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Author: JoJokus
Great idea for a video! Takara cranked these ports out and, yeah, like you said, they're of decidedly varying quality.
Author: Maubar
Best part waking up is snes drunk in your cup..
Author: Ball
If it's 23:59 on my clock...
Author: Voodoogis
Whenever I encountered a King Of The Monsters cabinet as a kid it was like a moth to a flame haha. The idea of being a giant monster wrecking a city was irresistible.
Author: Nikus
There is also a port of Sengoku, which only got a Japanese release. Its not a fighting game, but as you include the King of the Monsters series, I thought I point this out.
Author: Vokree
The turbograx/ pc engine versions are really good. The best 16 bit versions
Author: JoJolabar
World heroes on snes was a tons of fun IMO.
Author: Zololmaran
It tries, it tries its little heart out...
Author: Fenrijar
I would like to see what you consider "the top 10 fighting games in the system".
Author: Kagar
Made me lol. Love it.
Author: Mazull
I grew up with Samurai Showdown on 3DO of all things, and it's a really solid port. It's bare bones as hell, but totally captures that Samurai Showdown feel.
Author: Gujar
are you being sarcastic?
Author: JoJogore
I like all the comments about people relaxing to SNES Drunk with coffee in the morning, usually I'm still awake from the previous night and and I need something like this to help me sleep.
Author: Zulkirn
2 of my favorites.
Author: Jugrel
Fatal Fury Special also has Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting as a hidden character, and all characters have hidden special moves too. there's a lot of depth and detail in that game. it's one of the best SNES fighting games.
Author: Temuro
Also, timing here is a nice coincidence, I just did a video on my channel that goes in-depth about the differences of each version of King of the Monsters 2!
Author: Shakahn
Love your vids man, always an immediate click when they show up in my feed. Keep up the great work!
Author: Yorg
What if I'm into fighting games with Mai Shiranui ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Author: Gazshura
I've heard that the Sega CD version of Samurai Shodown 1 is decent. Speaking of which, I'm so hyped for the new Samurai Shodown!
Author: Nikolrajas
As far as I can tell, Barbarian on the Commodore 64 is the first weapon-based fighting game. Can anyone either confirm or deny this for me? Thanks.
Author: Mauran
Whoever did the soundtracks for Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury 2 did an amazing job.
Author: Arazuru
Morning SNES Drunk drops and coffee. The good stuff
Author: Gotilar
I've been waiting this episode about a year :D
Author: Negal
Yessss. SNES Drunk to Irish up my coffee. Heck yeah.
Author: Mazukus
Thank you, SNESdrunk, for another great video :)

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