Prof Thomas Piketty | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

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Author: Zululabar
It is possible to successfully tolerate income inequality in societies where even the poorest people are rich by historical standards. Inequality only leads to strong antipathy and then instability where massive numbers of people are kept in impoverished conditions. Provided the people at the bottom have McDonalds, iPhones, entertainment etc they will accept that people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have most of the money.
Author: Kagazilkree
Thomas Piketty Vs Mom's Spaghetti
Author: Met
-Milton Friedman
Author: Goltir
Big mouths like this are the cancer of society.
Author: Akigami
I feel like there are enormous bot/troll armies on most hot topic videos. Makes me distrust comments.
Author: Tazahn
Hmm. Listening to this after Jordan Peterson ... is a real letdown
Author: Dajin
I DETEST anyone who thinks that correlation does not mean causation is a smart comment. Correlation is literally the only way we can establish causation. Learn about Hume's problem of induction. We need to give reasons why they could PLAUSIBLY be correlated or PROBABLY, like in this case which is so blindingly easy to do, (people with higher incomes have more books at home, the kids re exposed to more vocabulary, they are going to better schools especially in the US where schools are funded by property taxes in the school's neighboorhood etc. etc.) it's just so blindingly obvious that pointing that out adds nothing to the conversation. The reason it annoys me is that it has become SUCH a common quip by people who think they are intelligent.
Author: Mezimi
1:30 history of income inequality in the world
Author: Meztijinn
"A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both."
Author: Kazrakora
He should better study the Pareto Principle, and then talk
Author: Tusho
His accent is so strong that the auto-captions translate half the words into random French. Go to 05:54 to see him discuss "evolutión de Tiger Woods jeunes donc when it rains"
Author: Nikolrajas
French intellectuals have never gotten anyone killed! Don't research Cambodia
Author: Murr
what specifically is the problem with inequality?
Author: Golabar
Don't turn on subtitles
Author: Dijind
Wow, with a few exceptions, most of the commentors in this thread are in a dead race between ignorance and inbred decrepitude ~ and most of you are unlikely to win even that contest!
Author: Dazragore
His book sucks
Author: Nikojar
Economic inequality isn't a bad thing
Author: Zologis
10:55 Mexico
Author: Gardajinn
this has got me right in the mood for a bit of Thomas the Tank Engine.
Author: Ganos
epic french shirt straining

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