Where do your Goodwill donations end up?

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Author: Daibei
I work on good will and videos games like Mario they send them to other place to be sell online for way too much also everything that is high end are also sold online basically they sell garbage to people lol we sore them and all high end cloths shoes goes to other stores that sell online I think it should be sell on the store because they get them for free but no they want to make a big profit from this high end items also videos games controllers they have a lot of them in the back and they only sell the ones that are 5 bucks on GameStop the rest are send to that place I guess in that place they sell all those items on eBay and other online websites
Author: Feshura
All these "feel good" charities are nothing but a sham. If you want to be charitable, try giving some of those things directly to the people you know who might appreciate it. And if you don't know anyone who might want those things, you're probably not as well off as you thought you were. Wealth doesn't just mean having piles of fake paper currency. It also means having friends and family around you who don't really care so much about that.
Author: Vudokazahn
I'm going to start something similar I see alot of money that could be made from this and best part I don't have to buy the product to be sold it's all donations
Author: Goltitaur
I wonder if they were afraid the stuffed animals were unsanitary (kids' slobber) and therefore similar to used pillows. All they needed was to say it and most people would understand. But it's easier for them to toss it into the landfill and let someone else deal with it.
Author: Nikoshura
The one item I did get was a used laptop full of roaches which I threw into the trash.
Author: Goltitilar
I worked at Badwill's Colorado corp. offices, & this story describes everything here perfectly. The waste is monumental.
Author: Mazusho
goodwill sucks
Author: Sale
Well I can understand trashing stuffed animals if they are smelly or have spills on them. They could harbor germs or something... You never really know where stuff has been.
Author: Kijind
We Don't Take Bed Pillows :P.. Also Don't Donate Half Eaten Food it's Discusting!
Author: Juzuru
They are coming back and selling the things elsewhere for self profits
Author: Nikokora
Goodwill employees shouldn't throw away decent items.
Author: Moogugis
Nooooooooooooooo the Beanie Babies
Author: Grokus
Goodwill is rad!
Author: Muhn
They say if it's not good they have you put it in salvage which is sent to the outlet store also crutches and medical items they say salvage it
Author: Doukus
Got news for you little thrift stores do the same dam thing. No matter who it is , its all a waste if it is not being distributed in and for the right reasons. There should be no poor inthis country that's called the richest in the world and that's the bottom line.
Author: Kazrazragore
I don’t deal with Goodwill. I prefer to donate to small local thrift shops.
Author: Shaktidal
I knew it was all a scam!! They also sell the good stuff they get online for auctions which are rigged!
Author: Dugar
Having worked there in the past I can verify that most of the donated goods end up in the trash. Items that are slightly dirty, furniture that needs to be assembled, any items deemed "unsellable" that contain glass all get thrown away. Normally they use plastic containers to ship some of these items to their warehouses but whenever they run out of these containers they just go straight to the trash. It's criminal.
Author: Zulkimi
Goodwill senior officials plz send directly in church.
Author: Yozahn
Red Cross and Good Will are scams
Author: Tom
I just buy stuff at Goodwill then sell the stuff on ebay for profit.
Author: Bam
both of those charity that are nothing but a scams🤔😂
Author: Nanos
I donated my old stuffed animals there when I got a new bed. I am okay with most of them, but I made a huge mistake when I gave my stuffed tiger raja to them. I miss it and I want it back.
Author: Tektilar
Do they wash the clothes that they did?
Author: Tagor
I worked at a Goodwill in Oklahoma City several years back and they were taking truck loads you have a lot of good stuff to the landfill and dumping it nice things
Author: Sakora
I Hate Goodwill So Much! My Childhood Toys Got Taken There And They Never Came Back
Author: Tugami
Yes, they do put a lot in the trash. Someone who worked there told me so.
Author: Samugor
Now you can by at the store only LEFTOVERS from Goodwill King the Firs table. Goodwill helping poor like eBay and Amazon and sell items through their on-line platforms. They call it e-commerce. Commerce on donated items??? Really??? It is wrong, wrong, wrong! Regular Goodwill store customers can have now only trash, which was not sold through a poor little strangling companies like Amazon.
Author: Doum
https://www.facebook.com/GoodwillIntl/posts/10155916402198388 ? comment_id=10155916516868388&reply_comment_id=10155917613303388¬if_id=1543948921656021¬if_t=feed_comment
Author: Moogujora
If you give stuff to Goodwill...you GAVE it to them. They are now the new owners and can do wherever they want with it. Throwing it away is your option, now it’s their option. I’m glad they are there to take stuff I don’t want to bother selling. People whine about everything...geez.
Author: Mikashicage
I know exactly where the good stuff ends up and when the online site went up. I went to my local Goodwill one day and the shelves were lined with fairly ok merchandise and came back the next day to buy something when I got my pay for the week.
Author: Arashijora
Especially things that are new with tags still on them keep them until Christmas and donate them to toys for tots. This a very wasteful country we live intodayespecially and that goes for food also. You have the homeless , you have women's shelters and you have people and animals starving to death in our very won country Andre are suppose to be the richest country in the world ? I think not. How many people are going without health care and heat and dying of heat exaction ? Its terrible. They don't even help the elderly that were the heart of this country for how many decades ? What about them ? Its sad , disgusting and embarrassing all at the same time.
Author: Malalrajas
I donate clothes almost every year and to find out this is happening is disgusting
Author: Votaur
Everybody should shop there!!!
Author: Vudoktilar
Author: Shamuro
Goodwills too expensive for me I rather shop at Walmart
Author: Nekora
When is somebody going to bring a suit against goodwill for fraud.
Author: Voodooktilar
I hate going to good will i can get brand new clothes when on sale or clearance in stores or pay 1 or 2 dollars more and get it new i cant believe the prices at good will i dont know how people say they get good deals
Author: Fern
I always purchased good, donated stuff throughout america at various goodwill stores .also, I have used goodwill store's employment services center to find a local job when experiencing homelessness. They let me used their desktops and fax machine, which enabled me to find a local job with overtime
Author: Kagazilkree
Your items will be throw away in the trash dont donate to goodwill _ pillows , socks even items they try' too save will be trashed
Author: Arataur
Don't donate workers their keep all goodies and profit from it !!!
Author: Douzil
After a year or so I found their online store. It is corrupt with shill bidding going on worse than ebay in the old days. I know it is shill bidding because when I bid on something and a day or so later 2-3 people bid also. Thing is the bidding war on this item will stop if I quit bidding. If I bid again these shill bidders will start bidding again to raise the price more and again when I stop bidding the other bidders do not bid against each other. They only bid against me.
Author: JoJogor
I not only bought unopened winter thermals for 5.99, but I was also able to find a department store price liquidated thermos for 6.00.
Author: Yozshusida
They sell for price of new anyways
Author: Nakazahn
i noticed that some of that stuff donated is not usable and if electronics non repairable and they don't have people to repair that stuff . and i don't buy the clothes because i think alot of those clothes are from deceased people and i don't want that spirit in my house..
Author: Zugal
Silly Rabbit.
Author: Volabar
Good bad will uses trash compactors to get rid of donations at least they could give the pulls to the needy family's.
Author: Mele
People think since the items are donated they're "free". Take a peek in the back warehouse area of a Goodwill Store and see how many people are working in the back sorting, hanging and then stocking the floor and pricing the stuff. There are 3x more people needed to get the items on the floor than work in on the sales floor. Donated stuff doesn't come in on hangers and priced and then magically appear on the sales floor.
Author: Kakinos
My Goodwill refuses to take stuffed animals.
Author: Samuzilkree
Overpriced? ROFL. I've gotten $150 brand new boots there for $15 and $90 fleece for $5.19. Even got a $350 sculpture for $5.19.
Author: Mezizuru
I worked hard at good will was slave driven and miss treated. This is how they through donations away they pull donations from the shelves every 2 weeks its called pulls they use big rolling containers and fill them up with donations that have been there for moor than a month they fill up big blue bins up with the donations and large retail boxes when they run out of these they tell the employees to through the donations in the trash dumpsters .don't give anything to bad will way over priced its a scam .
Author: Samurn
If the stuffed animals come in a bag and we rip open that bag but smell sour or mold. We trash the whole bag.
Author: Juktilar
Goodwill is greedy. I remember a time when you could walk into a Goodwill and find retro video game consoles and games at really good prices. It was cheaper than buying from pricey eBay sellers. But now? Goodwill sells ALL of its retro video game consoles and games (which are donated for FREE, I might add) on ebay, where they make 10, 20 or 30 times the amount of money these items are actually worth. Working for the community my ass. Fuck you, Goodwill!
Author: Gardalabar
Nothing good about "goodwill". People give to goodwill and goodwill sells it. They don't give it to the poor. Goodwill is a business not a charity. If you want to donate find a good church that will distribute to the poor.
Author: Zuhn
If some thing bad you can not take back they say no refunds where at belle vernon pa and union town pa Washington pa
Author: Dukree
When you question they find a way to get rid of you
Author: Vulrajas
Your donation go to pay the CEO. 1.8 million dollar salary per year.
Author: Kigagrel
I don't donate to Goodwill they are over priced!!!!I give to churches and Hospice.Close Goodwill.
Author: Megami
Goodwill is overpriced!! And then to ask to " round up" is criminal
Author: Tygoll
Yep been getting stuff from goodwills trash for years and they throw it out if it doesn't fit into there idea of worth. Now goodwill makes a fuss if you get anything out of there trash even though it's considered public domain. Going as far as locking the dumpster and threatening prosecution. And the man in this video representing goodwill is a fucking liar they throw a lot away a LOT!
Author: Voodoorg
Goodwill? More like Badwill
Author: JoJoshura
Obviously if there weren't any donations, there wouldn't be a Goodwill-- meaning no jobs for anyone.
Author: JoJozahn
My item was not there but, no other quality merchandise was either. The shelves were picked clean. It looked like a going out of business sale.Slowly the store filled back up but, the items were not the same. They lined their shelves now with items they previously threw away. Mayonnaise jars for 3.00, figurines with broken appendages for 5.00, Furniture with three legs or very nasty for 30-100.
Author: Grolmaran
I see a lot of good will comes to Thailand for sale at markets

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