Only AGNI 3 totally covered Pakistan and China
Author: Zudal
pak army zindahabad...salute 😇😇😇
Author: Gardajinn
As salamu eleykum PAKISTAN . AZERBAYCAN
Author: Kajizuru
India have more powerfull misils
Author: Yokus
Way Pakistan missile name the Afghanistan President name ???
Author: Kazrataxe
Every Country is best. india is best for indian and pak is best for pakistani Population.
Author: Mezidal
Pakistan economy is not equal to one city bombay how you compare
Author: Goltibar
its just to show.. i just wish neither us nor our Pakistani brothers use it. peace in the name of Ram and Rahim.
Author: Kigagis
Proud to be an lndian. we love Pakistan we love the whole world.💝
Author: Akinobei
Respect both 🇵🇰🇮🇪 of countries sab ko apna mulk pyara hota ha. Koi b nhi chahta k un k country ka naam kharab Ho so bajaye ik dusry ko galyan deny k bejaye agar koi achi baat kr lo to zyada behtar ha. Mujy pata ha k hum aap ko bura samajty ha or aap hum ko Ma kuch months pahly America aya hu or mujy pata ha k yahan Pakistani or Indian bhai bhai ki tarha rahty ha. Bus mind change karny ki baat ha. Agar British log itni. Bari jungs k baad b. Sulah kr k rah sakty ha to hum q nhi Agar koi baat buri lagi Ho to maaf kar dena
Author: Nibei
But I'm indian so india is best for me.
Author: Kanris
lmao 😂
Author: Nigul
We are Not making the problem first. Thank you all.🙏
Author: Tojarisar
Eagerly waiting for AGNI 6 range 10k kilometres 😍
Author: Meztishura
Omg... how easily u guys r saying 1 missile is enough 2 distroy eachother... hve u ever thought abt the life of everyone if this happn... As per I knw, India and Pakistan is nt capable 2 withstand a war...If u guys really love ur nation..go work hard and make its future glorious.. calling slang words 2 Pakistan or India doesnt mke any difference..
Author: Yojas
Love to both India and Pakistan from Afghanistan.
Author: Tahn
Respect for 🇲🇷
Author: Goltikora
India ne sab blue blue hi kr dia china ko bhi😂
Author: Zulubar
🇮🇳🇦🇫🤝💪👳👴 is good
Author: Tugar
Goddamn... Indian missiles cover up the entire Asia
Author: Bajin
Author: Goltikree
But nobody want war
Author: Shakagul
proud to be an INDIAN
Author: Tajar
we are fighting for what ? after hitting missiles from both countries do you imagine the scene ?? total destruction..... so why? we are promoting WAR ??
Author: Kajirisar
Conclusion we get:- Pakistan is kid
Author: Shakree
Make peace

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