The Nonhuman Rights Project by Prof. Steven Wise - frei denken uni basel

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Author: Vubei
Well done! Very educational video! Europeans (University of Basel is located in Basel, Switzerland) ask very good questions. Rights of Nature and the Nonhuman Rights Project are alive and well. AUHM (animals under human management) must end or the Species' Planet is doomed. Wild or domesticated, animals are already free. We simply don't know it yet. Natural landscapes must return. A species' forest is of, by and for all the other species of plants, animals, fungi and soil microbes that occupy or have occupied that forest.
Author: Balrajas
This is RIDICULOUS, this is NOT about these poor animals rights, IT'S ABOUT covertly DIMINISHING the rights of ACTUAL human beings!
Author: Zulkibar
Just remember Steven, as Blackstone once wrote, "The Roman or civil law, though it knew no restrictions as persons and animals..."
Author: Faelmaran
Author: Faetaxe
I am sickened to the core whenever I see, read about and hear about the use & abuse of animals in the name of GREED which I think covers it all ! My heart goes out to the dolphins who are captive in Marine Parks, swim with dolphin programs etc. If only people knew the source of this disgusting dirty business !?"A Dolphins Tells His Story":   To be able to see our animal friends in their natural homes is the only acceptable way and if one cannot get this thrill, there are films already made that will give one the most amazing up close encounter in the mind while watching them. There is no need for any animal to be forced into a life of captivity - for ANY reason !  
Author: Zugami
The argument for non-human autonomy will be a very beneficial progression for the safety of children of all species.  Currently, moral law has lagged tragically behind human law. Humans, who learned first, to dominate other beings, before taking up the same practices on humans( we can look to beheadings of animals and similar beheadings of humans or the rape of women infused with learning to dominate female non-humans in what we commonly refer to as "animal husbandry") are victims of our own design.  We have manufactured the  perfect storm as a species, that boomerangs in ways resulting in our own violence in human culture.  Will Tuttle's book, The World Peace Diet, examines this as does Dr.Charles Patterson's book, Eternal Treblinka, Our Treatment of Animals and The Holocaust, and most recently, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson's book, Beasts, What Animals Can Teach Us About the Origins of Good and Evil.   A world  that desensitizes the most human(e) attribute, empathy, is a world that nurtures the darker side of human nature, resulting in the reflection of our world today.   What this initiative is for non-humans is what the NAACP was for humans.   Viewing our animal kin as equally entitled to autonomy is  almost as beneficial for human social progression as it is for the non-human victims of our speciesism.
Author: Kazilkree
I feel it! We are so close to getting legal personhood at least for more charismatic species such as chimps and elephants. As long as mentally challenged people have rights, and children have rights, and the insane have rights, then non-human animals should have rights as well. We will get there. Much applause for Steve Wise!
Author: Aramuro
"New instruments and techniques are overturning our understanding of the universe and our place in it. In a sense, we’re discovering that the search for complex beings like ourselves has been forever pointed in the wrong direction. Rather than seeking answers in a distant star system, we can find them in billions of years’ worth of evolutionary biology. As for the intelligent aliens we’ve so longed to meet—they have been right here beside us all along.”

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