This Veterans New Mission Is at Alabamas Abortion Clinic | NowThis

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Author: Dikazahn
These anti-choice protestors have too much free time.
Author: Sagar
This is the kind of person we need everywhere, everyday. Bravo sir!!!
Author: Grok
Bless this sweetheart ♡ thank you for this story
Author: Nishicage
"Anti-choice" ... perfect. Good job Now This.
Author: Mazukazahn
Thank you Jackson for protecting women's rights.
Author: Kajikazahn
Thanks homie! You are doing such an amazing thing!
Author: Gale
You, Mr. Jackson, are exactly what’s needed. I did clinic defence for many years a long time ago—I no longer live in the US—and got beaten up and harassed at my workplace. What you do is so important...thank you for standing up for your fellow Americans!
Author: Samubei
God bless you
Author: Brale
Thank you for your service then and now. You are a REAL man who truly understands the bigger picture here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
Author: Nataxe
this man is a hero!!!!
Author: Moogukazahn
You are an Amazing Soul. Thank you for your service.
Author: Goltimuro
I almost started crying. This kind of work and just human goodness is what we need. This is amazing. Jackson is helping so many people.
Author: Yozshuzilkree
A true MAN OF HONOR in my eyes! Thank you for your service
Author: Mezishicage
I loved when he said he fought for the rights of ALL AMERICANS. Thank you Sir for your kindness, compassion, and patriotism!
Author: Zulkicage
Separation of CHURCH and STATE.
Author: Vusar
The hero we clearly don't deserve
Author: Gasar
Look how un-patriotic these conservatives really are attacking our veterans.
Author: Zulubei
You are a Awesome man! Thank you ❤️
Author: Mikahn
Thanks for your service, hero. Freedom salutes you.
Author: Zulukus
A wonderfully supportive man!

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