Rush Limbaugh explains the Trump phenomenon

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Author: Gardazilkree
The Great Rushbo
Author: Taktilar
Rush's voice changed when his hearing failed.... but I'm glad he found a solution.
Author: Mazukinos
Author: Bragami
Trump is the real captain America
Author: Tygora
El Rushbo!
Author: Meztim
They have moved so far left, there can be no compromise. We have to win. It is the only way to reestablish a center in this country.
Author: Sakree
Two of the greatest patriots!!!!!
Author: Dougal
Rush has always had great political instincts. To dismiss him (whether you like him or not) would be idiotic.
Author: Gumuro
Rush, We remember you overcoming your hearing loss, you’re a champion for so in so many ways.
Author: Goltirn
Rush blazed the trail for a million utube channel choices, go man.
Author: Voshakar
This isn’t about liberal VS conservative principles. That’s just one of the many ways the “globalists/cabal/deep state” (take your’s all the same thing) separate us. This is “good” VS “evil”...”nationalism” VS “socialism”...”freedom” VS “enslavement”.
Author: Vizuru
Irony : A billionaire who helps the average Americans . ;)
Author: Kajigar
Rush Limbaugh is the third most influetial influence in my life the first is God and His Word the second is my dad. Thank you Rush. Looking good sir.
Author: Zolora
Trump has absolutely destroyed the filthy American media to its foundation.
Author: Shakatilar
Media can not handle the fact that we love Trump. The Media is outside the campfire and Trump has em bamboozled.
Author: Vudomi
The Trump revolution will put more repub in the house and senate.
Author: Mezirg
Author: Dakree
Author: Vukree
This President keeps promises !
Author: Toshakar
Listen to Limbaugh just for a few times and you'll get sober from liberalism FOR GOOD.
Author: Meztilmaran
Mega-dittos Rush!

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