Rep. John Lewis on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Author: Tygoshura
Obama has proven to be indecisive, cowardly, and most notably...a LIAR in almost every utterance and promise.
Author: Gardakazahn
on a completely different topic, elections are coming up and I'm sure you've never heard of a guy campaigning like this before, I'd appreciate you checking out my vid for it on my page
Author: Taugor
You voted for "change", and the only change you have seen is how a president, popular for his color, lost popularity, because those behind him dont let him change anything else.
Author: Zolohn
Why can't CNN interview just on person that has had his, or her voting rights suppressed?
Author: Kejind
Martin Luther King was 1000 times the man Barrack Obama is.
Author: Dizragore
Vote all you want, both sides have agreed on the same plan, what ever you vote, the result will be the same.
Author: Kajiktilar
It is precisely BECAUSE of Obama's character which King would have perceived as flawed that he would NEVER have voted for him.
Author: Gagal
wow, except for the two top comments, this comment section is mostly a sesspit of mental excrement.
Author: Dougore
John Lewis risked his life and endured bloody beatings in order to win basic democratic rights for black people living in the American south.
Author: Dourg
The Democrats are imperialists and hypocrites, too.
Author: Arashilar
He and MLK were critical leaders at a critical time, making sacrifices and suffering hardships we today can barely imagine, and that far too few of us bother to read about.
Author: Gurisar
Dr. King would be appalled at the poverty-pimps who claim to be carrying on his legacy. He would NEVER have voted for Obama just because he is black like so many idiots did in '08.
Author: Junos
Thank You!
Author: Douzragore
You couldn't be more wrong and I hope you meet Dr. King in the afterlife. You will hang your head in shame. McCain voted against making MLK a holiday in Arizona.
Author: Shakakasa
The truth is Haiti has been historically mired in the godless practices of Vodoo. The Lord rejects all nations that reject Him. Ultimtely we all will face a judgement sooner or later. Do not miss the larger message here..REPENT! & CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD Y'ESHUA THE MESSIAH JESUS. For now however we are still called to bring healing and hope to the people. will be judged for the gays lifestyle / aborting the babies,GOD will judge thisDonate at the redcross MATTHEW 24:1-59
Author: Mor
I am greatly saddened by some of the comments on this board.
Author: Doura
Dr. King would have seen that in Obama beforehand.
Author: Togul
What an amazing lack of respect some of you commenters have for a man whose vision got us to where we are today.
Author: Dogis
Dr. King would be a Republican today.
Author: Guzil
They put the "fight" in the expression "freedom fighter," and they showed the world how a fight for freedom could be won based on the principles of non-violence.
Author: Kazitilar
ha, now your a communist just like he was.
Author: Kishicage
No King would have voted for Obama because of the content of his character, just as 53 million Americans did in 2008.
Author: Kalabar
Obama is a criminal war pimp and Dr. King would not approve of his 4 wars.
Author: Vugal
Your ignorance and hatred simply show the rest of us how far we have yet to go.
Author: Mazujin
I see the Democratic party is still pimping Dr. King?
Author: Tokree
A great man, a great republican.
Author: Shagar
As for this guy, he needs a facial reconstruction and some Red Bull to speed up his speech.
Author: Zuzuru
Had Dr. King lived, he would have cast his vote for John McCain in November, 2008.

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