Metro 2033 Walkthrough - Chapter 4: Front Line (2 of 2)

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Author: Tygozilkree
yeah, when i did it, i had killed one of those two guards who are walking around right before the game saved so i had to hide and hope that the guys running by wouldnt see me. yeah, it kinda sucked
Author: Shakazilkree
If I remember correctly there is a limit to the number of filters you can carry, but not all filters are the same quality. If you filled up on filters you scavenged, which only last a short time, you likely weren't able to buy many good filters. In example, I noticed manually changing filters will royally screw you over because you'll end up keeping the near depleted filters. That's my best guess for what happened to you.
Author: Gagore
@VenerablePneuma thx for answering. What I have done is re-load chapter 2 and buy 44 filters. Hopefully with those 29 left of them will help me. And what you said about guards having filters, I find alot of filters lying on the ground, but can't pick them up! They should update this. I
Author: Akinogul
This single mission broke the game for me, was really enjoying it untill this point. Really poor level design, such a shame really wanted to play this game...
Author: Monos
Fuck stealth games and missions D: I tried to do this all ninja like and was seen every time so I had to rambo this mission and kill almost everything took forever >.>
Author: Felar
how did you get the mask where you can see in the dark
Author: Mekree
Author: Kahn
Author: Gojind
Cmon, at final stage - ~~ 6:30 there's a ladder on right, next to the stairs. You can avoid almost everybody with it / don't get spotted.
Author: Fecage
At 5ish, I had a checkpoint save and immediately after that I have 4 nazis attacking me. Problem is, I can't even switch to a gun before I am dead. Apparently he someone saw me before sneaking up the stairs even though I have no idea why or how, since I have the same tactic (minus the night-vision goggles, which I've still haven't found any). The bottom line is that I am now at a checkpoint where I instantly die.
Author: Faelkis
Thanks man, this was so helpful! :D
Author: Kigaktilar
Damn I hate this one, Blew up the car/train and now I have everyone's attention at the checkpoint after the tunnel, there's noway to sneak past. Have tried your way and to climb up to roof. But they spot me every time, and kill me every time. Sucks.
Author: Zolosho
@238smithy Just scroll through your weapons. They'll show up on top of the screen along with the rest of the weapons.
Author: Dailar
@LakeDownz Well damn, I didn't think of that. There is a mask with a filter on it as soon as the section starts. Hurry and put that mask on. From there, you'll have to hurry to the big building. There are plenty of filters, and all of the guards have masks, so most should be carrying a filter. Again, it won't be easy, but not impossible.
Author: Vubei
@LakeDownz If you don't have any filters you'll just have to fight your way through and not take the path below. Difficult to do on hardcore mode, but not impossible.
Author: Megami
@VenerablePneuma i managed to make it through without filters, but now im at outpost with no filters... I couldn't buy any from the salesmen. Help? How do I get filters? Nice vids btw subbed
Author: Arazragore
Sorry for the late reply. Knives are completely silent, silenced weapons (misleading name) aren't. If I remember correctly, you can make it through this level without killing anyone. I think that was actually an achievement on Steam.
Author: Grohn
@LakeDownz You know you can make it across under the main battle area on those pipes right? Its kinda hard and i dont remember how I did it, but i found a way from the lower level on the communist side to the one on the nazi side. it wasnt the easiest thing, but it meant that i didnt have to use any filters, which was nice. yeah, so like where you were at around 1:55, if you take a left, and cross some more pipes it takes you right to the nazi side
Author: Faushicage

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