What if He Falls? The Terrifying Reality Behind Filming “Free Solo” | Op-Docs

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Author: Dizil
I barely climb on ladders.
Author: Vukazahn
Despite the topic of this film I was so distracted by Alex Honnold climbing up a vertical face
Author: Fenrikasa
My favorite quote from the film: imagine you’re an athlete going to the olympics. If you don’t get gold, you die. That’s the intensity of what Alex did here.
Author: Mubei
it's seriously mind boggling.. in a way it makes our ordinary lives feel like NOTHING to stress about.. BUT no matter what you do, do it 100% and feel accomplished.. totally inspiring.
Author: Shaktim
Anxiety has entered the chat
Author: Faelar
Let him climb
Author: Jugrel
Author: Nanos
One of the most important things in life is to know when to stop. An incredible feat by young Alex Honnold, and one not to be repeated.
Author: Zulutilar
Edit: thanks for all the likes:). Also in an interview, he said occasionally a mouse or a bird will just come out of nowhere when he puts his hand in a crack😰
Author: Kajisar
My hands get sweaty watching this.
Author: Akinojind
Alex Honnold has to be the toughest, gutsiest guy on the planet.
Author: Maulkis
where is 4k/uhd/2160p version?
Author: Arashishura
the crew were only there to hold his balls for him
Author: Samuzshura
Someone should do a documentary about this documentary about a documentary
Author: Goshicage
Alex: But El Capitan is in the way and i have nothing on me
Author: Takus
one of the most incredible things ive seen.. i never thought it was possible to do all this
Author: Kajinos
How was he so relaxed? Smoked a blunt and busted 10 nuts before the climb?
Author: Galmaran
imagine he trips while looking at the scenery on the top
Author: Akilmaran
Alex Honnold: dude.. shut up.
Author: Arashizilkree
Insane! This guy is a superhuman
Author: Gardale
The jimmy chin guy looks like markiplier to me XD
Author: Voodoogal
I can't even climb a ladder to change my lamp without putting a mattresses underneath it.
Author: Daimuro
At it's peak.
Author: Gut
you made it. and we thank you for this amazing legend
Author: Kejora
My hands were sweating so hard watching this
Author: Nikokazahn
Alex, it's stressful, sitting here watching it with a cup of tea!
Author: Tolkree
Don t play with your live
Author: Sakree
I was watching him in tv ...it is really interesting... He is amazing😍
Author: Akigal
Wtf ..
Author: Gardataur
Imagine if he got a cramp
Author: Fekree
That's a win-win situation right there.
Author: Nadal
Even if I could climb as good as him, if a spider rolled out between the rocks id fall to my death.
Author: Faejind
Most amazing athlete in history!
Author: Nazilkree
*forgets to press record*
Author: Zulushicage
.. so what if it suddenly starts to rain?
Author: Nikobar
i might start digging to my hurt now thanks to you alex.
Author: Nakasa
This film was tense enough to watch post accomplishment. Just imagine watching every moment live as your buddy clings to a vertical rock 3000+ ft off the ground
Author: Kazrasho
How, I cant even look over the railing at the mall without having a heart attack
Author: Vudorg
Anyone watching on channel four.....he makes it, but you knew that didn’t you!
Author: Makazahn
My feet felt wet after this, pull them out under my desk and sure enough, they're literally sweating that its shining of the light in my living room...jesus christ my body isnt meant for heights.
Author: Zologrel
Fucksake, the anxiety i get just getting on a ladder to change a light-bulb...
Author: Tuzragore
GF: Wanna come over?
Author: Bak
My god, el cap is insane .
Author: Yozshucage
I’m usually pretty cool and calm but my hands were sweating just by watching him climb.
Author: Shakasa
Imagine he just slipped off while sitting at the top
Author: Shakaran
His hurt made of solid rock .
Author: Tausida
"What if HE Falls?" That is in the title, well, he would be dead if he falls! My question is how'd he get down! It would have been cooler if climbed down free solo!!! He's one crazy DUDE!!!
Author: Moshicage
How does he hold on that mountain when his balls are so big and heavy??? Science explain 🧬🔥
Author: JoJogis
I've learned that heights give me anxiety. I seriously feel like my heart will stop if he falls. I feel like I'm there. Feeling his nervousness.
Author: Nikogal
Amazing Documentary
Author: Akilmaran
This is crazy ..idc what anyone says this isn't cool ,
Author: Zologore
When Alex went to go get life insurance they all had a good laugh.
Author: Kagagore
I am ok with he climbing ..but can't take it when he sitting on the edge 🤣🤣
Author: Meztigul
I'm stressed just from watching
Author: Voodoorg
GF: Im home alone
Author: Faum
Ok look I can go free solo up a 2 meter tree, but dis
Author: Balmaran
Knowing in advance he made it made no difference to how I felt while watching it. Sometimes I just had to look away.
Author: Mikara
this is so scary, im having goosebumps every freaking time 0_0. this guy is gotta be the most insane person alive.
Author: Gugrel
it truly takes a psychopath to do this (an inactive, small amygdala)
Author: Kehn
If He Falls Then
Author: Mibar
Eminem: His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are hea..
Author: Kazrarr
scary asf that's absolutely insane
Author: Arashirisar
You can tell from his eyes
Author: Dujora
I've never been so scared watching something in my life...
Author: JoJoshakar
2:58 Tfw you're already halfway up and look down to realize how far the ground is... No going back now
Author: Nigrel
I bet Alex Honnold can sneeze with his eyes open.
Author: Kinos
Thanks for sharing!
Author: Guzilkree
When I did my free solo unfortunately I slipped and fell straight down into my bed.
Author: Tygocage
I'm lonely.
Author: Vugrel
You either climb all the way up and feel good about yourself or you die .
Author: Tygosida
Super proud of all of you for not giving up, getting the film done and most of all big time congratulations to Alex who is my Super Man for making it look so god dam easy. Started watching lying down and ended up standing up and pacing my bedroom watching this amazing story
Author: Mesar
(Just finished watching the two hour documentary on channel 4 UK).
Author: Grotilar
Superhuman acomplishment !
Author: Kajit
Filmakers: This is incredibly challenging for us
Author: Grokazahn
Author: Arakazahn
He is Shure superhuman.
Author: Mikabei
Oscar 2019 acceptance speech free Free Solo Winning the Best Documentary
Author: Meztinris
A man has to be at peace with life to free climb El Cap. You can't be anything but 100% aware of each handhold and step, no room for anything else mentally.
Author: Zolokasa
Just turn off fall damage and he’ll be fine
Author: Mizahn
Alex : yea lol
Author: Arashiramar
Alex after the greatest free solo climb in human history: yay
Author: Mashicage
I would like to ask him: how do you manage to sleep the nights before?
Author: Zulkiramar
The man, the legend. 💪💪💓💓💪💪
Author: Dainris
"A little stressful"?!
Author: Goltirisar
I don't understand why anyone would do this. One mistake and it's over. I mean it's one thing to do it with safety but without safety is just... scary.
Author: Groran
Alex: slips and falls to death
Author: Samut
please sit down have some kids be happy with your wife and stay safe
Author: Shagrel
"If he dies, he dies."- Ivan Drago. Hey, I had to. Honestly I couldn't imagine the emotional conflict that they experienced during production.
Author: Yok
My hands n feet sweat like crazy watching this.😭
Author: Goltitaxe
Why are they saying first as if this is some sport and they expecting someone to break his record😭😭
Author: Nijinn
The crew : this is highly dangerous. We need so many precautions, this is so stressful, he could fall and die , we don't want to film him dying , we're so nervous for him, he is literally risking his life
Author: Zulurg
One of the greatest thing I have watched today!!
Author: Moogutilar
This is one of the greatest athletic accomplishments of all time
Author: Mull
Didn’t know a video could make my feet sweat.
Author: Tale
Plot Twist: He's a bird.
Author: Gardarg
Me: two steps am I there yet!?!
Author: Tozilkree
Holy.. I don't even know who this person was but that stressed me out just watching. Great job on this achievement and everyone involved.
Author: Meshicage
God bless you
Author: Bam
3:19 I know where they got the picture for Cliff bar
Author: Gakasa
One of the best horror movies of 2018.
Author: Kazratilar
8:40 I was just running through all the scenarios, like when he fell, what it would sound like 😂😳
Author: Grogis
Watching this as a documentary is ok I think, cause I know that he won't fall. But actually being there? I don't think I could've watched that.
Author: Vomuro
Dry skin?
Author: Taulmaran
without ropes.
Author: Voodoogore
Incredible insight. Alex's comment at the end "It's a lot of stress for everybody".
Author: Gakazahn
Now is right time to put FREE SOLO on ,play station'..
Author: Tataur
Its funny how he asked if the guy in the harness was ok...lol...
Author: Fenritaxe
Legend!Congrats to Alex and is crew :)
Author: Nedal
Something tells me he would make American Ninja Warrior look like a child’s game if he were on the show.
Author: JoJojin
The Crew: This is very dangerous and we need to be very dangerous!!
Author: Fenribar
I guess you can say that his level of physical fitness is, (puts glasses on)
Author: Zujora
Author: Shaktishicage
The real feat here is how he managed to haul those massive honking balls he's got
Author: Tygojind
well then he dead
Author: Zujas
i'd rather fight a lion with my bare hands than attempt this, because i'd have a higher chance of living.
Author: Nikobei
This guy is just not human. but all my respects wherever you come from
Author: Mikanris
*Camera was off*
Author: Salkis
He Dead!
Author: Vodal
Bruh overhangs look insanely difficult to conquer
Author: Taugul
I watched another short doco today called " One Breath Around the World" about a guy called Guillaume Nerý who free dives our incredible oceans. Alex and Guillaume are in the same category of incredible brave explorers who have to conquer incredible physical and mental feats in order to do what they do! They are two of the bravest men I "know"!!
Author: Vogami
The way the film is made makes it appear that the filmmaking was harder than the actual climb
Author: Mikakazahn
The only thing I can hold that firmly is my beer
Author: Kegore
If this was anything like breath of the wild, those climbers would be screwed when it started raining!
Author: Faesho
I feel a bit under par!
Author: Dazahn
The next mission: This man is going to climb his own balls.
Author: Kigajin
Newton : Am I a joke to you?
Author: Nikojora
Man, he’s like a real-life Link.
Author: Nikosar
Alex's Friend 3 years ago: Climb al-qaeda you wont do it no balls
Author: Malatilar
His hands, this guy could probably choke out a water buffalo.
Author: Modal
Author: Talrajas
what if he falls
Author: Murr
The human body is an amazing piece of machine that can adopt to almost anything
Author: Sakus
I watched Free Solo and my palms were literally sweating during the last 20 minutes. NOPE!
Author: Kigagrel
But can he free solo the playground slide?
Author: Tejinn
Im at 41 seconds and I'm stopping the video.
Author: Moogulabar
Humans are really incredible.. huh?
Author: Nakinos
imagine if it started raining in the middle of the climb...
Author: Malagore
Hats down my friend
Author: Kazralabar
Well for all the wannabes ,rooftop riders, chimney and crane climbers...there ya all go .... El Cap is waitin' for ya
Author: Mibei
He basically goes to the casino of life or death each climb...how is he ok with that 🤷‍♂️😨
Author: Douzil
I cant even climb a rock climbing wall WITH a harness on, I get way too anxious lol
Author: Dukree
It must be extremely difficult to climb that while carrying those balls.
Author: Vuzuru
Old mate got eyes like a golden retriever.
Author: Karn
But you never answered the big question! Should he fall, did you plan to film it?
Author: Fekazahn
Me after the video: drenched in a suprising ammount of sweat
Author: Shaktilkis
There is something else behind there
Author: Tygolar
He can taste the rainbow
Author: Dudal
I don’t understand how this is even possible. Absolutely remarkable!
Author: Arakasa
I had to stop watching half way. It was just too nerve-wracking. This guy is superhuman.
Author: Faumi
Me before the video: dry
Author: Aralrajas
Author: Gat
1k cheers for the likes!!!
Author: Arar
Made me feel so sick watching this film.
Author: Kigataur
Alex: "I'm just gonna free climb that 3000ft cliff."
Author: Fejin
Anyone who came from Purpled's channel?(Uncut solo bedwars 10)
Author: Nazuru
Horrifying stuff no doubt.
Author: Grokasa
After watching a movie i fianlly free solo my 8m ladder yesterday...Thank u Alex !
Author: Gokora
I can't watch this at all! i TRIED BUT i JUST CAN'T.
Author: Mizilkree
The only rock climbing I'm doing is on a VR Headset. But even that gives me shaky knees and sweaty palms.
Author: Nazshura
Alex clearly has a few screws loose and the crew eluded to it a few times.
Author: Felmaran
I'm jealous about how awesome the connection Alex and his friends have with each other.
Author: Nelmaran
I feel dizzy watching him haha
Author: Dolabar
Author: Shabei
Breath of the Wild? More like Breath of the Climb
Author: Tanris
Health and safty: " ok sir, but you're requiring to wear a helmet & a highviz jacket at all times incase you fall."
Author: Kizragore
Just turn off fall damage when he climbs......
Author: Yolkree
Entire free solo film crew: :O (pikachu face)
Author: Meztijin
I love how the filmmakers put the ethics of the situation at the forefront in the making of this documentary. I particularly liked that they never asked him when he would climb El Capitan, but simply observed his journey in accomplishing such a gargantuan goal.
Author: Akinom
The greatest athlete in the world.. Hands down. Just incredible...
Author: Vizil
Camera crew deserves some serious applause, please.
Author: Nidal
9 out of 10 doctors would recommend!
Author: Talabar
How can he climb with these 1000 kilos balls
Author: Shamuro
After watching the doc, it stuck with me for a while, be in my thoughts and dreams.
Author: Mular
Watching this made my stomach churn and my legs weak, like they were going to collapse under me at any moment, you see I'm really afraid of heights!! Even seeing them on a screen makes me physically react. Weirdly though I've I started watching this I simply couldn't stop, I had to watch it all the way through. What a mind blowing physical and mental feat, Alex conquered a mountain literally and metaphorically and it blew me away.
Author: Tojam
Wtf 😱
Author: Tuzragore
At 3:17 I actually became a water bender. Shooting water out of my palms.
Author: Vojora
Plot twist: they forgot to start filming
Author: Zoloshura
The man is a legend. He climbed his own balls.
Author: Gardakasa
His real name is
Author: Kigazil
seriously, this made me wanna cry for i am like 1% of his courge
Author: Shall
hello anxiety dont you know its not me its just a video
Author: Faenos
Even climbing it with ropes is wild!
Author: Nara
I already watched his documentary! It's sooooooooo cool ❤
Author: Fenrikazahn
Alex: Meh, do it every day
Author: Vijin
Alex: Yeah right ima go climb a mountain with no climbing gear!
Author: Mole
I needed a chalk bag just to watch this
Author: Goshakar
My heart was pounding during all the clip... crazy stuff...
Author: Yomi
Can't believe he's still able to pull himself up with his balls of steel ...
Author: Mukus
Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi " thanks to all women and people of color "
Author: Kigam
What's amazing to me is that it only took him under 4 HOURS!!!
Author: Gardazahn
They just won an Oscar for this documentary
Author: Nagis
Saw the documentary. One of the most nerve wrecking thing I've watched in a while. And I've watched all the saw movies
Author: Gakora
Have dry feet and hands? Watch this video 100% effective.
Author: Zutilar
I just don’t understand how he could lift and carry those big steel balls up that mountain.
Author: Moran
Now do it again but this time sitting in a cauldron and using only a sledgehammer
Author: Kigadal
Alex most definitely has balls of steel.
Author: Jule
The physical aspect of free climbing is amazing but I can understand how, the mental aspect is something I cannot fathom. I would be afraid of my fear.
Author: Vikinos
Author: Malall
Author: Meztill
Plot twist. That's not a rock. He's actually climbing his own nut sack.
Author: Voodoozilkree
It's mad to think that he knows there's a reasonable chance he'll fall to his death one day (hopefully not of course) but seems totally comfortable and accepting of that notion. He also seems very spiritually free. What a fantastic man.
Author: Nizahn
I see this man in National Gheograpic chanel
Author: Mazull
i wish they released raw footage of the climbing. the documentary didn't have enough of that for me.

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