Rocket Scientists Are Inventing a New High Heel

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Author: Guhn
now where will this be sold? seems like a great idea to me since a lot of women complain about high heels and i think pumps in particular being a pain after a few hours
Author: Dor
And the ultimate question:  What's the price?
Author: Mujar
Pretty cool to see engineering, science, and fashion all coming together to create a new definition, really, of what a high heel can (and should) be. Neat! I'll buy one in 10 years when the price is more reasonable ;)
Author: Moogukazahn
Okay so if there is no such thing as R&D in the fashion industry then where did you find a "fashion scientist" in the first place?
Author: Tojagal
Author: Shakabar
Shut up and take my money!!
Author: Dujora
This is a great initiative, even though there are many who can't understand what women go through to be comfortable. It is an opportunity and I believe many women will be interested in buying as many of us work in very professional environment and like to feel confident. Good job, continue your amazing work and keep on wondering
Author: Dolkis
How are they actually changing the heels design because from what I heard from the video they explain nothing about how it's better.
Author: Zolokree
U could wear tha Corkie wedges
Author: Kakree
As soon as its on the market, Im buying them.
Author: Tojashakar
In the process they claimed there is literally no such thing as R&D in the fashion industry and no innovation, except of course for themselves. Then they claim to have a "fashion scientist". 
Author: Moshakar
I want to try this on.
Author: Kagara
so fashion is science now? WTF WORLD
Author: Arajora
Hola, bonita!! Un vídeo interesante. Felicidades. Me encantan tus zapatos. Muy bonitos, bonitos. Bendiciones y saludos. Besos.
Author: Zukree
What a joke. Men in SpaceX send rockets into space. She designs a shoe. This is all you feminists need to know.
Author: Kazigar
I wanna try this on!
Author: Dazilkree
It is still no good or your feet. Even if there is plastic instead of metal for support.
Author: Kazracage
Genius...this is so needed. There is no intelligent reason for why high heeled shoes should be so uncomfortable in most cases. Its absolutely a physics problem, and i'll  be first in line to buy
Author: Moogujora
Great idea, very sexy but still comfortable.
Author: Shakasar
It took 2 minutes and 44 seconds of BS to say "we used a polymer instead of metal for the base of the shoe". 
Author: Daira
If these could be made in an affordable price range, I'd throw out all my traditional heels and wear only these.
Author: Guzshura
"Down grade and wear uglier shoes?".. I think brogues are beautiful

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