Sen. Ted Cruz Questioning Chuck Hagel in Confirmation Hearing

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Author: Maurg
he is a bully. And he is not for the US but for Israel. Perhaps he should move there.
Author: Mezitaxe
Thanks for exposing yourself Mr Cruz
Author: Mooguzilkree
Ted Cruz - challenges loyalties of others…meanwhile holds citizenship to a foreign power. 
Author: Sagar
Hey Cruz go back to Canada!!
Author: Mujora
Damn good point!
Author: Zologal
"Do you think a 'sickening slaughter' would constitute a war crime?" "Uh..d-... uh.. no!" Stopped right there.
Author: Mejin
israel has committed war crimes and so has america and i hope your not defending the over throw of america ted,,,it sounds like you are a zionist to me..
Author: Shashakar
Its about time someone had the balls to say it
Author: Nikogul
Ted Cruz, you are a jerk. What about Israel involvement in 9/11? Guess that is ok with you too.
Author: Voodoozil
Elected officials work for the people and are not above reproach. The man is clearly being deceptive. What I'm ashamed of is elected officials corruption and quite frankly I couldn't care less what the rest of the world thinks.
Author: Maugrel
This is what these hearings are for. Ted Cruz is doing what he is supposed to. Ted Cuz
Author: Tagis
I didnt' even know there was a debate about Israel committing war crimes. Pretty clear they have. White phosphorus deployed on civilian populations is a war crime. There is no room for debate on that. Just recently they bombed Syria when not being attacked or involoved in a war. That is war crime as well. So what are we talking about here.
Author: Akigal
Mark, you did say it.I was really frightened by th arrogant appearence of Mr Cruz. He has a long way to go to reach an equal Chuck Hagels modest and reflected humanity taken home from the battlefields in Vietnam..
Author: Digrel
Sorry, Israel has done exactly what the Germans did to them, but over a larger period of time. Invading territory that isn't theirs, rounding of Palestinians based on their ethnicity, putting them in camps, starving them through blockades. Their excuse is the Palestinians fight back, well so did the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. It's to be expected when you oppress a group of people, they will fight back.
Author: Kigazilkree
is a very good Senator.
Author: Fenritilar
Hagel is a Muppet and a pro Muslim guy. Despicable plain and simple.
Author: Naramar
Ted McCarthy
Author: Mausho
Ted Cruz is a sleazy and depraved individual. He implies that Hagel has been paid and is beholden to enemies of the United States - with ZERO evidence. He is a low-life coward and an embarassment to American ideals.
Author: Dit
the Israeli inquisition
Author: Mazujora
Y'all are upset because ted cruz defended Israel but have no problem with the fact that Chuck hagle agreed that the u.s is "the world's bully." Some of you have said that if cruz loves Israel so much then he should go live there, we'll I say to you that if you have no problem with what hagle said then please go live anywhere else other than the United states.
Author: Neshura
Cruz is a dickface.

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