Trains from: The Shard - 14 June, 2018

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Author: Shaktikasa
Great stuff thanks! Trains snaking everywhere. I must confess, the old Market Borough Junction was one of me faves, plenty of wheel squeal, head out the window back in the slam door days, in the lovely evening sunsets . . . Very informative vid. Splendid :)
Author: Mogami
Why not ride on the Thameslink train towards East Croydon and going over the flyover to see how amazing it really looks since the new flyover was built to end the bottleneck.
Author: Zolojinn
that bit beginning at 9.20! trains going over , under , everywhere!
Author: Akinorg
Great video mate I’ve subscribed nice shot
Author: JoJogar
Couldn't you see the 'South Western Train' at London Waterloo mainline?!
Author: Faerisar
Thank you very much for this video!
Author: Mikajar
Great work! Very steady - you must either have some kind of Steadycam device or VERY strong arms and shoulders . Or both.
Author: Vokus
Excellent video! I am pleased with the attention to detail, a lot of interesting additional information, but most of all impressed by the non-standard use of the skyscraper as a point of observation of the trains at the bottom: -)
Author: Zutaxe
Brilliant demonstration of exactly how the new infrastructure and services operate.  Many thanks for this.
Author: Gukora
Great video, shows the railways from a whole new perspective! Do you think that you could visit Finsbury Park during peak periods to show Great Northern’s mess of a timetable?
Author: Zoloshicage
Well done!
Author: Togami
I have to say boogies that this video was amazing. The view is spectacular, the flow of trains is delightful. Probably the best video you've done although All your videos are full of info and are of great viewing.
Author: Vudogar
Author: Grogrel
Enthralling video, presented very well with relevant information. The picture is clear, the focus is good, altogether another 40 minutes glued to the computer. Thank you.

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